The Amazing Race Season 25 Episode 6 Live Recap

Tonight a new episode of The Amazing Race airs tonight on CBS. Read a live recap of the episode here.

Happy Halloween! Tonight seven teams remain in the race. Will another team’s dream of winning the million dollar prize come to an end tonight? Let’s find out.

Kym and Alli depart first. They read their clue and find out they must proceed to horse-drawn carriages, deliver two large bags of hay, take a ride, and then pick up a Ford Fiesta. Adam and Bethany are right behind them, with Tim and Te Jay departing third. Shelley and Nici depart fourth. Brooke and Robbie, Misti and Jim, and Amy and Maya are the last three teams to depart.

Adam and Bethany are the first team to find the carriages. Kym and Alli find it second. Tim and Te Jay got lost fining the hay, allowing Brooke and Robbie to pass them. Other teams are still lost, and Shelley and Nici and Amy and Maya ask Adam and Bethany where to go. They tell them they need to get in a taxi to find the location since it’s far away.

Adam and Bethany finish the horse-drawn carriages first and learn they must drive themselves in a Ford Fiesta to a pottery stand. Kym and Alli, Misti and Jim, Brooke and Robbie finish in second, third, and fourth respectively.

Tim and Te Jay still can’t find the hay and Amy and Maya deliver the wrong hay. Tim and Te Jay finally find the right stable with the marked bag of hay after asking Shelley and Nici for help. Amy and Maya are still uncertain where the correct stable is, but they finally find it.

Detour time: “Camp” or “Cream.” They can build a campsite or milk goats to make butter. Kym and Alli arrive at the Detour first and choose to do the “Cream” task. They get to work on milking the goats as Misti and Jim start on the “Camp” Detour. Adam and Bethany join Kym and Alli at the “Cream” Detour. The other teams are making their way to the Pottery Stand, and Shelley and Nici and Amy and Maya get lost on the way there.

Kym and Alli choose to switch Detours after finding out it will take forty-five minutes to churn the butter as Brooke and Robbie arrive at the “Cream” Detour. After struggling with building the campsite, Kym and Alli get frustrated and go back to the “Cream” Detour.

Meanwhile, Shelley and Nici drive past the pottery stand and are still lost. At the “Cream” Detour, Adam and Kym sing to pass the time after being inspired by one of the Moroccan workers singing out loud.

Misti and Jim complete the “Camp” Detour and are now in first place. They learn they must proceed to Terres D’Amanar to find their next clue. Right when they leave, Tim and Te Jay arrive at the “Camp” Detour.

Shelley and Nici finally pull over to ask for directions to find the Pottery Stand after being lost for hours. Amy and Maya arrive at the “Cream” Detour, joining Adam and Bethany, Kym and Alli, and Brooke and Robbie. Tim and Te Jay are the sole team at the “Camp” Detour.

Adam and Bethany finish their Detour and are now in second place. At the Roadblock, which is called Crossing Canyons, a team member is required to cross various bridges and zip-lines and complete a puzzle. Misti does the Roadblock for her team.

Tim and Te Jay are now in third place after they complete building their campsite. Shelley and Nici are still lost. Misti and Jim are still at the Roadblock, with Adam and Bethany on the way there. The other teams are still churning butter.

Misti completes the Roadblock, and she and Jim can make their way to the Pit Stop: Casbah D’if, a fortress-like structure. Misti and Jim leave the Roadblock as Adam and Bethany arrive. Bethany does the Roadblock as Kym and Alli, Amy and Maya, and Brooke and Robbie finally complete the “Cream” Detour. Shelley and Nici finally arrive at the “Cream” Detour.

Bethany completes the Roadblock as Te Jay and Alli are still working on it. As Bethany and Adam depart for the Pit Stop, Misti and Jim are already there and check-in as Team #1. They win a trip to Brazil.

Te Jay and Alli help each other on the puzzle at the Roadblock , Shelley and Nici are working on the Detour, and Brooke and Robbie and Amy and Maya arrive at the Roadblock. Brooke and Maya do the Roadblock for their teams.

Shelley and Nici finish the Detour as Brooke and Maya work on the puzzle of the Roadblock. Brooke is struggling with the puzzle, unable to figure it out.

Adam and Bethany arrive at the Pit Stop as Team #2, Kym and Alli arrive as Team #3, and Tim and Te Jay arrive as Team #4. Brooke finally figured out the puzzle and Maya solved it minutes later. Shelley and Nici finally arrive at the Roadblock (Shelley does it) and Brooke and Robbie greet Phil as Team #5. Amy and Maya check-in as Team #6.

Shelley and Nici are the last team to arrive at the Pit Stop and they are eliminated from the race.

Episode Summary

1st place: Misti and Jim (They won a trip to Brazil)

2nd place: Adam and Bethany

3rd place: Kym and Alli

4th place: Tim and Te Jay

5th place: Brooke and Robbie

6th place: Amy and Maya

7th place: Shelley and Nici (Eliminated)

Thanks for reading and join me next week for another episode of The Amazing Race!

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