American Idol 10 Spoilers – Sing For Your Life Round?

New rumors from Joe’s Place regarding what will happen to the Top 40:

The top 40 will be brought back to Hollywood for a round called “Sing For Your Life”. What is unknown at this time is if this round will actually cut the top 40 down to a top 12, or 15, or 20…

What is known is that during this round contestants choose ONE song to sing. They can choose from the AI approved song list, pick another song, not on the list and hope that it gets approval, or they can sing AN ORIGINAL SONG. (whoa – Finally!!)

There will be no band, no back up singers. The contestants can choose to sing it Acapella or with ONE Instrument. They can play the instrument themselves or have someone else play it for them. (They will not get to pick who plays the instrument).

Interscope may be involved with this phase of the competition. (Interscope interviewed all of the top 60 while they were in Vegas).

It seems to me, if they are bringing back contestants to Hollywood, there will be some cut at this stage of the game. It’s not clear how or what at this point.

The “original song” rumor is one I heard before. They’ve never allowed an original song so late in the game.  If the song isn’t good, it could hurt the contestant more than help them.

Also, Joe reported earlier that three contestants will be added to the Top 12 as wild cards…

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