Alex Lambert on ‘Don’t Forget the Lyrics’

It’s “American Idol Week” on Don’t Forget the Lyrics.  Bo Bice appeared on Monday, and Alex Lambert last night.  Check out his episode after the jump.

Cast of ONLY FOOLS AND HORSES Sing 'Hooky Street'

Tonight, it’s Elliott YaminTaylor Hicks is scheduled for Thursday and Blake Lewis on Friday. The episodes are running on MyTV.  Check your local listings for time and channel.

Alex won $5, 000 for his charity, Music Cares.

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Video after the JUMP…

Alex Lambert Don’t Forget The Lyrics, Pt 1

Alex Lambert Don’t Forget The Lyrics, Pt 2

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  1. That was actually really cute. he is getting more compfortable in fron t of the cameras, and his hair is much better lol. When he would start to get the words his voice sounded soooo good, but when he was unsure of the song it would fall flat. I really hope this kid goes somewhere.

  2. How did Bo and Alex do? What channel is this show on? Used to be on Fox, now I can’t find it.

  3. I’m cracking up here ’cause he’s stealing the Taylor Hicks signature “wooooooo”. As long as Taylor doesn’t yell “soul patrol”………

  4. How did Bo and Alex do?

    Bo was fantastic. He didn’t need to use any lifelines and won $50,000 for charity. His voice sounded terrific and he was really getting into it with the crowd.

    I couldn’t make it through Alex’s episode, he sounded absolutely horrible.

  5. Didn’t the Taylor Hicks episode already happen? Is this a re-run?

  6. Alex won $5,000 and I read that Bo won $50,000, but someone needs to upload Bo’s show, I don’t see it online anywhere. By the way, Bret Michaels won $200,000 and his appearance is in youTube. Bret was a blast on the show, knew the lyrics. He’s a rock star.

    I would love to see Adam Lambert on this show!!!!!!!

  7. How does Alex Lambert fit in with the other past Idols on here? I can never figure out why he gets so much press. “I’m happy for you and I’mma gonna let you talk, Alex…..” but I’m just sayin’. :roll:

  8. Alex was really funny. I think he did a good job with those songs which are way before his time.

  9. Never seen this show before but I’ll definitely be watching Elliott’s episode.

    Just checked and it comes on here (Cleveland) on CW at 5pm EST.

  10. Alex won $5,000 and I read that Bo won $50,000, but someone needs to upload Bo’s show, I don’t see it online anywhere. By the way, Bret Michaels won $200,000 and his appearance is in youTube.

    They’ve changed the show since Michaels’ appearance, however. At that time, the top prize possible was either a million or half a mill, can’t remember which. But now that the show’s in syndication, $50,000 is the most you can win per episode, probably because it went from a once-a-week show to a five-times-a-week show.

  11. Bo was older and had much more familiarity with the songs.I think when a kid doesn’t know most of the songs,plus one of them was The Go Go’s which is the polar opposite of his voice-he did great considering.But I think the main thing is-Alex’s screen presence is at a VERY high level here,and I can see why he keeps getting cast on different shows,like IICD.He’s truly a great vocalist when I’ve heard him on appropriate material,plus his engaging personality in the clips here shows Alex’s strong Star-Quality…

  12. Aw, I actually rather like Alex Lambert. What’s happened or will happen to him since the Dream House closed up shop? Did he ever get signed? What’s the scoop on this guy/any updates?

  13. Lucy is right, the show is different now and so is the pay off.

    Bo got the lyrics for 5 out of 5 songs right.

    Bret got the lyrics right for 7 out of 10 songs (Bret had to pass on the 8th song to protect his winnings).

    I really wasn’t comparing them. They both were great!

  14. He’s too cute. He sounds a little sketchy. But even the best singers sound sketchy now and then. Plus this isn’t a song he knows well. He’s so adorable.

  15. Unlike Alex, Bo spent about 10 years already playing weddings. You learn *all* the old songs as a wedding singer! And people get upset if you mess up their favorite lyrics or can’t do requests, often!

    That being the case, I was surprised that Taylor seemed to be less lyric-knowledgeable than Bo. I guess he didn’t play a lot of weddings but he’s certainly a very long-time bar-circuit guy. I guess not everybody has the same head for lyrics.

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