Adam Lambert Confirms Collaboration with Lady Gaga

Adam Lambert tweeted some very exciting news early Tuesday morning. He and Lady Gaga are working on a song together for Adam’s upcoming album, For Your Entertainment:

@admamlambert: Yes it’s true: I spent yesterday in the studio w the insanely talented and creative Lady GaGa recording a song that she wrote! I love her.

Gaga wrote the song a while ago and she thought it would be a good fit for me. It’s a solo track. I feel so honored and lucky to be asked.

GaGa just gets it, ya know?

Adam has recorded a handful of tracks with Gaga producer RedOne. Sessions for Adam’s album, are expected to wrap up this week.   For Your Entertainment will be available everywhere November 23. The Gaga collaboration has my interest piqued. Can’t wait to hear it!

In the meantime, “Time for Miracles” has finally been released in the US. Click the links to Download Adam Lambert’s ‘Time For Miracles’ :

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  1. Geez, the Adam Storm is in full force! I am still recovering from the album name and TFM being released. WOOT FOR ADAM!

  2. Is an Adam fan never allowed to sleep? I miss everything.

    So freaking excited about this!

  3. I think that they may have delayed choosing the first single from Adam’s CD until he has completely finished recording, including this track of Lady Gaga’s song. From all of Adam’s tweets, it sounds like there are lots of songs to consider for his CD. I’m very happy that Adam has had a chance to work with Lady Gaga, since he’s such a fan. What a thrill it must have been for him! I’m also hoping that at least one of Adam’s own compositions makes it onto his CD.

    ETA – TFM is up to #27 on iTunes now.

  4. I’m excited! I’m a fan of Gaga’s music, but I’m also excited for Adam because he adores her, so I’m sure it was a thrill for him to be in the studio with her. :D

    Having said that, I have some concerns. If it’s in the running for the first single, I hope it’s because it’s truly a great song and not just because her name is on it. Plus, if it does end up as the first single, then I’m afraid a lot of the press for it will become about Gaga, not Adam.

    But anyway, I’m mostly excited!

  5. mgk
    October 20, 2009 at 9:49 am
    Is an Adam fan never allowed to sleep? I miss everything.

    So freaking excited about this!

    LOL! So true – barely got any sleep last night as all this epic news broke!

    I am SOO excited about the Lady Gaga song Adam is recording! I love her music – all very catchy (yes, that’s a GOOD thing!), yet edgy and exciting too.

    My dream AMA event would have Adam doing his single, then seguing into a little mini duet with Lady Gaga – maybe even on this song! That would be siiiicckkkk :-)

  6. CANNOT SLEEP DURING THE ADAM STORM. Clearly. I do not love her performances, but I am a big fan of her music (love Paparazzi, her current single). I doubt this track will be on his album, but then again…maybe.

    How fast can TfM climb. PRETTY DAMN FAST. And it’s got a BIG banner next to Flight of the Conchords (and I love them).


  7. mgk
    October 20, 2009 at 9:49 am
    Is an Adam fan never allowed to sleep? I miss everything.”

    Not these days, not when there is a storm of information one click away.

    As much as I find Lady Gaga repetitive and irritating, I know Adam adores her, so I’m happy for him. He’s such a fanboy about her, it’s really pretty cute. I also trust Adam’s vocal ability to turn anything given to him into something awesome.

    Also, Lady Gaga is HUGE right now, so that’s good for Adam too. Nothing but good news this week.

  8. ETA: Oops, posted in wrong Adam thread. Sorry. Moving to headlines, seems safest OT bet.

  9. You mean all those other incredible, fantastic songs weren’t enough.
    Maybe this will be the first single? This album better be huge because they’re throwing everything they got into it. It’s actually pretty funny.

  10. When was the Details shoot? During the tour, b/c he keeps referring to panties, etal. (lol)

    Hey, he’s Jewish! ;) (Jew Lite, for the record.)

    Tell Me Something Good from Rufus is one of my all-time favorite songs.

    And if he duets with Elton John, that will be the epitome of my musical experience. Hey, if Timbaland can do it with the extremely boring Two Man Show single at the end of his last album, Shock Value, so can Adam. (Fall Out Boy is no there, too, and that is a VERY good song). Oh, and Muse. Please say yes, Muse (they don’t like him, tho, right?).

  11. Hasn’t he been positioned as “Lord Gaga” all along? Heh. Just heh. Yeah, JPfan, this is really funny.

  12. They do seem to be working right down to the wire. I’m curious about this collab, though. It could be fun.

  13. Honestly, regardless of how many songs they have recorded already, do you really think they would turn down an offer from Lady Gaga, who’s one of the hottest artists in music right now, and someone Adam admires?

    Last Tuesday at the AMAs press conference Adam said he had a week of recording left, so this fit within that timeframe.

  14. I love that Adam is working with Lady Gaga, he admires her so much. By the way, TFM is #16 in Itunes Canada!

  15. If I live in U>S>A I would do anything to have seen him in tour. Will be more difficult now he taking off far and fast.

  16. TFM is number 6 on Amazon MP3 Bestsellers list, Lady Gaga is number 7…so he’s on top, just as he likes it . ;-)

  17. I think Adam is recording so many songs…not because of the lack of quality and trying to find a good one (just my thought process) but because some of the high profile names in the industry have submitted a lot of stuff for his consideration.

    And I’m pretty sure its hard to tell how a song fits a person’s persona without, at least, recording a vocal tract to see how it goes with Adam’s voice.

    We’ve discussed a cohesive album coming from many seemingly disjointed songs and so the more there is to pick from the more the album will “glue”. And just for the record…I hate the term Lord GaGa. But then, for people without any original thought process, I guess it works.

  18. Lucky boy. He got his wish. it’s like in the entertainment buz say it out loud enough over and over and it happens. almost every interview and some tweets had lady gaga in it. someone heard him and made the call. haha.

  19. I am so happy for him. A wish come true, whether it is on his album, or released as a single, or on GaGa’s album…whatever. This is great news. And yes, there is still time to put it on his album, depending on how far along it is, since he said this week he would make final decisions about the tracks on it (and I assume release the first single from FYE next week, or the week after, perhaps).

  20. I am soooo happy for Adam. All his dreams are coming true, so deservedly. I think that having a GaGa song on his album is a great bait for international markets.

    Is it confirmed that TfM will be on his album?

    TfM video tomorrow. WoW!

    If Adam recorded the numbers from 1 to 10 it would go up the charts.

    Some people were asking yesterday why it is taking so long to select his single. I think that he has had so many songs written for him by famous people, that they are having a hard time selecting the one for the single. But they should know better. Just released all of them! We are here to buy them.

    Happy times for Adam, his family, friends and fans!!!!
    I am just waiting to be entertained….

  21. i am SOOOO happy for him. i love love love lady gaga. she might be gratuitous pop music, but i think her songs are well crafted, fun and insta-hits. plus he is getting to work with ANOTHER person he loves.


    Hasn’t he been positioned as ‘Lord Gaga’  all along? Heh. Just heh. Yeah, JPfan, this is really funny.

    …so funny he will be laughing all the way to the bank!

  22. AM i reading this right that it’s not a duet, but a song she wrote for him?

  23. Very exciting! Go Adam.

    I love Lady GaGa’s CD and I enjoy looking forward to her visuals too. I want to hear this song, whether on the album or not….

    And, yes, I read it to say that GaGa wrote the song and Adam is recording it.

  24. AM i reading this right that it’s not a duet, but a song she wrote for him?

    I read it’s not a duet too. But it’s not a song she wrote specifically for him – see Adam’s tweet.

  25. I’m happy for Adam that he recorded a song that Lady GaGa wrote. I know how much he loves her. I do like her music but I just can’t watch her performances. The visuals do nothing for me but make me think how rediculous she looks. It takes away from her music, but that’s just my opinion. Hope the song is a big hit for Adam.

  26. suebrody
    October 20, 2009 at 10:32 am
    When was the Details shoot? During the tour, b/c he keeps referring to panties, etal. (lol)

    Popular consensus is that it was when he flew to LA for a photo shoot and Drake tweeted him (Aug 31) to hurry up with it and come home . . . (Which in the context of those pictures, makes it even more interesting . . . )

    Hey, he’s Jewish! (Jew Lite, for the record.)

    The way he giggled and talked about everybody knowing everything about him , I don’t think he was referencing the strictly spiritual aspects of it!

  27. Yes. Excellent news!!! Gaga will be a good duet for Adam. I thought so ever since the show eneded. I think he should tour with her that would be his best POSSIBLE move for gaining fans outside of AI viewers. This duet should obviously be released as one of his singles. Possibly the second one just like Jordin Sparks’ No Air duet with Chris Brown was her second single.

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