The Amazing Race: All Stars Episode 4 Recap (UPDATED)

Tonight on The Amazing Race: All Stars, the teams race to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Read to find out how the teams fared in DJing and bar tending.

Dave and Connor won the last leg of the race, so they’re the first to depart from the mat. They rip open the clue and are informed that they must proceed to Prince Phillip Park. Right behind them are Jet and Cord and Leo and Jamal. Dave and Connor’s taxi driver gets lost along the way, allowing the cowboys to reach the clue box at Prince Phillip Park first. It’s a roadblock that requires one team member to jump on a bamboo trampoline to grab a flag hanging from the ceiling. But Dave and Connor arrive at the roadblock second, with Leo and Jamal arriving there third.

Cord, Connor, and Leo do the roadblock for their respective teams. Cord and Leo keep missing, but Connor grabs the flag on his first attempt. He and Dave are now in first place as they learn their new destination: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Dave and Connor travel to the airport and are the first team on the fastest flight to Kuala Lumpur. There are only three spots available on the first flight, which happens to be an hour and a half faster than the second flight. As Dave and Connor make their way to the airport, Cort and Leo still struggle to retrieve the flag. Leo finally gets it, and he and Jamal are the second team on the first flight. However, it takes Cort no less than 47 attempts until he finally grabs the flag. He and Jet are the last team on the first flight.

Margie and Luke are the fourth team to depart from the mat. Luke retrieves the flag after a few attempts. Afterwards, it is Flight Time and Big Easy at the roadblock, with Big Easy jumping for the flag. It actually takes him a couple of tries before he gets it, despite his huge height advantage. Margie and Luke and Flight Time and Big Easy are the fourth and fifth team at the airport, and they are booked on the second flight.

All the remaining teams must now board the third flight. First Caroline grabs the flag for her team, followed by Jessica. However, it takes Jessica numerous attempts to grab the flag. At one point, her feet start bleeding. After a medic wraps her feet in bandages, Jessica finally gets the flag. After she and John make their way to the airport, Brendon and Rachel arrive at Prince Phillip Park. Rachel does the roadblock, but she keeps slipping on the bamboo due to wearing pantyhose. She takes them off and manages to grab a flag right away.

All the teams are now at the airport. Dave and Connor, Leo and Jamal, and Jet and Cord board the first flight to Kuala Lumpur. However, due to the second flight being delayed fifty minutes, the second and third flights depart at pretty much the same time.

When the first flight lands, it’s a mad dash for taxis to go to the intersection where the clue box awaits. Leo and Jamal are the first team to find it and are informed they now have a Detour to complete at Sky Bar: Mix Master or Master Mix. Mix Master requires teams to successfully DJ seven tracks. Master Mix requires teams to intricately and simultaneously pour seven drinks into a pyramid of cocktail glasses without mixing any of the drinks. Leo and Jamal choose to pour the drinks, as do Jet and Cord and Dave and Connor.

The task is very difficult as they all struggle to pour the drinks. The drinks keep mixing with one another and the pyramid of glasses shatter to the ground. The other teams arrive at airport before the top three teams finish the task. Leo and Jamal quit and decide to try DJing. However, Jet and Cord finally complete the task successfully and are the first team to depart for the Pit Stop: Batu Caves.

All the other teams arrive at Sky Bar, but Dave and Connor finally complete the task. They are the second team to depart for the Pit Stop. Meanwhile, Brendon and Rachel and Margie and Luke try the cocktails. Since Luke can’t hear, this was the clear choice for them. Rachel used to be a cocktail waitress, so she’s certain she can do this task well. The other teams, however, try DJing.

The rest of the episode is pretty much several cases of trial and error. All the teams are shown struggling with the Detour of their choice. However, Caroline and Jennifer (who spent a good amount of time practicing) complete the DJ task on their first try. They are the fourth team to depart for the Pit Stop.

But before the country singers arrive at the mat, Jet and Cord check-in first and are Team #1! They win a trip to London, England. Afterwards, Dave and Connor and Leo and Jamal check-in as Team #2 and Team #3 respectively. Caroline and Jennifer check-in as Team #4, but arrive at the mat pretty much at the same time as John and Jessica. It took John and Jessica a few attempts to complete the DJ task correctly, but they make it to the Pit Stop as Team #5.

So this just leaves Flight Time and Big Easy, Margie and Luke, and Brendon and Rachel. However, Flight Time and Big Easy finally complete the DJ task correctly and they are Team #6 when they arrive at the mat.

So it is down to Margie and Luke and Brendon and Rachel. Both teams know that they are the only ones left. All of them are struggling with the cocktail task. At one point Luke gets extremely frustrated and forcibly throws the drinks to the ground, which shatters all over the ground. Margie reprimands him for that and tells him to clean up the mess. As well, Brendon and Rachel encourage Luke to not give up and to keep trying. In addition, Margie asks Brendon and Rachel if they want to quit and take the time penalty. Rachel declines and tells them that they should keep trying and that quitting is not an option. In their confessionals, Margie and Luke say that they were very appreciative of Rachel’s positive attitude and encouraging spirit.

Finally, Margie and Luke complete the task. They make their way to the Pit Stop and are Team #7. Brendon and Rachel know that they are last, but they’re determined to finish the task. At one point, the two of them pray together. And after over three hours of working on the task, they finally complete it.

Brendon and Rachel sadly make their way to the Pit Stop, knowing they are the last team to arrive. But unlike their last time on the race when they were facing unfortunate circumstances, Rachel is not breaking down in tears or arguing with Brendon. She and Brendon are mature and composed (although obviously disappointed) when they face Phil at the mat. However, it is a non-elimination leg! Brendon and Rachel get a reprieve and the chance to continue racing around the world.

Overall, I thought this was a decent episode. The episode mainly focused on the tasks and there wasn’t much chance for teams to get lost along the way to their locations. So it was clear that the order of completion of the tasks would determine the placements this leg. As well, I’m glad that Brendon and Rachel were not eliminated. I know that they are a polarizing team, but they bring a lot of energy and determination. As well, they have matured and are more levelheaded, which is definitely nice to see.


Episode Summary:


1st place: Jet and Cord (Won a trip to London, England).

2nd place: Dave and Connor

3rd place: Leo and Jamal

4th place: Caroline and Jennifer

5th place: John and Jessica

6th place: Flight Time and Big Easy

7th place: Margie and Luke

8th place: Brendon and Rachel

Eliminated: No one


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