Amazing Race 22 Episode 2 Discussion and Recap *Updated*

If you not watching the Oscars come on in and enjoy Amazing Race with us. It was a weak premiere last week but still lots of time for the show to turn around and still be eventful.

Recap to come later but feel free to discuss the show below.


Before getting into this week’s recap here are last week’s Results:

  1. Jessica Hoel and John Erck (Team Young Love)
  2. Bates Battaglia and Anthony Battaglia (Team Hockey)
  3. David O’Leary and Connor O’Leary (Team Kick Ass)
  4. Pamela Chien and Winnie Sung (The Besties)
  5. Mona Egender and Beth Bandimere (The Derby Moms)
  6. Joey Graceffa and Meghan Camarena (Team YouTube)
  7. Chuck McCall and Wynona McCall (The Old Timers)
  8. Idries Abdur-Rahman and Jamil Abdur-Rahman (The Doctors)
  9. Max Bichler and Katie Bichler (The Newlyweds)
  10. Caroline Cutbirth and Jennifer Kuhle (The Stealing Angels)
  11. Matthew Davis and Daniel Moss (Team Firefighters) Eliminated

Just to note one more time how my pick to win the season ended up being eliminated. It was a little embarrassing but had I waited until after the first episode I would have picked Team Hockey so that’s my team for the rest of the season. Here’s hoping they are not eliminated next.

We are still in Bora Bora. Team Young Love are off first and must travel by water taxi to Motu Toopua Nui. They must search the grounds for a wedding chapel and receive a blessing from a pastor. The water taxis are not leaving until 7:30am. Since Team Young Love are leaving at 2:56am the two teams who took the penalty last past that since they will have 30 minutes after the penalty to get to the water taxi.

The next morning Jessica and John tell Team Kickass that they will give the pass but want to keep the alliance private so they say that anyone tells the other teams about the alliance the promise is null and void. They basically want the other teams to suck up to them for a little while. Some of the teams from the second flight are noticing that other teams are aligning together and they noticed Team Kickass speaking with Young Love.

It appears that The Newlyweds and Stealing Angels have not left yet. I guess I underestimated how far behind they really were. The other teams are off on the water taxis. Team Kickass are to the pastor first. The next clue tells them that it is time for a detour.


  • Pick a Pearl: Must dive into the water to find clams and shuck them open to find two red pearls.
  • Take a Truck: Drive to the ocean floor with a diving helmet to find a treasure trunk. They must then contract an underwater dining experience.

Team Kickass, Team Young Love and Team Hockey are off for Pick a Pearl but it appears that Dave and failed to read the cue properly and left without the gear needed for the task. They realize their mistake as they arrive at the spot and the other team let them know where the gear is located. They are forced to head back for the gear while most other teams are starting to dive.

The Derby Moms choose to do “Take a Trunk” which actually seems like an awesome task that I would have loved to do. Team YouTube has a good system of one diving and the other shucking for the pearls. Team Doctor doesn’t even want to get into the water and one of them is requesting that they skip it and take the penalty. Why would you come on The Amazing Race if you are afraid of water? There are always water challenges so this makes no sense to me.

Idries talks Jamil into actually trying the challenge. Team YouTube is the first to find the two red pearls followed by Young Love. The other teams are starting to find their pearls. Teams must now swim to a Jet Ski and use a map to direct themselves to Motu Tapu which is apparently the most photographed in the South Pacific. There they will find their next clue. Team YouTbe are quickly followed by Young Love, Team Kickass, and Team Hockey. Team Kickass was able to make up a lot of ground considering they had to go back for their diving gear.

Over at the other detour the Derby Moms are starting to set up the underwater picnic. It actually seemed like an easy challenge and they are the next once to be off.

The Newlyweds and Stealing Angels closed the 4 hour gap to just an hour and a half. As they are off to the pastor the doctors finally try to dive for the pearls. We are then treated to Chuck flopping Wynona onto the deck like a dead fish. I have to admit I laughed so loud I thought I would wake up my wife.

It’s now a race to the island on the jet skis. The back two teams are now receiving the clues and decided to try Take the Trunk. Luckily for them I think this is the smart decision for them. The Besties are now off to the island.

In other news I still don’t like the Newlyweds. They seem so entitled and I am seriously not liking either one of them. If they take out the Doctors or Stealing Angels I’ll be pissed.

On the island Team YouTube arrive first and get the clue for this episode’s Roadblock.

  • Kick a Coconut: One team member must walk on stilts and kick a coconut across sand to cross a line. If you fall you must return to the start but the coconut can stay where it was.

While this is happening the Besties are lost in the water while the Newlyweds and Stealing Angels are still traveling to the roadblock. They get started on finding the trunks and building the picnic.

Back at the roadblock Team Hockey and Kickass finish first followed by Young Love. It is a foot race to the pit stop which is won by Team Hockey when David seems to get injuried while running. Despite that Team Kickass arrives in second followed by Young Love right behind in third. Bass and Anthony win a trip for two to London for finishing first. Apparently David hurt is achilles’ and may not be able to continue.

The Doctors are still trying to find pearls and one of the brothers has to be rescued by the crew. Chuck finishes the roadblock before Joey but in the foot race Team YouTube is able to out run the Old Timers. Team YouTube finish fourth with Chuck and Wynona in fifth.

The Besties are still trying to find the island. They explain that they hate failure because their parents always picked on what was wrong with them.

The Newlyweds and Stealing Angels finish their roadblock and are off for the island while the Besties are still trying to read the map and the Doctors are trying not to drown. The Derby Moms are finishing the roadblock and finishing in sixth. The crazy part is that I had forgot about the team entirely.

The Doctors choose to switch to the other detour and seem to fly through the challenge. The Besties finally arrive at the roadblock right before the Newlyweds and the Stealing Angels. Stealing Angels finish the roadblock first and are off to the pitstop to finish seventh.

The Doctors finish the detour and are off for the roadblock. For the Besties Pam cut her foot and needed a band aid. The Newlyweds finish the roadblock and are off to the pit stop to finish in eighth.

We are down to The Besties verses the Doctors. The Besties are finally able to finish andarrive at the Pit Stop in ninth. This leaves the Doctors at the back of the pack. They finally arrive at the pit stop and are eliminated from the race. It’s really too bad for them that the first two legs had a lot of water challenges but sometimes that is the way the cookie crumbles.

The second episode was much better. With the teams separated it was a more exciting episode since each set of teams were in their own races. After two episodes I really like Team Hockey, Team Kickass, and Stealing Angels. I’ll also have fun cheering against the Newlyweds. It’s been a few seasons since there has been a team that pissed me off as much as they have in these first two episodes.

Next week it appears Dave is injured and needs crutches. Also the teams are off to New Zealand and it looks like we will see some water slides and four wheeling which is always fun to watch. I feel bad for Team Kickass but I can’t see how they can continue with the injury. At least Team Young Love still has the extra Express Pass.