Amazing Race Week 10 Discussion and Recap * Updated*

Tonight we find out who the final three will be. I am fully expecting it to be The Twin, The Chippendales, and The Longhorns. I just think Team Goat has too much time to make up and their luck will run out this week.

I’m ok with Team Goat leaving now. They have made it by mostly on luck and other teams making too many mistakes. They were an entertaining team but the other three teams have been great all season and made minimal mistakes.

There is also a chance that we will see a non-elimination leg sending four teams into the two hour finale next week.

But we will see how it plays out tonight. Look for my recap later.

Last Week’s Results

  1. Team Twin (Natalie and Nadiya)
  2. Team Chippendale (Jaymes and James)
  3. Team Longhorn (Trey and Lexi)
  4. Team Goat (Josh and Brent)

Eliminated Team Ego (Abbie and Ryan)


We start off in Amsterdam with the Twins. We are off to Barcelona, Spain and must make their way to the island of Mallorca, They will get to see devils and demons playing with fire and get their clue from one of the demons.  The twins note that they have a huge lead and just need to make the final three. For some reason the fact that this is pointed out makes me uncomfortable for their survival.


For any Canadians reading CTV will be having Amazing Race Canada so that is something to look forward to. We now have our own Amazing Race and Big Brother. If only they would give us Survivor Canada.


They get a 6am direct flight to Spain and are off before second team starts.  The Chippendales and Longhorns both get a 7:20am flight. Back in Spain the ferry to the island doesn’t open until 11pm. Team Goat is off at 9:37am and on their way to Barcelona. Josh hurt his ankle in the last leg and it’s swollen. Brent tells him to breathe through the pain and then breathes for him but the ankle still hurts.


In Spain it is a reunion amongst the top three teams. They got 12 hours to kill so they are enjoying a beach day.  I love this show but I hate when they allow all the teams to check up to each other, especially this close to the end of the race.


All four teams are off to the next stop to see devils and demons dancing and stomping with fire.  Team Goat is taken to the wrong place and fall behind again. This would have been awesome if done at night but it’s still a pretty cool show, it would be creepy in the dark.


Teams are now driving to Centro De Alto Rendimiento we they will find their next clue.  The top three teams decide to stick together to get directions. Back at the demons and devils Team Goat get the clue. One thing I love about them is that they really seem to enjoy everything that happens on the race and appreciate the experience.


As the Longhorns and Chippendales are driving to the next stop they realize that the Twins are no longer with them. This is because neither Twin can drive stick well so they are having a hard time getting going. Makes me wonder why I took an all-female team when there is always driving on the race (this is a joke … I know a lot of great female drivers … just laugh and move on).


The Chippendales and The Longhorns get to the stadium first.  It’s the home of tennis great Raphael Nadel so naturally the Roadblock will involve clay courts.



  • Teams must return 20 balls in play before there basket is empty for their next clue.

Trey is apparently a tennis player and seems to be breezing through the challenge.  Not so much for James who is having more trouble.  Trey quickly completes the challenge and the Longhorns are now driving to the Coves De Campanet and must follow the music which will lead them to their next clue.

Team Goat are having a nice drive to the stadium while the Twins are having trouble getting going. They are actually lucky earlier legs didn’t involve driving yourself places.  Josh decides to go the Roadblock which seems weird considering he hurt his ankle during the previous leg.

The Longhorns are on their way to the Coves and ask for directions. Back at the challenge Josh needs to take a break due to his ankle as the Twins arrive. The twins apparently are bad tennis players as well. This is because when they should have been practicing tennis as children they jumped in pools in their tennis clothes and couldn’t play on the clay courts. If only they knew they would grow up to need the skill to win a million dollars. Of course this is great for Josh and his ankle.

Josh fights through the pain and Team Goat is off. Shortly after the Twins also finish and are off.  Over at the coves the Longhorns and Chippendales arrive together and stick it out together. This has been the season of teams working together. Trey finds the music and advises the Chippendales to follow. It’s detour time.

  • Spin it: Repair a 400 year old windmill. Once it is repaired properly they move on.
  • Bull it: Teams must head to 1000 year old Bull fighting arena and must act as a bull.  They must bump the capes of 8 matadors and hit the bulls eye to launch the last matador into the air. Challenge must be done in 2 minutes.

The Longhorns and Chippendales head over to Bull It together.  While driving the Chippendales go the wrong way and end up at the windmills so they decide to stop and do the challenge since they are there. Meanwhile the Longhorns get to the arena and are dressed as the bull and ready to start. They are doing great as the bull but they hit the last matador wrong and Lexi slices her hand and is in pain.

Back at the Coves Team Goat find the music and choose to go for Spin It. The Chippendales are now done Spin It and are off to the Pit Stop at Castell De Bellver. The Twins are now facing the music and they also choose Spin It.

Back at the arena Lexi is now directing the bull and this time they hit the bulls eye right on.  Team Goat and the Twins are close together working on the windmill. Josh says that it was like repairing a tractor. The Twins are having trouble with the first blade. I loved how one of them dropped a wrench and after it fall said “Watch Out.”

At the Pit Stop Team Longhorn arrive first. They will a trip for two to s some Rivera but I couldn’t check the full name no matter how many times I listened.  The Chippendales arrive in second.

Team Goat finishes the windmill first and are off for the pit stop.  I’m still not sure why the Twins did not choose to do the Bull challenge.  Team Goat finish third and feel that they can win. The twins finish last but it is a non-elimination leg. They will have a speed bump in the next leg but at least they are still alive. As long as the speed bump doesn’t involve driving.

I still think it’s anyone’s game especially the producers usually try to keep the teams close together on the final leg to ramp up drama for the finale. I’m sticking with my pre-season pick and saying Team Twin will win but I’d like to see the Chippendales pull it out.

For one of the first seasons in a while I’d be ok with any of the four teams winning it all.  See you all for the finale.