Amazing Race 22 Episode 8 Discussion and Recap *Updated*

Welcome back after a Sunday off. I missed the Race last week but the ACM Awards were entertaining. Last time on the race we lost the Besties while Team Hockey seemed to increase their lead but we all know that on Amazing Race no lead is safe.

The results from the last episode:

  1. Bates Battaglia and Anthony Battaglia (Team Hockey)
  2. Mona Egender and Beth Bandimere (The Derby Moms)
  3. Caroline Cutbirth and Jennifer Kuhle (The Stealing Angels)
  4. Chuck McCall and Wynona McCall (The Old Timers)
  5. Joey Graceffa and Meghan Camarena (Team YouTube)
  6. Max Bichler and Katie Bichler (The Newlyweds)
  7. Pamela Chien and Winnie Sung (The Besties) Eliminated

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Not sure what CBS was doing but for some reason my recording of Amazing Race was actually 60 Minutes. I assume that CBS was showing The Masters but I wasn’t home all day so when I got home the West Coast feed was already 30 minutes into the episode. My apologizes for messing up another recap but I have switched Amazing Race to record on CTV in Canada so that should fix my preemption for the remainder of the season. I’m pissed because I have no real idea what is going on.

By the time I get to the West Coast feed Chuck and Wynona are waiting for a train while Team YouTube seems to be behind working on walking along a cliff to get a gnome.

The rest of the teams are off to a mountain where we will have a switchback were teams will need to use sleds to transport four 5lbs wheels of cheese to a cheese master to get the next clue. It was a memorable challenge last time it was done and that was in nicer weather. The teams will be transporting the cheese in snow this time.

The Hockey Players are running up the hill first followed by The Newlyweds, Derby Moms, and Stealing Angels. Katie is having trouble climbing the hill so since she was in front of the other teams they were all stuck behind her since they had to use a rope to get up the hill.

Bates and Anthony make quick work of the challenge and deliver the cheese and are on there way to the next Pit Stop at the Bodmi Snowboard & Ski School. Meanwhile the Old Timers and Team YouTube are getting on the train together.

The other three teams seem to use the Hockey Players routine but but it doesn’t work as well as they are pushed to quickly by the sleds and wipe out continuously while losing there cheese.

The Newlyweds arrive at the bottom and deliver the cheese. They are followed by the Derby Moms but when they are running for the cabs the all seem to be gone.

The Newlyweds and Derby Moms run past YouTube and Old Timers on their way back. The last two teams arrive as the Stealing Angels are off for the Pit Stop.

Team Hockey arrive in first and win a trip for two to Bora Bora. That’s three wins in a row for Team Hockey now and they are clearly the front runners if they can stay focused.

Wynona is having lots of trouble getting to the top and Chuck is also struggling since he is carrying both sleds. Team YouTube are to the top and all their way down while Chuck tries to hurry Wynona.

Chuck climbs past Wynona and starts trying to pull her to the top. The Derby Moms overtook the Newlyweds on the trip to the Pit Stop and finish in second. The Newlyweds are on the roads stuck behind some cows crossing the roads. Even still they are the third team to finish the leg.

Team YouTube get to the bottom while the Old Timers are just starting to slid down. As they start delivering the cheese Stealing Angels arrive in fourth.

Team YouTube are off for the Pit Stop while Wynona starts trying to roll one please off cheese while Chuck starts rolling down the other three. Meghan and Joey are having trouble finding a taxi to go to the Pit Stop and seem to be walking further then they need to walk. They ask for directions and are told to go to the train station.

Chuck and Wynona finish and are off on a taxi. The are fifth to the mat but since Wynona rolled down the cheese they have a 30 minute penalty to wait out since the clue said they had to use the sleds to get the cheese to the bottom.

Team YouTube actually walked the whole way to the Pit Stop. They are told they are the last team to arrive and since the Old Timers had a 30 minute penalty the YouTubers jump into fifth and are still alive.

The Old Timers are eliminated from the race. It is a sucky way to leave the race on reading the clue incorrectly but after 22 seasons teams have to learn to make sure they follow ever word of a clue. I’m impressed on the walk Team YouTube did to stay in the race. If they had found a taxi the penalty would have been a moot point.

I apologize for the mess up again and I will stop recording the show on the CBS feed. Next Week we get some bungee jumoung and it looks like teams will be dealing with a crazy labyrinth. See you then.