Adam Lambert Performs on the Voice of China (VIDEO)

Adam Lambert appeared on The Voice of China today. It’s the big finale of the competition–basically the Chinese version of “The Voice”.

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The American Idol alum performed his single “Trespassing” and joined a contestant on stage–a big fan–to sing “Whataya Want From Me”.

Check it out below.


Whataya Want From Me

Adam Returns to the Stage to announce Mooncake Day and the Voice of China Finale

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  1. Here is a vid of Adam presenting, he is so cute! Gotta say the Chinese women on this show are breathtakingly beautiful!

  2.  Lol! I think he sings “I ain’t got a dress in my bag” instead of BS. haha! And “my yay”. Great performance still but that was funny!

  3. Well well, Adam, what a charmer…, how he praised the female presenter… hehehe

  4. so who won the Voice ? Is it correct to say that I saw Adam presenting an award to the girl ? or is it a consolation prize ?

    If it is a consolation prize presented by Adam Lambert… wow, I wish I was in her place, I could at least have the opportunity to stare in his eyes for a few seconds … sigh sigh sigh… Dang Adam Lambert with your grey hair, why are you so gorgeous ???

  5. Great performances! Trespassing was high energy and Adam sounded incredible. I LOVED the duet so much. The young Chinese man was really good and I loved the hug at the end. Many fans watching from around the world on the livestream. Way to go Adam!

  6.  The young man called Adam his idol afterwards and couldn’t seem to believe his luck that he was singing with Adam. I hope we get a vid of the little interview they did after the duet. The contestant looked like he was in heaven!

  7. That duet was really great! 

    I agree; the Chinese contestant sang WWFM really well and together with Adam was even more awesome.

    Off to listen to Trespassing….

  8. What a great performance opportunity for Adam! The contestant was very good and what a thrill it must have been for him to duet with Adam.

  9. Adam looks and sounds fabulous! Great reception from the crowd too. The audience is HUGE! Does anyone know how many people attended the finale?

  10. The funny part of Adam, being a guest in a TV show of a non-english speaking country: He just does not need to open his mouth and he can already make people (eh I mean me) starstruck with his handsomeness… *shallow*…

  11. I just watched that video…you mean it actually was a cgwg who won???  I thought it was just a joke!  That is so funny!

  12. Oh my god, I love how the Chinese Kid seemed to be in awe singing with Adam. He must be in the clouds or something. Great duet, Adam let the kid have his time on the stage and didn’t over power him, they both sounded so great.

    Adam is truly ”The Voice” ;)

    and oh… he’s so damn gorgeous!

  13. Happy for Adam that he gets this great opportunity.  And, yes, he looked beautiful and performed wonderfully – such a professional and generous performer.  Hope this appearance gives him the acclaim that his own country sometimes denies him.

  14. It really was a cgwg who won The Voice? lol I thought that when you posted that earlier, it was a joke.  Too funny!

  15. I loved the WWFM duet. The radio/China edit of Trespassing is always a bit funny to me, but you gotta do what you gotta do, and there is something about his attitude and movement during Trespassing that escapes censoring. Adam was so sweet/charming/respectful with everybody. I guess that is just who he is. Plus he seems to instinctively know how the dress/act in other countries. Well done.

  16. “Adam looks and sounds fabulous! Great reception from the crowd too. The audience is HUGE! Does anyone know how many people attended the finale?”

    There were about 80,000 people at the stadium, and some billions watching on TV.
    Plus some  glamberts watching on livestream.

    Adam’s tweet

    Adam Lambert ?@adamlambert 

    So cool that Glamberts were able to watch a live stream…. Technology is nuts.


  17. Adam is the best ambassador of goodwill to China the U.S. could have! He hit it out of the stratosphere. It is great to see Adam becoming an international star with The Voice of China having an audience of over 400M. Next stop New Zealand, then Australia and in November 2 Concerts in South Africa. Oh, I just learned that China wants Adam back in December for some Concerts!!

  18. I noticed the creative self-censorship lol. He sounds so good though on both songs and the interaction on stage with his duet partner is fun to watch.

  19. Trespassing was awesome; really sounding good live.

    Love his pose at the end: hand on hip and that firece look into the audience

  20. Adam performed two songs, first Trespassing and the 2nd was WWFM. The 2nd one he’s duet with one of the contestants who sang Black or White and A Change is Gonna Come during his competition.

  21. Thanks for posting this.  I so enjoyed the duet.  I love watching Adam with a partner because he’s such a generous performer.  

    If ABC brought back Duets with Adam as one of the mentor/judges, I’d watch it in a heartbeat.  

  22. Adam sounded and looked great. I liked the duet. I’m happy that Adam got this opportunity. 

  23. I thought Trespassing sounded really good, especially considering it sounded like a dry feed. 

  24. “There were about 80,000 people at the stadium, and some billions watching on TV.
    Plus some  glamberts watching on livestream.”

    Thanks, asifclueless. What unbelievable promotion for Adam! So cool!

  25. “I love watching Adam with a partner because he’s such a generous performer.  ”

    Yes Adam is such a generous performer, but I don’t like it when he has to hold back. I only love watching Adam duet with other singer if he can do his own thing or his crazy improvisations. This contestant from the Voice of China is really good they actually feed each other.

  26. I can’t have enough of that amazing duet WWFM. of Adam and Zhang Wei .. keep on repeating.

    Adam always gets the best out of whoever he sings with. Remember his duet “Slow Ride” with Allison?
    Zhang Wei is a glambert. He sang a few songs of Adam’s versions like Feeling Good, WWFM, Black or White on the show earlier.

    His biggest dream to sing with his idol came true in front of millions of people.
    That’s the winning!!


  27. It’s been an amazing few days in Adamfandoms, since he arrived in China, lots of great pictures .. fans greeted him at the Airport. The rehearsal, the press party, the 80’s talk show with funny host.. the two Adam’s performance..etc.. etc.. Not sure if he is flying back to US or he just go straight to New Zealand for his next promo before the Australian performance.

  28. So great that we could actually watch this live! Adam was gorgeous and looked so happy!!

  29. Adam looked like he was having fun and he sounded great. Love the outfits he’s been wearing over there, sort of futuristic and very modern. 

  30. Now, that’s what I call a superstahhh!

    I couldn’t count how many times “Whataya Want From Me” got covered on shows like the Sing-Off, X-Factor, The Voice, and Idol here and/or abroad. It surely was not just a moderate hit; it was a BIG hit. OR maybe it is Adam ;)

  31. Always find it interesting that all these singing competitions in different countrie around the world end up singing in English.  I know Lambert is promoting his music, but I always like when these performers do stuff like this.  They show theyre not above it all and usually theyre creating a one in a lifetime experience for the contestants that they will never forget- win or lose- whether they become a star or more likely disappear into obscurity

  32. WWFM was a world wide hit. It has been covered so many times on these reality shows.

  33. The Voice of China gets over 120 million viewers for an average show. Their finale is a huge event with 80k in attendance in the stadium with a much larger home viewing audience than their average 120 million viewers. Makes American Idol pale in comparision. Adam was on the show 3 times. Two times to sing and once to present. It’s an incredible honor.

  34. So,who’s Adam performing with if not the winner of The Voice??? Is he the 3rd place or 4th place runner up???

  35. The number of pics coming out of China is overwhelming and they’re all so beautiful. Adam just looks spectacular right now. And the videos of Trespassing and WWFM are fantastic. What a tremendous opportunity for him. Adam looks like such a star on that stage, and he is so supportive of that contestant during their duet.

    The joy on the contestant’s face when he embraces Adam after their duet is palpable, as in this photo:

  36. I don’t follow Adam Lambert, but this is the coolest thing ever! I guess I didn’t realize that such an “Americanized” show would be allowed there! I think it’s great marketing for any performer! Is this the only ‘singing contest’ show there? Are there other talent shows? Does anyone know what the winners get? I think this is fascinating!

  37. I did watch the stream. The finale seemed to be a massive event kind of along the lines of award shows in the US. The live audience alone was 80k. It was very Americanized surprisingly. The voting was different than the US version. People lined up behind the two finalists. The one with the most people behind them won. I was surprised they invited an American to be on the finale. Adam was the only one. All the other guests were from the country. Big recording artists from China. From what I gather Adam was invited because one of the contestants was a massive fan of Adam (the one he sang a duet with). He kept hugging Adam and you could tell he was a huge fan. Adam’s Whataya Want From was obviously well known in the country.

  38. I think that it’s nice that a singing competition show invited someone who can sing live vs some auto-tune singer. I wish that Adam could get the same respect he gets from other countries in his own country.

  39. So,who’s Adam performing with if not the winner of The Voice??? Is he the 3rd place or 4th place runner up???

    With one of the four 5th place finishers.

  40. Even the Arab world which is almost exclusively Muslim has these shows, but their versions are regional instead of national (includes all the Arab speaking countries). I don’t know about more anti-American countries like Iran though. But I know that some Iranians watch AI, there are several Iranians in James’ fanbase for instance. Everyone has satellite TV there so it’s not hard for them to obtain these shows.

  41. Shouldn’t that be YGWG … to complete the racist meme. (Yes, I think wgwg is meant to be racist)

  42. So that contestant sang 2 songs that Adam also sang during his American Idol run… Maybe this contestant has mentioned earlier in the competition in an interview that he is a huge Adam Lambert fan ???

  43. If Adam is going to New Zealand…. can’t he just stop by in Indonesia for a promo performance ? please please please ? hehehe…. Indonesia is one of the only South East Asian country in which he did not perform during Glamnation tour… He did have a nice vacation in Bali though at that time !!

  44. Yeah, just like that “We are the champions” in the Season 8 American Idol finale … epic

  45. But “The Voice” is originally from the Netherlands… not the USA…

  46. Maybe the contestant was constantly talking and talking about Adam Lambert (according to previous posters he even sang many of the same songs Adam sang during his American Idol run) and the organizers became fed up with it and invited Adam so that the contestant can stop talking about him hehehe…

    naah joking… I think maybe the organizers were fascinated by Adam’s international appeal and the fact that he did not do that well in the US… and maybe WWFM was a hit in China !! 

  47. And people forget that Idol is originally from UK … not the USA… just like X Factor is originally from UK. That’s why all the exec producers and a lot of their production staff are UK people.

  48. It’s not the China of Mao-Tse Tung anymore. I don’t exactly what u mean by “americanized”, but I think you’d find China more “americanized” than America if u went there today. You can do almost everything, except bitching about the government. There are versions of these singing contests (Idol, X-Factor and The Voice) all around the world. The Voice, originally from Holland, is the most hyped at this moment.

  49. Good for Adam. He won’t win a penny trying to sell albums in Asia (except for Japan and South korea), but he can do a whole lotta money with gigs.

  50.  Shouldn’t that be YGWG … to complete the racist meme. (Yes, I think wgwg is meant to be racist)

    I agreee. White guys have been historically so oppressed and there have been so many chances taken away from them because of their race. 

    And on the Chinese show where all the contestants were the same race, the race must have played a role in the results, so it makes sense that it should be a ygwg.

  51. Simply wonderful!!

    Looking great, sounding great, charming, poised, gahhh!! I just flove being a fan of this man!!!

    BTW: I see you, Kradison jacket with the wings on the back. Oh, and my favorite boots. So much to love, a gorgeous generous talented performer who isn’t afraid to recycle!! LOL

  52. Yeah, I also liked it when Adam recyled some of his Glamnation tour clothes during his concerts with Queen…

  53.  It still bogs me why Adam, of all the Western performers, was the only one invited to this show. I do not think it is because of Zhang Wei although it made a great heart warming story. He gets the best from Zhang Wei by complementinng Zhang’s singing and tone down his. The awe of Wei can be seen and this can be felt by the audience.
     Perhaps one of the bigwigs of the show or studio was such a big fan of Adam? Or a beloved child of the bigwig? I think it is mainly because Adam is such a big hit in China and so down-to-earth in his relations with others. One can see he truly appreciates them.
    I hope Adam stays for a few more days in China and go sightseeing.  I am not Chinese but I have seen some although i wish I had the opportunity to trek the mountains of which I saw depicted in paintings.

  54. Three years ago he stood on the Idol stage, opened his mouth and started to move and we fell in love.   He still has the magic every time he steps on a stage.  All he needs is his charisma and his voice.   This is how its done!!! Period!

  55. I am also a bit puzzled… Maybe they want to proof to the audience that an reality- show -alumni can be successful in real life…
     Maybe they asked for another alumni but this person was not available…And it is very convenient that one of the contestants is a Glambert. but I will just tell to myself your version of the story… about the (family) of the bigwig and Adam is willing to censor himself while keeping his fierceness in song and poise.

  56. That official Trespassing vid is incredible.  The man owns that stage.  Brilliant performer in every way.

  57. yeah, I personally do not really like the song, but I was in awe today when I saw that video of him performing there…

  58. Adam would be wise to foster his Chinese affiliation.  The septre of World’s Super Power is being transferred from the USA to China.  That’s where the money will be.  Hell, it already is!

  59. Thanks…didn’t know that! I guess I’m just amazed how much the world has changed in the last 20 years…it really is a small world now.

  60. China has changed, but there is still lots of censorship in China.  Twitter and Facebook aren’t allowed in most of china, that’s why they have weibo which is censored.  It’s an interesting phenomenon and you can read more here:

    Also, a Chinese version of American Idol was cancelled.  Official reason was it ran too long, but based on comments by people who made the decision, it was also due to content and finding women singing pop songs too vulgar.

    I’m thrilled that Adam is getting this opportunity, the contestant was an obviously avid fan having sung two of the same songs Adam did on Idol and his utter joy during the duet.

    I’ll be interested to see the talk show he also did there.

  61. It’s so funny and I’ve been laughing my ass off(literally) for 50
    I hope Adam would be invited more to this kind of talk shows.

  62. Awww this is so heartwarming. This is a pic of Adam and Zhiang Wei with a sweet message from Zhiang to Adam, posted on weibo (the Chinese version of twitter).

    Dear Adam, I am so grateful that you let me sing the coolest part of the song. It has been the deepest honour sharing the stage with u. Many thanks, and enjoy the trip to China pal. @ Adam_Lambert_CN

  63. urgh,I can’t imagine what FPI will do if Adam’s going to come to here. If Lady Gaga concert can cause such a huge nonsense commotion,wait for openly gay singer to come here,and see their reaction. Yikes!!

  64. Ummm, an openly gay singer already did come there and perform on one of the biggest TV shows. I would think that already had to be approved. And Adam’s shows aren’t even close to as sexual or controversial as Gaga’s. His are vanilla in comparison!

  65. Ummm, an openly gay singer already did come there and perform on one of the biggest TV shows. I would think that already had to be approved. And Adam’s shows aren’t even close to as sexual or controversial as Gaga’s. His are vanilla in comparison!

  66. There is something really awesome about the fact that in 2012 an openly gay American pop star can perform on a highly rated reality singing competition in china and that it can be watched live over the internet on a little laptop or iPhone on the other side of the world. The more people of different cultures are exposed to each other, the more we see that our similarities are much greater than our differences. Gives me hope for the future.

  67. Love that WWFM duet! The contestant was great but when Adam came on, wow, with that gorgeous rich tone, so good.
    I have watched that RoveLA video 3 times now and it is hilarious. Adam does very well holding his own with the other 3 very funny people. Rove is a great host and does a great job including everyone and also has knowledge about his guests. Terrific show!

  68. FPI had no idea about Scissor Sisters who held their concert in Jakarta last saturday as part of the Java Soulnation Festival (which also featured Robin Thicke)… Their male lead singer is gay !!

  69. Thank you Asifclueless… I like the “wombat” remark… and it is cute how one the Glambert’s in the audience talked about the “fierce passion” Glamberts have for Adam…

    Just wondering why someone switched the drink of Adam from water to pure vodka… Maybe they thought he was too tame ?? He did catch up a bit with the “already known graveyard” under the Idol Tour stage”…

  70. “Who was that singer ? My memory is not that fresh anymore.”

    LOL! It was Adam Lambert on a TV show that reaches 400 million people! If the goverment approved him for a TV show with that large an audience, why would they not approve a concert of 80,000?! As a matter of fact, the TV show was performed in a stadium that holds 80K. I have a feeling Adam has already been approved by the Chinese government.

  71. @buffynut2001… ooh thanks …sorry maybe I got mixed up with the posting of aquayers who  was talking about Fpi, some extremist muslim group who were very vocal against Lady Gaga ‘s concert in Jakarta…and therefore may also might have protests against an openly gay singer. But I did not hear any protests against Scissor Sisters’ recent concert in Jakarta.

  72. I went to see The Scissor Sisters in concert in HK earlier this year, they were great. I know we’re not under the same restrictions as mainland China, but there certainly wasn’t a problem with them performing here, and Adam did a concert here 2 years ago, which was sold out and amazing!.

    And whilst Adams KL concert did make a lot of media headlines due to protests, he was willing to conform, changed a few words, missed out a few suggestive moves, and his dancers wore slightly more clothes, the concert still went ahead to a sold out crowd of 16,000.

  73. I loved Adams performance on the Voice China, he looked and sounded like a star, he just oozes charisma on the stage. I especially loved the duet with Zhang Wei.

  74. Adam Lambert did well in this talkshow eventhough I think the situation must have been a bit awkward for him because he is good friends with the ex-wife of Russel Brand, Katy Perry…

    I still remember, before Katy Perry got married, Adam Lambert was once her date on a red carpet event, I think it was the premiere of the Michael Jackson movie “This is it… And who can forget Katy Perry during American Idol season 8, wearing a cape with ” Adam Lambert” on it during her performance…

  75. 80,000 audience  attended the finale and 500,000,000 viewers were watching the live via TV.

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