AGT 2023: Lachune Finds Her Moment with Coldplay’s “Yellow”

America's Got Talent 2023 - Lachune
Pictured: Lachune — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

America’s Got Talent 2023: Lachune Finds her moment with a beautiful cover of Coldplay’s “Yellow”

We are finally past the midway mark of America’s Got Talent Season 18 auditions, as Tuesday night, week 5 auditions aired. The night was action packed even if it seemed to have fewer standouts than the previous week (Read our Recap). It ended with an audition that featured a vocal coach named Lachune with a larger than life personality, taking her own advice that she tells her students which is to challenge themselves. She is used to small-town life, telling host Terry Crews that the closest Walmart was 45 minutes away from her.

Lachune is a 31-year-old voice teacher who grew up in South Carolina, but now calls Fort Worth, Texas home. She has a very genuine personality, and she appears to be extremely likable from the moment she steps out on stage. Simon Cowell asks why she has waited for this moment. The singer replies, “I grew up in a singing family. I spent most of my years observing them doing it.” While Lachune lacked the confidence to sing, she chose teaching as a way to stay close to what she loved. “If I can’t do the thing, try to work close to it,” she explained. She is trying to conquer her own advice to students, to “take initiative.”

“If I was my student I would be clapping right now”

Lachune sings a simple yet effective and soulful rendition of Coldplay’s “Yellow.” I’m not sure the song did her any favors. It’s a great song, but for her voice, the choice and arrangement are a bit simplistic. Nevertheless, her voice is timeless and rich. Her tone is reminiscent of pop singers like Leona Lewis who have a unique, soulful timbre with an almost quiver to their voice at times. Every moment of Lachune’s vocal seems purposeful. None of it is oversung. It’s such a pure moment, and it’s no wonder why she’s a vocal coach as her technique is masterful.

The judges and crowd are on their feet. Simon tells her that she has a “beautiful voice,” adding “I’m almost tempted to ask you to judge yourself.” Lachune confidently responds, “If I was my student, I would be clapping right now.” Simon advises her to find her “lane” in order to take to the next level. Sofia Vergara calls her audition “perfect,” saying “I wanted to keep listening to you.” Heidi Klum says, “I’m very happy you put yourself first” and thinks she “just scratched the surface” of what she can do. Howie Mandel says, “you made your way right here, and your life is about to change.”

Lachune feels electric after the judges give her 4 yeses

The judges go on to give her 4 yeses. After her audition moment, Lachune feels “electric.”

Other than Lachune, hip-hop tap dancer Justin Jackson’s routine was flawless. Additionally, both Adrian Stoica & Hurricane’s dog act and Sangsoon Kim’s magic acts were creative spins on their talents. The other two acts that also did a solid job tonight and have potential were kid magician Ryland Petty and comedian pianist Barry Brewer Jr. It was a golden buzzer-less week, and it appeared to have fewer true standouts, but overall it was an eclectic week of talent.

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