AGT: Deep Fake Act Metaphysic Really the Greatest of the Series?

America's Got Talent
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America’s Got Talent Semifinals: Is Deep Fake Act Metaphysic Really the Greatest of the Series?

This week’s Semifinal 4 episode was quite underwhelming. Some of the weirdest acts were on tonight, but most of them took a step back from their audition. Celia Munoz, Duo Rings or Don McMillan probably would have advanced had they been on this week’s show. (Read our Recap)

Metaphysic is one of the more interesting acts to ever be on AGT, in the sense that Deep Fake technology has never been featured on the show. Metaphysic’s auditioned had AGT alum Daniel Emmett singing live, but appear to be Simon Cowell on the screen. This time, the act brought three pop opera singers that appeared to be Terry Crews, Howie Mandel, and Simon Cowell singing “Nessun Dorma.” Daniel returned along with two other singers.  It’s basically the same act as their audition, but this time more operatic/drama and employing deep fake with not one, but three people.

Part of my background is in computer science, and even if I don’t have extensive knowledge of this type of Artificial Intelligence, I know how much goes into an act like this. It was disappointing that they didn’t take the tech a leap forward and propel their act to the next level. I’m not saying that getting the facial gestures down for Howie and Terry, in addition to Simon wasn’t hard, but I know they are capable of much more.

Once they had the algorithm down for Simon, deep faking the other two became easier. I was hoping we’d see something new. At this point, Metaphysic is extremely talented, but it feels a bit gimmicky. I noticed as I looked across my social channels that some people love them and consider them their favorite act. Others felt that the hype from the judges was more than the act deserved. I’m with the people who are unsure if they need to see more from Metaphysic. If they advance to the finale, will it be more of the same?  

The judges, however, loved this act. Simon said, “this is not the best act of the night, this is the best act, I believe, of the series.” Howie loved it and joked that they used his actual voice. Heidi Klum called it an “epic moment.” Sofia Vergara called it “scary and fascinating at the same time.” 

The production pulled out all their stops in trying to advance this act. Metaphysic teased they would bring a great rock band along next time, and include Heidi and Sofia in the act. That may get them some extra votes. Also, that the singing is good, helps Metaphysic out. Some may vote based on the lovely vocals. Also, Simon’s hyperbolic comments as well as Terry’s enthusiasm about them when telling America to vote, should get Metaphysic through if they weren’t going to get through otherwise.

I think the top 3 come tomorrow will be Metaphysic, Mike E. Winfield, and Lily Meola. Mike and Lily performed towards the end, in addition to a big push (Megaphysic especially) from the judges (or producers). Lily being a golden buzzer is a plus for her. On a weak night, this top 3 makes sense. Other acts that did a solid job were Acapop and Jack Williams. Acapop in particular, was one of the stronger acts of the night even if it wasn’t their best performance. I also find Jack entertaining even if he’s not the best ventriloquist (Celia Munoz) this season. Overall, this week’s results should be interesting. A shocking elimination could happen. 

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