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AMERICA'S GOT TALENT: THE CHAMPIONS -- "The Champions Three" Episode 103 -- Pictured: Angelica Hale -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

America’s Got Talent: The Champions continues tonight with the first 10 acts of 50 competing for YOUR votes.

America’s Got Talent: Champions Week 3 Preview 
AGT: The Champions See the List of all 50 Competitors

The NBC series will feature the judges panel from America’s Got Talent— executive producer Simon Cowell, Mel B, Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel – as well as new host Terry Crews, star of NBC’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

At the end of the night, two of the acts will move on to the Finals. Ten acts will perform in each of the first five episodes. One act from each episode will move on via a “Golden Buzzer” and the other will be chosen by a panel of “superfans,” representing viewers from all 50 states.

There are no live shows or live votes. Therefore the Results are IN. BUT DO NOT SPOIL THEM IN COMMENTS. Or you WILL BE BANNED. Thank you.

Tonight Howie has the Golden Buzzer. 

DJ Arch Jnr – “Kid DJ” – South Africa’s Got Talent 2015 – Winner –  He began messing around with his father’s decks at 2 years old. He won the show at only 3 years old and is the youngest to ever win a Got Talent. He does a short little DJ routine. Cute party trick! But an act worthy of winning the show? Hm. These foreign Got Talents are odd. Heidi calls him the cutest 6 year old. Simon promises that he has some plans for him, calling him “a little star.”

Darcy Oake –Magician–Britain’s Got Talent 2014 – Season 8 Finalist – Darcy promises that tonight he will defy the laws of gravity! Simon felt that he could have won BGT. He asks Howie to help by choosing an audience member and joining him on stage. He asks Heidi to join them on stage as well. He does a nifty trick that has Heidi suspended in mid-air. Howie says it’s a shame only 2 people can go through. Heidi says it was cool being weightless. Simon felt the trick was good, but he lacked showmanship. That’s an odd thing to say after stating he could have won his season back in 2014.

Angelica Hale  Singer – America’s Got Talent 2017 – Season 12 Runner Up –  At four years of age, her mom gave her a kidney and saved her life. Angelica feels like she’s improved a lot since she competed on the show. She sings “Fight Song” with a line of drums and strings. She’s still with the big notes and crazy runs. Heidi calls her a “little boss lady.” Mel calls her a firecracker. Mel was hoping for a more original twist. Howie says “you rip the ceiling off this theater. OH. Howie hits his golden buzzer! Angelica is going to the finals. That’s Angelica’s second golden buzzer. Chris Chadwick chose her as his golden buzzer during the judge cuts in 2017.

Tom Cotter – Stand-up Comic – America’s Got Talent 2012 – Season 7 Runner-Up –  Tom was the first comic to make the finals of America’s Got Talent.  He lost to the Olate dogs. Tom calls himself the top human winner.  He brings a puppy out on stage. “I’m not taking any chances!” He rattles off a bunch of jokes until right in the middle of his set Simon buzzes him! Tom is rattled for a minute, but he recovers and moves on. Wow. That was uncalled for. Simon calls his routine “just ordinary.” Heidi disagrees. “I thought it was excellent.” Mel says he did “really really really” good.  Simon is playing some really mean games here. He also seems to be prejudiced against acts that competed on earlier seasons.

Prince Poppycock – Opera Singer – America’s Got Talent 2010 – Season 5 Finalist –  Before AGT he worked as store clerk. Oh we see him before makeup! He calls AGT the most thrilling experience of his life. After he left, “I went back to being John.” He sings an Elizabethan disco version of Gaga’s “Edge of Glory.” Poppycock is entertaining as always. “You are the person who is going to be remembered,” says Howie. Mel would buy tickets to his show. Simon thought the song was way too obvious for him. “You’re interesting,” he says. Again, Simon downplaying an act that didn’t compete on a season he judged.

Ryan Stock & AmberLynn – Danger Act  America’s Got Talent 2015 – Season 11 Finalist – Their act went totally wrong on the show. She shot her husband in the neck with a bad shot. They’ve never done the stunt again, until tonight. First, Ryan springs a mousetrap on his tongue. Ouch. Then AmberLynn breaks up concrete over his head.  Next, he sticks a funnel contraption down his throat, and AmberLynn repeats the stunt that went wrong. And this time she gets it right. Mel says she couldn’t watch it. Heidi is so happy it worked out this time. Simon thinks they are gutsy.

Samuel J. Comroe – Stand-Up Comic  America’s Got Talent 2018 – Season 13 Finalist – He’s booked out for the next two years, and that’s after struggling for 10 years. Samuel has tourettes. After a mildly entertaining set, the audience gives him a standing ovation. “I love you to bits” says Mel. Howie calls him a Champion. Simon felt an “extra glow” around him. Aw. The camera cuts to a shot of Tom offstage looking crestfallen.  

Paul Potts – Opera Singer – Britain’s Got Talent 2007 – Season 1 Winner –  He’s done 1100 concerts in the last 12 years.  He has sung for the Queen twice and released 5 albums. He sings a popular opera piece that brings the audience to their feet. He’s a passionate singer, easily drawing the audience in. Mel calls it “mind blowingly beautiful.” Howie thinks he deserves to win. Simon says he defines what the show is–giving people who wouldn’t otherwise a chance.

Jon Dorenbos  Magician – America’s Got Talent 2016 – Season 11 Finalist – His father murdered his mother when he was 12. After his AGT stint, a physical turned up a dangerous heart problem that cut short his football career. Howie calls it “worthy of moving on to the finals.” Mel compliments his showmanship. Simon thinks it’s the best they’ve seen him. “You inspire people,” he says.

Billy & Emily England – Danger Roller Skaters – America’s Got Talent 2017 – Season 12 Finalist – They’ve been working 5 nights a week at Caesars Palace in Vegas. The brother sister duo do their usual–Billy swinging Emily so low to the ground that brain damage seems eminent. And of course, there’s Emily swinging from Billy’s beard. Crazy. Heidi can watch the act over and over again. Simon believes they define the word “champions.” Mel calls them brilliant.

RESULTS! Terry announces the Top 3 and they are: Billy and Emily England, Jon Dorenbos and Paul Potts. The rest are eliminated. Billy and Emily dominated the south, Jon the north east and Paul the midwest.

Jon comes in third place. And the act going through to the finals is…Paul Potts!

Advancing to the finals

Paul Potts – Votes from 50 states
Angelica Hale – Howie’s golden buzzer

Simon is playing a rather mean game here. He casts two acts from the same genre and subtly pits them against each other. When it comes time for judges remarks, he critiques–or outright trashes–the act he’d rather not go through. He’s much tougher on acts that competed on seasons before he sat on the panel. 

I was not a fan of Tom Cotter during his season but no way no how did he deserve to be rudely buzzed during what was a well rehearsed and professional act. Humiliating Tom in front of millions of viewers was cruel, full stop.  I wonder if Howard Stern will weigh in on the situation? He was a big champion for Tom. Maybe he’ll have the comic on his show to talk about it. 


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