Headlines: Adam Lambert Rocky Horror Preview, Billy Gilman Revives Carreer

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‘Rocky Horror’ time-warps to a new generation – “I was about 19 or 20 and I went to a screening,” says Adam Lambert, who takes over for Meat Loaf in the role of doomed gearhead (and Frank-N-Furter foe) Eddie. “I dressed up like a freak and had a great time,” he laughs. Cox toyed with changing the character’s identity to transsexual, as the term ‘transvestite’ is “something that’s sort of a pejorative now,” she says. “But you don’t change the words to an iconic song.”
Discussion of the terms matters, and Lambert is comforted by how far we’ve come. “If you look at the past five years, our country’s been through a really great education on what trans is,” he says. “People’s eyes are opened and people have been educated, and it’s wonderful.” – Read more at USA Today

Billy Gilman is reviving his singing career on ‘The Voice’ – On why he decided to try out for “The Voice”: “Actually, (‘The Voice’) asked me for a couple of years to audition, but I felt nervous about it. I still held out hope that something I was already trying would work out. This year, I felt for some reason it was my moment to say something professionally; I’m not sure why. And when (the show) asked me again to come down to New York and audition, I sat down with my family and people important in my life and Angela (Bacari, Gilman’s longtime voice coach and, he says, ‘The one who’s believed in me all along’). “Since then, Adam has been amazing. He’ll tell you if you’re over-singing or not presenting the material properly. I stay up late a lot of nights preparing because I want Adam to see the work I’ve put into it. I didn’t want to sing ‘Man in the Mirror.” It’s a song that’s not in my wheelhouse. But Adam insisted and, in retrospect, I understand he was testing me to see how I would respond.” – Read more at The Day

Alicia Keys discusses motherhood, her music … and how she came to respect Miley Cyrus – Keys says she found a kindred spirit in terms of their mutual desire to remain true to themselves in an industry hellbent on cultivating celebrity at the expense of self. “The more I am getting to know her, the more I am endeared to her … and appreciate who she is, what she says, her boldness and ability to be 100 per cent who she is,” Keys says. Likewise, she makes no apologies for telling it like it is to the contestants who may see a show like The Voice as a fast-track to realising their dreams of a music career. Although, as everyone is well aware, that show does not have any track record for creating stars. Anywhere. Keys doesn’t want to dash dreams but, with the wisdom of someone who has been through the peaks and troughs of a career in pop music, she doesn’t sugar-coat the realities. – Read more at the Daily Telegraph

Behind The Scenes With Terra & Sasha #DWTS Season 23

Ryan Lochte Previews ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Week 6 and His Spicy Latin Night Dance – This week we’re doing a salsa. And man, I gotta tell you, I thought the other dances were hard, but phew! Salsa’s got me going. It is really hard. The music is really fast so that automatically gets you kind of flustered in your head because you want to try to dance on the beat. And then you have to know your steps, and you have to move your hips, and you have to move your arms a certain way, and you’re swinging your head. So it’s like five different things going on at once, and then trying to keep up with the tempo, so it is just… frustrating! I think this is the hardest dance I’ve had to do. – Read more at Yahoo.com

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