Alex Lambert Performs Fort Worth Breast Cancer Awareness Benefit

Alex Lambert performed at the Brownstone Restaurant in Fort Worth TX on Sunday. The set was part of a fundraiser for breast cancer awareness.

Alex played “Imperfectly Perfect”, “On My Tongue”, “Heartbreak Hotel”, and “Everybody Knows”.  Check out the performances after the jump.


Video after the JUMP…

Everybody Knows

On My Tongue and Heartbreak Hotel

Imperfectly Perfect

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  1. Alex sounds terrific as usual. His voice is really all kinds of awesome. I am looking forward to his album more than anyone else’s album from S9.

    Any word on his record deal?

    ETA – His original songs are pretty good. I can see them selling well.

  2. I want to like Alex, he has a unique voice but his personality gets in the way. Maybe after he grows up a bit!

  3. What is he wearing?

    I like his voice a lot, but he comes across a little douchey when he’s interviewed. Hopefully he grows out of that.

    Has he been signed yet?

  4. Lovely tone, as usual, even with poor acoustics.

    I haven’t heard any news of a signing, but I still think it’s imminent (can’t wait!). Fuller & co have been putting time & money into Alex’s development; he’s written with many of the usual Idol writers stable. I really like “On My Tongue” – it’s a wordy song but with a great rhythm to the lyrics. And he’s fabulous on “Heartbreak Hotel”.

    He seems to have grown up quite a bit since Idol. I love seeing so many Idols appear as part of BCA efforts, and with Alex there’s a personal connection as well.

  5. What is he wearing?

    Literally? Other than the standard issue white t-shirt? Looks like a satin mickey mouse jacket to me. And some giant black frames. He’s sure not trying too hard to look cool. Unless it’s a so-uncool-and-I-don’t-care-it’s-almost-cool thang.

  6. Nothing says ‘cool’ more than a grown man wearing a mickey mouse jacket. LOL

  7. His voice sounds amazing! So great that he can perform for a charity that’s so dear to his heart and affects him so personally. Good job Alex!!! He’ll be heading back to LA soon to continue writing and producing his album.

  8. Alex always sounds very good.His trademark is really that his voice is so identifiable as Him-that’s what I think will make him a significant radio presence,at some point.I think that the song-On My Tongue is not really suited to his style though,and I had heard it was written by Jason Reeves,and I think perhaps Jason should record it,as it fits his style better…

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