Adam Lambert – Never Close Our Eyes – Jimmy Kimmel Live – VIDEO

Adam Lambert rocked the house at Jimmy Kimmel Live Thursday night when he took the stage to sing his brand new single, the Bruno Mars penned, “Never Close Our Eyes”. Adam dazzled the crowed with an insanely impressive vocal performance.

Whole lotta love solo
Whole lotta love solo

Watch it below.

Never Close Our Eyes


Naked Love

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  1. oh my god, that was so great! his vocal is superb!
    Will they show some more vids? 

  2. Amazing as usual. I’m so hoping we get to see vids of Broken English and Naked Love. Crossing everything that can be crossed!

  3. I was at this show and Adam sounded great! I was standing way in the back and it was funny because I was standing next to a guy that looked like Bruno Mars. Don’t think it was him, though :)

    He did 5 songs in all. I know Kimmel people filmed at least the first 3

  4. Thank you very much .. mj  … for this thread.

    Great video.

  5. One of the finest live singers in the world.  Incredible performer.

  6. Was there, about 5 rows back…amazing. Charming, prettier than expected, and gorgeous vocals. Probably didn’t make the show, but called the back-up singers “The Va-Jay-Jay’s”. Much fun was had by all…

  7. WOW!!   Everything came together as total perfection….the vocals, the little dance moves, the smiles, the band, the backup singers, the hair, the clothes.Killer job, Adam!

  8. Move my post from Headlines 04/26/12 to this Jimmy Thread.

    Adam Lambert performs a mini concert on Jimmy Kimmel Live ABC .

    OH-MY-MY !!! The mini concert was soooo good.

    Here is the ustream recorded by CoralMermaid.

    Adam looked great and sexy … Black, tight pants.Audience was
    lively, singing along, knowing every word of the lyrics. Adam’s banter
    with the audience was awesome. Dadbert, Neil, and friends were there.Sauli was dancing.

    Songs NCOE, Trespassing, Naked Love,Broken English and ended with the Amazing Cuckoo.

  9. WOW, what a performance and killer vocals.  I can’t wait to see all of the other performances.  Adam is the best male singer/performer in the business.  Come on May 15.

  10. Stunning!!!  Eyes .. Baby .. Eyes!!!!  Never Close Your Eyes!!!

  11. I like Adam’s voice so I liked this performance. I really think he is wasting his talent by devoting so much of his time/energy to dance/club music.

  12. girlygirltoo and KimberyP,

    Would you kindly do the recaps for us the unfortunate ones?

    Thanks a million.

  13. Also, fans seemed to be really excited, they managed to trend a few things, both on purpose and accidentally. AdamOnKimmel was a planned trend obviously, but the songs trending was much more interesting.  Naked Love and Broken English trended organically worldwide and in the US when they were performed (as fans were watching a livestream), the former for quite a while. NL is actually trending right now too. 

    I do quite love organic trends.

  14. I like Adam’s voice so I liked this performance. I really think he is wasting his talent by devoting so much of his time/energy to dance/club music.

    Adam would only be wasting his talent if he was singing music that he did not enjoy. Since he has described this album as his dream album, and has pulled many sound references from influences in his formative music years that he’s talked about for ages, and he looks glowingly happy performing the music from it, I think it’s safe to say he’s enjoying the hell out it.

    One genre of music is not better or more worthwhile than another. His crazy awesome vocals shine while singing the music that he truly loves.

  15. HATE his new stuff :) Shit dance crap! BUT! hes a wonderful singer ! Enjoy!.

  16. id watch the new burger king commercial with Steven tyler again..over this lol Poor adam…Hope it works out for him..2 me he is going back to his dance crap….Good luck with that!

  17. I feel the same. He is a great singer and performer but I can’t get into this song at all. I bought it but deleted it from my ipod because I don’t like thinking ‘what a piece of sh*t’ about a track from Adam.

  18. Yes, the consistent denigration of dance/pop as though it’s a lesser form of music than rock or whatever is just ridiculous.

  19. WOW, the glamberts succeeded in trending something planned?  I’m impressed!  I prefer organic trends too but that happens all the time with Adam. We usually fail when we plan stuff lol

  20. Ok ill say it!!!!! :) what? the real backup singers couldnt make it? hmm :)

  21. Yes, the consistent denigration of dance/pop as though it’s a lesser form of music than rock or whatever is just ridiculous.

    LOL it’s as predictable as clockwork at this point.

  22. I made it about 30 seconds into this song before turning it off.  No thanks. One thing I will give him is that he is ten times the performer than any of the current season contestants on Idol.

  23. I should have known Broken English is great live! I mean wow his voice is unbelievable on that vid.
    I think i have a new fave:)

  24. Just watched the show on TV and as always the effortless vocal tickled me. I hope he’ll have dancers when he perform NCOE on AI. He’s so lonely up there without the energy bunnies. 

  25.  I loved Broken English from the snippets and it sounded absolutely amazing live! NCOE had great energy and I really loved this performance. Trespassing is still the tops for me though :)

  26. Rockers against to Poppers??  hard rock fans just try not to be so closed minded that you don’t like this kind of music doesn’t mean is a crap.
    His new music is better than all the electro stuff and autotune artist that anyone can listen on radio these days, this material just for Adam’s voice is SUPERIOR, and whatever kind of music he does sounds GREAT!!!

  27. I listen to both rock and pop but only from singers that can actually sing.  There is a lot of rock music that is really just bad just like there is lot of pop music  that is too but nobody can sing any genre of music like Adam can.  I love his new song along with all the others that are on the album and can’t wait to get my hands on it May 15.

    I don’t understand why some people still don’t see why he wants to do pop music.  That is his love, always has been and that is what is happening now.  I will take his music over anybody else that is singing such junk on the radio including pop, rock or rap which to me is the worst.  Everybody has different likes of what they like in music that is why there is so much variety out there.

    I love toe tapping music that makes you happy.  I love music that can make you cry.  Not too many singers out there that can do both and Adam has achieved this on his album.  I wish there was a Trespassing tour this year but with Queen concerts, radio concerts and promo I don’t see that happening until next year but you better believe it I will be there with my best toe tapping shoes on because as a live performer nobody does it better.

  28. He is an amazing singer.I would listen to him sing  pop,rock,dance,opera,or country(his way).He is that good.

  29. I don’t understand why some people still don’t see why he wants to do
    pop music.  That is his love, always has been and that is what is
    happening now.  I will take his music over anybody else that is singing
    such junk on the radio including pop, rock or rap which to me is the
    worst.  Everybody has different likes of what they like in music that is
    why there is so much variety out there.

    Because were on an Idol blog whose demo prefers rock so we keep reading the same thing at nauseam. Rock is dead! No one is buying and radio isn’t playing it. Adam’s not interested in making a rock album. He put together an album he wanted to and that would appeal to his fans here and internationally and that isn’t rock. His focus isn’t limited to just US. Not only is there crap dance but there is also crap rock/country/rap music. My taste in music isn’t narrowed and limited to one genre. I would go crazy listening to one type of music. Thank god for ipod and my playlists.

  30. Great overall performance !! On a shallow note… he looks soooooooooo gorgeouuuuuuuuus….. not really a fan of this type of pop, but his voice on  NCOE  is……… *melt* !!!

  31. Loved it!!!

    And I really, really think he has the band about perfect right now. The backup singers are a great addition.


    ” Rock is dead! No one is buying and radio isn’t playing it”

    Aww. Whiskey, I’ve been hearing that for over 35 years. Maybe longer. And it still isn’t true. Each new music trend that shows up brings fresh obituary notices and disdain for Rock, and instead, music does what it always does, incorporates all sorts of flavors to make that new trend, and the Rock influence is one of them. Pop music isn’t the only music, and Pop radio isn’t the only radio, much as they may like to think so.

    If people started the Death Watch for Rock & Roll with the Folk Music trends of the 60’s, they started picking out the pall bearers way back in the 70’s with Disco, and by the time Hip Hop and Techno arrived in the 80’s, the big black hearses were ordered. The 90’s and the 2000’s have been no different, new sounds incorporating older sounds, and the same old story.

    I don’t even get dressed up for the Funeral anymore. *snerk*

  33. Yay dance crap!! I hope this song is a hit for him, it sounds great on the radio.  He looks gorgeous. 

    Great job Adam! I need a vid of Broken English because that vocal sounds legit insane.  Naked Love is so fun!

  34. LOL, Adam!! You know you’re amazing when the worst your critics can do is say you are too good for your material.
    Is it May 15th yet??? I WANT this album. I love, love, love what I am hearing. It’s such a great feeling when your expectations are not only met, but exceeded.(Shady, omigod!!!!)

  35. I love the dance/pop “crap”!!! sounds great to my ears.  Very good first full band performances of these songs (I guess its not the first for Trespassing).  As we’ve seen in the past, Adam only improves with each live performance as he works the kinks out.  Already looking forward to the next round of performances.

  36. I’m glad Adam doesn’t want to do rock,  I hate rock.  So selfishly,  I’m ecstatic he’s doing pop!  Pop ftw!

    Also this is some great pop!  Loving NCOE and also Naked Love.  And I love what Broken English represents and its sexiness.

    And he looks fabooshly gorgeous :D

  37. Rock is dead! No one is buying and radio isn’t playing it.

    Classic rock is dead, alt rock isn’t.

    Adam’s not interested in making a rock album. He put together an album
    he wanted to and that would appeal to his fans here and internationally
    and that isn’t rock. His focus isn’t limited to just US. Not only is
    there crap dance but there is also crap rock/country/rap music.

    Yes, Adam likes dance pop. Whether his fans like it or not is another matter. On Idol his most successful performances were rock, and FYE was pop with a touch of rock rather than dance pop. The style of Trespassing is a departure from what he’s done before (besides some of his pre-idol material), and there is no guarantee that it will appeal to the more casual part or his fanbase.

  38. Adam’s vocal gymnastics are truly amazing in these songs (love Broken English more than words can express!).  This is the voice that I fell in love with, and this is the performer that I will never get tired of watching!   

  39. His most successful performances on Idol were not rock at all though. He only did 4 rock performance the whole season and other than Whole Lotta Love, they were never remarked as his best or most impressive. Others like Black and White, Ring of Fire, Tracks of My Tears, Mad World, Feeling Good and A Change is Going to Come, on the other hand, were much more celebrated and were in no way rock. His biggest moment on the show period was MW, even. I never get why the rock is focused on so much by fans when they were in the minority, not considered to be his “moments,” and most Idols end up performing a few rock songs along the way b/c of themes and limited song selection.

    Also, your assumption that Trespassing is a departure isn’t very accurate considering if you look at the tracks he wrote on his single professional album and mix them with his pre-Idol music, you get the new album. TSP so far seems to be a perfect mix of Voodoo / Down the Rabbit Hole / IIHY / Broken Open and Glamorize / Oh My Ra / Kiss and Tell. 

    Now you could argue that it’s a departure from WWFM, his most recognizable song post-Idol, but in the long run that single song cannot forever represent him especially since his second single was very much a dance pop song.

  40. I guess that’s debatable too though, my favorite Idol perfs weren’t the rock songs, B&W, MW, ROF and Feeling Good. 

    IMO, Adam made the album he wanted. If he loses some casual fans over it, especially Idol fans who aren’t usually Top 40 listeners, then so be it. I’m sure he knows it and he’s rolling the dice. FYE was not a very commercial album and difficult to market. He’ll have to pick up more fans with the new material, which is what all sophomore Idol albums need to do. No FYE 2.0 again, no Tedder (thankfully). He has to get Top 40 radio play. And he loves pop music.  

    What I don’t get is that he’s doing songs like everyone else.  How many male pop acts are on the charts right now that aren’t r&b leaning/singer songwriter or a pop band?   I can’t think of anyone.   Bieber?  That’s a stretch. Bruno? He’s not really dance pop.  Adam might be doing pop, but he’s competing for for a playlist spot that’s not a pre-determined want, like Brit/Kesha/Katy/Gaga. I hope he can make it. 

    Damn Kara and her banging on the table ‘Rawk God!’ um no..

    The good news is, it’s a pretty darn good pop album. And I buy a lot of it, so I can compare. He did well.

  41. Loved it!! I love the POP/dance songs and you can tell from his face and expressions he loves it too. Count me in as someone else whose favorite idol performances weren’t the rock ones but more mad world, black & white, ring of fire etc. I get those who like Rock Adam tho, cuz I think he can sing the shit out of the genre, but that’s because his voice is amazing and versatile.

    Can’t wait for new album!!!

  42. Thank You Adam. I came home from work sad, dealing with a lot lately and this felt like crying until I watch that video.  Thanks for posting MJ.

  43. Adam made me want to listen to music again. He opened my ears,  my eyes and my mind. Bring it on!!  Whatever … crap, pop, dance, funk, blue, rock, rap, country, classical and opera.
    I used to listen to old, old, classic stuff that the composers are already decomposed. The crossover and popera were considered an advance to me.

    Now, I’m the coolest mom and auntie because I can talk about the coolest and   current music with kids, collage age and teenage.

    Thanks to Adam. He always tweets out recommending new songs from various artists. I google and learn more and more about them. I also learn a lot about music from fan boards and message boards.

    Haha… Who would have thought that I would watch American Idol? I’m the only one in my family who watches it and I get a lot of eye rollers.

    Whatevah … I’m out and proud.

  44. Just announced, Adam is headlining Freshtival on May 27th in Washington D.C. 

  45. I know I am already a fan but I sometimes forget how good he is. :)  I love watching him perform and hearing him sing. :)  I saw his Naked love performance on the Hollywood Reporter website and that was great too. I hope him much success with this album. Seriously, I think already it is much better than FYE from what I have heard.   And so much more positive energy this time around.  Getting on Kimmel is a coup for sooo many reason!  Great job AL!

  46. Soooo tired of the meme that rock is some elite form of music that Adam should aspire to instead of “wasting” his talent. It ain’t, and there is just as much rock crap out there as there is “pop crap”. Enough said.
    On a  much lighter note, Adam was fabulous! NCOE live kicks ass, what a vocal! All the other songs were amazing but the standout to me was Broken English. This is a truly amazing song. Love the sexy lyrics and hypnotic melody but Adam’s voice on this just shines. Here is a twitvid which I think has the best audio and video of Broken English,

  47. Since I don’t have a clue how to define “rock” or “pop” in ten words or less and don’t feel the need to, all I can say is that Adam is singing his heart out and he loves his new babies, rightfully so.  He may only sell one album, to me, but that is enough for me.  I just love the guys voice and his ability to take that voice to lots of places that raise the goosies on my arms and that is why I adore him.  I think he has the “IT” factor in spades.  It will be fun to sit back and see how he does this era…he may never reach the top tiers of recorded music…but what the heh….I have tons of music I listen to from artists who created good stuff from the middle of the pack.

    Oh…and if I want to listen to “rock”…I pull out my Pink Floyd or Queen and I’m blissfully happy.  And, 40 years later I still don’t understand how “The Great Gig in the Sky” or “Now and Then” are similar to “Whole Lot of Love”.

  48. I didn’t comment on how Adam looked last night because I didn’t think I could do it justice. Here’s the best I can do.
    kajlfjsjf jsefj asjfksjdf eaweupofmdlkf areuuksjfjfunfunfunf!

  49. So Adam gives a mini concert and 1000 people show up to a parking lot on a Thursday night. Not bad.

    In the end, it’s live performances like this one that will win people over. My prediction is that as time goes on, his shows will become more and more elaborate and theatrical and will evolve into “must see” events. Regardless of what happens with radio, I think Adam will make his fortune in concert arenas. With his huge voice and personality, he is in a class by himself and he’s hitting his prime now. Yes, I want his album but even more than that I want a ticket to see him in person.

    Love these performances!

  50. Ok I just saw the trespassing vid!  I am really liking that song!

  51. Wow, Adam was awesome on Kimmel!  It never ceases to amaze me how much his live performances sound like his recorded songs– only better, IMO!  I’ve been to so many concerts over the years where the live performances of various artists, while maybe good, weren’t anything like they sounded on their studio productions.  Vocally, live Adam presents the quality of a studio track, yet you get the spontaneity of the riffs as he feels the music and the fun and charismatic  visual showmanship.  I’m glad Adam is doing pop; I think he “wears” it so much more naturally than he does rock.  You can just tell it’s what he loves most and it comes through in his obvious comfort and exuberance on stage. 

  52. His most successful performances on Idol were not rock at all though. He
    only did 4 rock performance the whole season and other than Whole Lotta
    Love, they were never remarked as his best or most impressive. Others
    like Black and White, Ring of Fire, Tracks of My Tears, Mad World,
    Feeling Good and A Change is Going to Come, on the other hand, were much
    more celebrated and were in no way rock.

    They are my favorite performances as well, and may be rock is the wrong descriptive, however they were delivered in a rock or pop-rock or singer-songwriter style, not in a dance pop style.

    For me, NCOE is a complete departure from this style, and although I am aware that Adam likes dance pop because of some of his pre-idol material and the artists he likes, I knew that if he went there I would not follow. FYE was a nice compromise and I loved it..But I hate NCOE….I just don’t think that it is a good song, to me it has a bland generic melody on a generic beat, and I suspect that it is a reject from Bruno Mars own album that RCA got Adam because of the name.
    The other tracks on the album possibly sound better but I can’t judge songs from snippets.

  53. “Soooo tired of the meme that rock is some elite form of music that Adam should aspire to instead of “wasting” his talent.”

    Me too, but when that’s the only thing that people can find fault with, I don’t think Adam has much to worry about.  

    I always marvel how so much conversation around Idol contestants focuses on the need for them to know who they are as an artist in order to be successful. Yet here we have an artist who has been very definitive in stating what kind of an artist he is, what kind of music he likes and what kind of music he will produce; in fact, someone who KNOWS their own musical identify inside and out…and he gets criticized for the identify he has chosen. LOL.    

    In other news, my radio station started spinning NCOE yesterday! o/

    ETA: sorry if there is some strange formatting going on in this post.

  54. NCOE sounded spectacular, but the song I really love is Broken English. Some really interesting vocals in that song.  I have to admit I really like the vocals in songs like NCOE, Broken English, and Trespassing where it sounds like Adam is really soaring and breaking free more than the tamer vocals in Naked Love.  But then in a concert it’s probably better to have a mix since soaring on every song might lose its impact. 

  55. Hello Everyone,

    WoW!! “The voice” takes my breathe away! Awesome crowd, Beautiful harmony, sound and Music. Adam makes pop relevant and I love it!

     Is there anything this man can’t do? Pop, Blues, Jazz, Opera , classical, dance, soul, Electro, rock types including metal-done it all~What a list! Have I missed anything?  Long may you continue and be blessed:-)

    I still have vivid memories of Adam’s GNT Concert at the Hammersmith in London. What a night! Majority of the packed crowd were very young, electric and just Brilliant. His voice and presence is unbelievable almost Alien like!:-) 

    RECOMMENDATION: If you have not seen Adam live go and see him just once he will mismerise you, melt your heart by his pure genius, charisma and presence:-) 

    I sound like his PR Lol:)

    Enjoy your day!




  56. I wasn’t listing those as my personal favorite Idol performance, I was simply listing those that got the most noticeable buzz when he performed, with at least 2 being considering legitimate moments of the season overall. None of his rock songs, barring possibly WLL, would make that list even though I too enjoyed them. I’m not sure how any of those would be considered singer-songer writer except TOMT, either. B&W was pop, MW is theatrical pop, for example. There’s not a lot of dance pop done on Idol period. Didn’t stop Adam from continuous throughout the season and after saying that’s what he was going to make, electronic pop. 

    There’s a difference between subjective opinion about the quality of a song and then claiming that all of the music he’s making now is a complete departure from what he’s done in the past, which is what I thought you were claiming in the beginning. I can understand thinking NCOE as a single song doesn’t fit with FYE era. Personally, I think NCOE is close enough, but with obvious growth from the other dance tracks Adam had on FYE. I guess that just show how subjectivity this all is. 
    Though last point of clarification, it’s actually not a reject, Bruno Mars has talked about the song in the past as his fans have loved the rough non-dance mix demo, and it’s a song that he never wrote for himself at all. It was just a song that he wrote and demoed b/c before becoming a solo artist, that’s what he did. Remember, he was first a songwriter and producer, and he’s said he has a lot of songs he’s written that are just waiting for the right person. That’s just how music works sometimes (Britney, Katy Perry, and Kelly Clarkson have all had songs just handed to them, and stars like Rihanna rarely write their own music). 

  57. “Naked Love” is a fun track… like it even more than Trespassing…

  58. Queen has announced the Poland concert on its website and facebook page.  So I guess it is official.  Wonder whether there are any other shows planned….

    looks like Adam has a busy memorial day weekend…3 radio concerts, in 3 days, in 3 different states

  59. I don’t have a problem with Adam doing dance/pop. I think maybe it’s more of a problem that some of these songs are just fluff/crap. I really don’t like Trespassing at all, and I also agree that NCOE is just not a good song. I’m still having a problem with thinking that his music sounds like a soundtrack to an 80’s movie. I don’t know why – maybe it’s his voice? To me, Naked Love sounds a little more current.
    However, I really don’t get the accolades for his stage presence. He’s not any better than anyone else out there performing right now. He seemed really awkward at the end of Naked Love.

  60. The dance/pop music Adam sings is why I am a fan, I love being happy and his music makes me smile and dance, He knows how to put on a show.  Love his dance moves and the huge smile on his face.  I can not stand Rock or heavy metal music so this works for me..I am a happy camper.

  61. I liked the performance and think the song is way better than BTIKM. That said, it does have a weird 80’s vibe to it. So I’m really not sure how this will do on Top 40. Something like Trespassing will never get played in that format.

    I never really bought Adam as a 100% rocker on Idol. He has the vocal ability but his heart seems to be in dance/pop. He has a big fan base still from Idol and it seems like his concerts will do well even if radio isn’t 100% on board. So that’s good news in terms of career longevity even if he isn’t the next Katy Perry, Bruno, Gaga.

  62. Happy Fan!  Love, love love these songs, happy upbeat pop song are my favorite! He sounded amazing (like always) and looked amazing (like always) and he was so happy and smiley!  The band looks and  sounds great, lol at Tommy’s pink hair and head banging!  Backup Divas sound great, much better then a backing tracks.  

    Now we have ANOTHER headlining festival o/ and another Queen show o/ and more TV appearances o/  and hopefully radio will get on board, (crosses fingers)  yes it’s a good time to be an Adam fan! :)

  63. Really love the addition of the backup singers.  Very nice.

    Adam looked great.  He sounded great.  Looked like he had fun and got the crowd engaged.  Wish I had been there, but I’ll catch him on tour.

    Looking forward to era 2.

  64. I’m out of words and adjectives. I need a new Thesaurus.  How is it possible to be this visually and vocally stunning every single time this man appears anywhere?

    From the bit of him being “painted” in a frame on Kimmel ( truly inspired-that face should be painted and framed), to all the performances.  Vocal perfection.

    Broken English is like his new Ring of Fire. So hypnotic and mesmerizing.
    Naked Love is just such fun, can’t wait to see it on tour.

    Is there a good video of Cuckoo yet?

    And, {{ keeping fingers crossed }} when we finally get to hear him do Underneath, this fan may need CPR!!

    The band and the backup ladies are really coming together.

    Tour please, and bring back Sasha and Terrance!!

  65. Wow! Just saw the videos, Adam is so good. I can’t wait to see him perform on my television again, he  was wonderful. From head to toe, he looked good. Loved the hair, minimal makeup, jacket totally rocked and the tight leather pants on his long legs, made for great eyecandy.  

  66. Adam certainly holds your attention. Shaky start at the beginning of NCOE (even Adam Lambert is human and misses notes… 00:37 ouch!) but once the song kicked into gear so did he. 

    As a HUGE fan of old funk, I love Trespassing. What a great beat!! I also really like NCOE after the tempo change. Not a big fan of Naked Love, however. 

    The only thing I’m unsure of (I by no means am privy to the Top40 scene)  is how current the overall sound of these songs are and how well received it will be to the younger crowd. Stefano’s single seems much more up the alley of current Top40 sound (but I certainly don’t claim to be any expert whatsoever). Where is NCOE being marketed?

  67. Time will tell whether U.S. radio will be on board for NCOE.  If it isn’t it won’t be for lack of trying by RCA and Adam.  Despite the somewhat bizarre debacle that was BTIKM (at least in the chr format), RCA is giving Adam a fully supported second single, has booked 7 radio concerts for him, timed the release to correspond with his cd promo efforts etc.  This is all on the heels of an extensive radio tour.  And BTIKM did give Adam a radio presence in most major markets over the past few months (some big hac stations gave it good airplay). Adam had two songs go top 20 or better on both hac and chr first era so its not as if U.S. radio won’t play him.  I hope the song does well for him (i love it personally) and am really glad to see the continued support for the Trespassing project from the label. 

  68. Love the performances!  How can someone be so bad ass yet so endearing at the same time?  You are one of a kind, Adam Lambert!

  69. OMG OMG OMG!!!!  I was there with bunch of my friends and Adam’s performances were out of this world.  His voice is one of kind, people.  OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Love this second era and can’t wait to get my hands on Trespassing album.

  70. I am loving the Va-Jay-Jays.  I think having live back-up singers is going to make his performances that much better, since he won’t be tied to a back-up track.

    Plus, those girls have some fabulousness going on.  

    About the rock performances on Idol, we are forgetting about one that was a legitimate moment:  “Slow Ride.”  And he did one dance number that is a guilty pleasure of mine, “Play that Funky Music.”  It didn’t make a huge impression on me at the time, but when I look back on the video, you can just see how happy he is singing it — even if it is one of the cheesiest songs in existence.


    Rock is dead! No one is buying and radio isn’t playing it.

    Actually, rock music is alive and well.  I listen to it every day even on the radio!  You may not hear it on your station, but I certainly hear it on mine.

    That being said, Adam does pop.  He wants to do pop.  He’s stated since the beginning that he wanted to do pop.  I think that the venue of AI is a double-edged sword, especially when you can do a number of different styles well.  Could you imagine anyone saying ‘I wish James Hetfield or Ozzy Osbourne or Marilyn Manson would do pop’.?  Or that Britney or Xtina would do thrash metal?  Complaining just seems silly to me.  Adam is what he is.  He does what he does.  Enjoy it or don’t.  There will always be someone else out there that you can enjoy.

  72. Ncoe a rock song? Huh Wat? lol


    Video: On Jimmy Kimmel Live, @adamlambert performs “Never Close Our Eyes.” The song is an odd mix, it’s a…

    Neon Limelight: Video: Adam Lambert Performs “Never Close Our Eyes” On Jimmy Kimmel Live

    Adam Lambert Rocks “Jimmy Kimmel Live”: Watch Now! – http://Celebrity-Gossip.net

    ADAM LAMBERT’s “Never Close Our Eyes” debuts on the Bubbling Under the Hot 100 chart at #10

  73. I’m not a fan of Lambert, but I have to admit that he does have very impressive vocals. Probably the best performer to come out of AI, and that will be his bread and butter. Even if he doesn’t get radio spins or sell a million albums in the US, he will make a fortune touring. It seems many international fans already appreciate that, right?

  74. I think Adam’s international appeal is the biggest reason why he was signed by RCA. They knew the interest he was getting from a lot of media around the world when he was on Idol, that he had a lot of fans internationally. Fortunately for Adam, they bought FYE and I believe they will buy this one and come out to see him in concert when he tours overseas. 

  75. Adam was fabulous!  He took our breath away at Jimmy Kimmel’s!  I love those dance songs … this is what Adam loves and he does it so well.  I thought Naked Love really made the crowd move!  But all were so good!!

  76. On Idol his most successful performances were rock

    I thought his most successful performances were Mad World and Tracks of My Tears?? 

  77. Maybe this has stuck in people’s minds because he sounds so incredible on rock songs. I certainly think so! But then again, he makes me listen to, and like, poppier songs as well. 
    I guess he is lucky since he has the luxury of being able to do whatever he wants, and sound great in every genre.
    Whatever he decides, I’ll be listening!

  78. My thoughts on two topics in today’s thread:

    Adam and rock/Pop: He has the vocals to do both, and IMHO he does both well, (looks like Queen agrees) but pop is where he wants to be and he sure looked happy last night. Could his smile have gotten any bigger!  Yes, he may loose a few Idol fans that want “rock” Adam, but hopefully he will gain lots of new fans that like “pop” Adam.  The “idol” fans he can afford to lose, it’s the new young fans he needs in order to (in his words) grow this thing like a Chia pet! And yes I said young fans, I believe Adam loves and appreciates his older fans, but for goodness sakes ladies stop acting like idiots and bring your pretty sons and daughters to the concert with you!

    Adam on the radio – Who the hell knows, I like a lot of the songs that top the pop music charts, I also like lots of songs that never chart.  Three song off the top of my head, Stronger by Kelly, Fireflies by Owl City, and If I die Young by The Band Perry – 3 very different song, yet all three were #1 songs. I gave up a long time ago trying to guess what will or won’t be a “hit” on radio! I just know what I like, Naked Love will be my summer jam and I just bet my pretty 20 year old daughter will love it too!

  79. Adam has said that his most succesful performances were the subtle peformances like Madworld and Tracks of My Tears to the facts don’t seem to back up your argument. Unless you mean the most succesful in your eyes.

  80. Adam killed almost everything he did on Idol. But, so what? :-) I guess I don’t understand why the multiple genres of music Adam performed on a reality TV show 3 years ago have much bearing on his current musical identity. As far as I can tell, a huge portion Adam’s current fanbase doesn’t actually come from his Idol days, anyway. I’m glad he’s focused on making new fans who support the artist he is. Bring on the album!

  81. Oh, man, I hate when good singers record shit music. Why can’t someone write a great song for Lambert to sing? These are pretty dismal, subpar to even his first solo CD, which wasn’t that great to begin with.

  82. thanks for the link of Broken English.
    i still don’t have words how great his vocals on this. the ”oooohhhh” at the bridge gave me goosies. I always love it when he does that like in OOL.


    I guess I don’t understand why the multiple genres of music Adam
    performed on a reality TV show 3 years ago have much bearing on his
    current musical identity.

    Likely because this is an Idol blog and some discussions get hashed out ad naseum.

    However, I think it has to deal with the fact that Adam was in the public eye during his time on Idol and he performed what he performed.  People who saw that are going to remember it and some of them are going to be upset with change that they don’t agree with.

    I remember the Madonna reinvention meme that went around in the 90s and while I think for the most part people were happy, I remember that some of my friends who were die-hard Madonna fans didn’t like it.  I also remember people(tm) being quite upset when Metallica went from the Black album to Load and everyone saying that they were selling out, etc…. and they didn’t even change their music, they just got haircuts and wore suits.  Whoa, rockers wearing suits and having short hair?  Sacreligious.

  84. Adam looked and sounded just great!

    Adam dazzled the crowd with an insanely impressive vocal performance.

    Well said, MJ!  :)

  85. Every song writer in the business has written or would like to write for Adam. I respectfully disagree with your opinion. I LOVE this music. I think it is the best album I have heard since Thriller. I LOVE every song and they hang together so well from the snippets. So exceptional so awesome and amazing so much better than FYE and I loved FYE. So excited. Yeah. Some nay sayers may stay home but after flying out to Kimmel from out of state I have returned home on a high and will gladly take your place.

  86. There’s a couple million people out there that will disagree with you,but that’s ok,you have the right to your opinion.

  87. I don’t think Adam can really afford to lose his formerly established fan base.  It’s not as if his music is yet soaring up the charts, and so far it’s those established fans who have been buying his music.  The majority of the 29,000 opening week sales of NCOE quite likely weren’t to new fans since the song hasn’t really yet hit the airwaves.  I guess that although I see by the last line of your post that you, yourself, have a 20-year-old daughter, I’m a bit off-put that you think older fans, specifically ladies, are acting like idiots by being fans of Adam.  Sure, in every age demographic there are individuals who behave poorly, but I don’t know how being excited about an entertainer or going to concerts qualifies as idiotic behavior or, I guess, more specifically, what age really has to do with it.  At what age is a person supposed to roll over and die and let the younger people enjoy current pop culture?  I’m nearing 50, so I guess that means I’m too old to be part of a fandom, but, dang, I’m having lots of fun and am paying my dues via single, album, and ticket purchases.  I do understand your point that Adam could use to expand on his younger fan base, but I don’t think that means he needs to rid himself of the older fans in the process.

  88. Trespassing performance = Sassy!  And I wanna be a backup singer for Adam.  Those gals were into it!

  89. It sounded like he started too high singing the intro to NCOE, it’s the first time I’ve heard him where he didn’t seem in the right key or something, very strange.  He looks good, he sounds good.  NCOE and Trespassing both come across very dull, boring, here.  They are just not good songs.  Naked Love, however, sounded fun, even though it’s a piece of puff.  I can’t imagine anyone getting excited over his new album hearing this, this effort is going to tank badly.  He’s now had the chance to put out a pop/dance album and has failed miserably, he needs to go in a new direction for the next album, trying rock, which a lot of people seem to want to hear from him, would be a good thing to do, he needs to do what he is good at, and this pop/dance stuff, he isn’t capable of pulling it off, this album clearly shows that.

  90. Another case where the runner up is waaaaaaay better than the winner. Best male vocalist from AI.

  91. Anyone who can’t hear “Broken English” is a rip-off of Michael Jackson’s “Stranger in Moscow” needs their hearing checked.

  92.  It’s your opinion that this is “shit” music. I love it. As for the “subpar” first CD it got great reviews, in fact it got a metacritic score of 72 I believe. The Trespassing music and snippets have also gotten great reviews and it seems 99% of Adam’s fans are also pretty happy with it. Sorry it isn’t to your taste but it is not universally shared.

  93. OMG!  This Adam concert is so amazing!  Everything is perfection!  Love the backup singers instead of a track too.

    No Idol after Adam and Kris, have come close to their proficiency in vocal, musicality, appearance, stage presence, songwriting, etc.

    No one in these past/current seasons can come close!

  94. I want to like the backup singers (as soon as they get a new name, Shonda Rhimes called and asked for it back), but I’m not sure they have the balance quite right yet.  Bring Lambert’s vox a bit more forward and it should be good.

    This was definitely the right call for a single.  I know it means a lot to him, but Trespassing just feels like it’s trying too hard.

    And I think that Lambert did everything but wave signal flares to explain that he wanted to do pop, but that said:  Mad World is rock.  The TFF version was New Wave; New Wave was a rock subgenre.  The Gary Jules version was arty piano rock; I only ever heard it on college and alt-rock stations.

  95. I agree with you, the ageism is very insulting.  It is like some Adam fans seem to think if only the older fans would not show up, then his audience would be full of only younger people.  What they fail to realize is that it wouldn’t be, there just wouldn’t much of anyone there at all.  The whole thing would probably be canceled. That being said, we don’t know if Adam himself feels this way so there is no use anyone blaming him, he might be very grateful for his older fans because he knows they are the ones he mostly has and there is nothing wrong with that.

  96.  I guess it’s too much to actually wait for the album to come out, huh?

  97.  That bridge is so sexy and so uniquely Adam. Not too many pop stars could even pull off a bridge like that and this kind of touch is what makes Adam’s music stand out. Broken English is really one of my favorites right now, but they are all so good!

  98. Adam is such a great performer. 
    I love NCOE, Broken English and Naked Love.

  99. I see many people would prefer Adam sing rock, or not dance/pop, or better songs for his voice/talents.  Well, my personal favorite performance I have ever heard from Adam is when he sang in “Brigadoon” years ago.  I could listen to him use his stunning voice to sing “the showtunes” all day long.  BUT, that’s not the career he wants and I certainly appreciate and completely enjoy the music he is doing now.  I wouldn’t want him to limit himself.  What a gift to be so multitalented, that people have so many differing ideas on what you should or could do AND do well.

  100. Wow! Adam Lambert continues to slay again! Male voice unequaled in pop music today. And can I say I LOVE the POP and dance music! Its fun and light. These were great performances for the first time out of the gate. And what is with all of the “rock” talk? LOL.. NEWSFLASH!! Adam doesnt want to do rock folks! If he did he would be doing it. People will always find fault with Adam and thats fine but if thats the best you got well… Id say Adam is doing fine. At least we arent here talking about how crappy he sounded.. making excuses etc….LOL… Trespassing is a POP album. Either you will buy it or you wont. Plain & simple. I know THIS FAN loves it.  :) I know one thing, Adams’ tour is gonna kill me. I’ll never survive.

  101. I want HQ video of Broken English! He sounded amazing, especially on that song. 

    The songs have been getting such good reviews and now they sound so awesome live and it’s all great. :D  Hopefully NCOE does well so as many people as possible can hear all the songs. :3

    I remember reading all the professional early reviews and being like, are they exaggerating how awesome and original and creative and beautiful the songs are?  And (with respect differences of opinion, as all non-trolls must exhibit) they were not. :D

  102. The comments on this thread are testaments to ability of Adam amazing vocal talent who can do all different kinds of genres.  Some like him to do pop, others rock, others acoustic only, others opera, others Christmas songs, etc. etc.  I love and want Adam to do whatever he likes to do as an artist.  I want him to be happy.  On interviews he said it numerous times that he likes classic rocks and he loves to perform the old classic ones.  So he has bunch of gigs with Queen this summer.  For now his heart is in pop for his own music and I respect him for that and not impose what I want him to do.  

  103. I’m apologizing here because I obviously sprung to a retort before fully comprehending what you were saying (I blame late-night flailing).  Upon further evaluation, I think your point was that we, as established fans, should be actively introducing younger people to his music?  It might work for others, but I haven’t been too successful at that endeavor.   If I’m into something, my kids automatically think it’s lame.  My youngest son did win tickets from a local radio station to see Adam recently, but he entered the contest for me, not because he was a fan.  He says the event and the rest of the day we spent walking around Downtown Chicago was one of the most fun days we’ve spent together, and he concedes that Adam has “amazing pipes.”  He’s still not a fan of Adam’s style of music, though.  I just played him the album snippets, and he said he liked “Shady,” but thought “Broken English” was the best thing he’d ever heard Adam do, so at least as far as my young person (whose genre of choice is alt rock) goes, Adam may be on the right track to attract more younger fans.  I do think his younger fan base has begun expanding, just based on a fairly recent increase in the number of younger pro-Adam tweeters I’ve seen, but I maintain my stance that he really can’t afford to rid himself of his more established fans.  I know I’m not going anywhere, anyway!

  104. I believe generalizing or even talking about whole fanbases (and other groups) is against the rules here, because it’s only used as a tool to start stan wars, not to contribute to the discussion.

  105. I think his European fan base is younger. I think it’s older here because of Idol. If this album gets C H R support, his fan base will broaden.

  106. On what planet is it fair for someone to get to sing like that and look like that too?  Planet Fierce perhaps?  Wow, just Wow!

  107. Broken English is exquisite. The bridge is gorgeous.

    I dropped everything including my jaws when he started that song. (I didn’t drool, though. OK ! .. I lied. I did drool a little bit, but that was because of the tight pants.)

    First class vocals. I think Sauli had something to do with this song, too.

    Broken English is very dear to me because I married to a native English speaker.
    During our courtship, there were so many miscommunication times because of my broken English. But Love overcame the language barrier.

    Adam must have written this song from his heart.

  108. Adam has an amazing voice but I am not a fan of these songs/type of music.  He should be wildly successful because there are many who are fans of this kinda of music. He is a fantastic performer always fun to watch.

  109. I agree with you, the ageism is very insulting.  It is like some Adam fans seem to think if only the older fans would not show up, then his audience would be full of only younger people.  What they fail to realize is that it wouldn’t be, there just wouldn’t much of anyone there at all.  The whole thing would probably be canceled. That being said, we don’t know if Adam himself feels this way so there is no use anyone blaming him, he might be very grateful for his older fans because he knows they are the ones he mostly has and there is nothing wrong with that.,

    This might be shocking to some people but the demographic of Adam’s fans who show up to live performances is the same demographic that show up to almost ALL artists, with the exception of Justin Bieber, One Direction and Selena Gomez. 

    Go to a Pink, Lady Gaga, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Brad Paisley, Katy Perry, etc show and you’ll see a cross-section of the public.  I just watched the DVD of Adele at Royal Albert Hall, her audience looked just like the audience at Jimmy Kimmel for Adam.  Predominately female, predominately over the age of 25. 

    Adam has plenty of fans from across the spectrum of ages that I doubt he’s worried about who shows up and who doesn’t. 

  110. I know that song(stranger in moscow), it’s MJ who I was first got obsessed with when I was in high school. it was his History era. but it never crossed my mind upon hearing Broken English. it was Shady that i thought got a MJish vibe to it.
    So it really got me excited when I watched one interview of Adam saying this album got an Off the wall kinda vibe to it. Imagine my happiness <3 lol
    anyway, I remember one remix of Black or white that I really loved.

  111. Anyone who can’t hear “Broken English” is a rip-off of Michael Jackson’s “Stranger in Moscow” needs their hearing checked.

    I hear a vaguely similar vibe in the first 30 seconds, but that’s it.  Otherwise, completely different.  

    If anyone wants to bother comparing, here’s Stranger in Moscow

    and the link to Broken English

  112. Yeah, don’t see how anyone would possibly confuse the two. There is very little similarity.

  113.  That’s just your opinion, he did not fail miserably, as evidenced by the opinion of all professional critics and his fans.  This album does NOT “clearly” show he’s not good at pop.  It clearly shows the opposite.  I wish ppl would get off the rock thing, it’s not going to happen.  Maybe opinions would be better received by someone that actually needs them.  Adam doesn’t.

  114. NVM

    Just one word. Everyone can have an opinion, even if it doesn’t agree with yours.

  115. Adam is to good of a vocalist to do just rock, IMHO. Great artists, and Adam is one, transend single jaundras.

  116. Naked Love is a much catchier song than NCOE- I find myself humming it all the time. Adam sounds great!


    Great artists, and Adam is one, transcend single jaundras.

    I’m not sure that I entirely agree with that.  Pavarotti was a great artist, but I don’t know that he did anything other than opera…  I could be wrong.  I’m sure I could think of a number of generally accepted “great artists” that never went outside of their genre.

    I do, however, agree that Adam is a great artist.

  118.  There were a lot of young fans at MAXIDROM .. both male and female.
    Actually most of them were young fans.
    MAXIDROM was one of my fave Adam’s off concerts.
    We got tons of great photos and videos from there.

  119. I will gladly accept your apology (although not necessary) and offer one of my own. I’m very sorry that I lumped all “glamberts” (kinda hate that name) into one group, we are diverse in both age and behavior!  I too am an “older” fan, 52, and plan on enjoying and supporting Adam and his music for many years to come. I should have stated (IMHO) that there is a select few OTT glamberts who make the rest of us look bad.  You can go to concerts, meet new friends and have a great time WITHOUT looking and acting like an idiot and then posting a video of it on youtube!    My sis-in-law and I managed to do just that, she even got her arm signed! She was holding out her ticket and he signed her arm instead, so funny!  I also believe acting my age does not mean I sit in a rocking chair on my front porch petting my cat! I’m on my back porch overlooking the river and I’m drinking a glass of wine and listening to Trespassing snippets! ;)  Luckily my daughter is also a fan, she doesn’t care if something or someone (her mama) is considered cool, we enjoy each others company and we hope to someday attend a concert together.  

  120. Pretty song “Stranger in Moscow” – but, with you, doesn’t remind me of BE.  But it does remind me of something else and probably gonna drive me nuts until I think of it – lol.  

  121. Those backup singers are great……what exactly are you judging?

  122. I went to see Adam with my 16 year old daughter and she still talks about how awesome it was.  :) 

  123. I am stunned to come here and see that many of the comments have to do with the age and gender of Adam’s fan base? This is not a legitimate topic, imo. It seems ageist and misogynistic. We should be discussing the songs he sang from Kimmel, and the performances? Am I wrong, here?

  124. I agree that he had vocal issues with ncoe, and I agree that’s rare for him. Happily, he was totally on for the rest of the performance.

    Noting vocal issues is objective. Song preference is subjective. I respect the fact that you dislike most of these songs. I don’t like Underneath, which most fans love. That doesn’t mean the songs we don’t like are objectively bad, and it doesn’t mean that Adam can’t do pop. His pop doesn’t work for you. It works for me. It’s just preference. I am happy that he didn’t go the soft rock route, as I hate that genre.

    Also, it is premature to say that he “has failed miserably,” with an album that hasn’t been released yet. We don’t know what the critical reception will be. We don’t know if it will sell or not. We can’t know. The album isn’t out.

  125. Personally, some of “Broken English” reminds me of the score of Trent Reznor’s “The Social Network”.  “In Motion” in particular.

  126. There is not a song on this album that I dislike..I have a hard time trying to figure out my favorite…can’t wait for the album to drop.  I missed him on tour last time, but I will not miss him this time around. 

  127.  Nope .. Voodoo.
    I can’t afford to go anywhere. I’ll just lurk around here and fan boards at the mercy of the lucky people who get to go.
    Love Adam to death, but no money, no go. … heh.

  128. Not gonna comment on how the album will or won’t do, we can talk a year from now.

    Vocal issues – I always said that the things we see and hear while sitting in our quite houses, listening with our high end headphones and viewing the video multiple times, and enjoying the heck out of it! Is way different then what the crowd hears in that moment as they are cheering and clapping and having fun.  Agree that there were a few (and just a few) vocal issues, but in that moment in time, to those fans, it just doesn’t matter!  Love love love Naked Love!!

  129. Now this one I’m going. So I can visit my friend and see Adam.. LOL

  130. I’m nitpicky about vocals, and I love Adam because he gives me little reason to be critical :D I love Naked Love, too, and Broken English. Especially Broken English. The bridge where he started to moan was almost orgasmic.

  131. Glamnation needed this big boost, and we got it, stat!    What a show and what a showman.   Always try to take my focus away from Adam and peek at the others on the stage, but his stage presence always draws me directly back to him.   No one has that kind of persona and beauty today.   His vocals, as always are sick!

  132. I usually like Adam’s uptempo stuff best but Broken English – holy moly what a lot of pull that song has!  And he is made for the stage – he looks always so happy & comfortable!  I wish he could just do this and never have to schmooze up to another radio DJ again!  And Naked Love – look how he gets the audience on board. Just incredible.

  133. Vocal issues?  At what spot in the above video – don’t hear any.  (I have heard them before – but not in this performance.  One was last note in MW on Idol – one other during GNT tour in an acoustic with Monte – he caught that right away – interesting to watch.)

  134. I am new to this site.  I thought I was in heaven last night watching Adam on Jimmy Kimmel.  Is there anyone out there singing/performing that is anything like him?  I watched the other videos here and loved every one.  I did see him twice in concert when he was touring with GlamNation.  He was out of this world.  I just bought tickets for Wilkes Barre, Pa. at the Kirby Center where I saw him start his tour 2 years ago.  I am over the moon for Adam and I wish every one of you who love Adam could see him live.  If I ever won the lottery, I would buy tickets for all the Glamberts.  Btw, MJ, thanks for a great blog.

  135. Thanks for brought over the MJ’s Stranger in Moscow YT. You’re right the similarity only on the first 30seconds.. LOL

  136. The vocal issues at the beginning of NCOE, IMO because it’s his first live performance to sing that song on National television. So he’s a bit nervouse .. LOL

  137. Wow! I watched the vid of NCOE this morning and damn if I didn’t have that song playing on repeat in my head all day at work! Now I am catching up and watching all the other performances, all sound sooo good!! There is something about watching Adam perform live that just sells whatever he sings! I think he could sell me the Brooklyn Bridge if he pitched it to me in song! :)

  138. Isn’t that what he said about Broken English? Making out song.. LOL

  139. Broken English is killing me. It’s in my head on repeat.

    I wonder if TPTB are aware of fan reaction to it?

  140. Oh… Broken English! I love it so much. I cannot wait to hear the studio version! Adam looks good. I’m one who really likes his less “glammy” look. He is such a handsome guy.

  141.  Yes, in one of his many interviews someone asked of all the songs on
    the album what would be the one to make love to and he answered without
    hesitancy “Broken English”.  That song is very personal to him.

  142. The 3d full-length vid of the concert is really terrific.  As a live performer today, he has few equals.  On stage, completely at home – confident – relaxed – no nerves that I can see.  Voice unbelievable – thank god I have great speakers.

  143. There are probably a lot of Adam fans that would love to see Adam sing with Queen (that includes me) but can’t make a trip to a concert.  I totally agree, thank goodness for blogs and boards.  :)

  144. Yep! Broken English is really in my head, now! I can’t stop hearing it! 

  145. I am so impressed with Adam’s amazing performances!  He has arrived as a star, and hopefully for many more years.  Love the songs, too.

  146. I LOVE adam, but i Dont like his music. i want to chip in but there is no way i will listen to these songs out of my own will again…why does he do that? 

  147. Ashley is so hot!
    I wanted to say that since NNN but always forgot:)
    no fanvid for cuckoo?

  148. Really? I think Trespassing is one of the best songs I have heard in the last 5 years. I would love that song WHOEVER sang it. Pharrel Williams and Adam made magic there. I bet a lot of singers would jump at the chance to make a single out of that (if it was within their range and capability.)

    ETA: I was replying to Desdemona.

  149. I LOVE adam, but i Dont like his music. i want to chip in but there is no way i will listen to these songs out of my own will again…why does he do that?

    Because there is absolutely no way to please everyone, so he might as well please himself and make the music he loves. He’s the one that’s gotta sing this album for the next year or two after all.

  150. I see a lot of people are as taken with BE as I am. That song with that performance is HOT! And yeah, that ROF wailing in the bridge is orgasmic. gaaaghhh! But I loved his performance of NCOE and the rest too. Cuckoo was great. I can’t believe there is only a little over 2 weeks left for album drop!


    ETA: I was replying to Desdemona.

    ?? Really? SMH Lizzeebee made the comment – I only agreed with it.

  152. ‘That’s a shame.  Cause this edgy, electronic sound is exactly what I expected from and love from Adam.  When I heard BTIKM, though I loved Adams vocals of course, I was a little worried that the songs might not have the edginess.  He’s been proving that wrong ever since!  Loved all these and I have all kinds of expectation for Shady, Kickin In, and, my favoraite, Chokehold live!!

  153. Agree – these songs are edgy and dancey and irresistible.  There are the slower, very beautiful, more contemplative ones, but it’s the uptempo I really love, and I play those snippets constantly.

  154. Adam sang Chokehold live at a radio gig in Portland with the full band, and it was excellent!

  155. There are a lot of kids who want to have his album but couldn’t afford to buy, maybe you can chip in and buy Adam’s music for these kids/students who also love Adam and his music and they really want to listen to his music. Just saying :)

  156. Agree with you Kayla. I’m really glad that Adam decided not to make music to please his fans, because they all want different things. And some fans and casual fans think they know better than Adam/his management and his label what’s music best for him.. LOL. I’m so really glad that he decided to make music that he loves to hear and please himself and at the end suprises us with result… and a really nice great surprise if I may say :).

  157. I thought the only time he sang Chokehold was in Atlanta at the Jezebel Party.

  158. You are right, the Portland gig is where he sang NCOE for the first time.

  159. NCOE was written by Bruno Mars. Would you have said what you did about it if he had sung it? Or is it just bash Adam time? I think the album is fantastic. There is nothing boring about Shady or Broken English or a lot of the others. Listen to it before you criticize it.

  160. i think he is trying to make music that will be popular rather than creating valuable art. these are songs that will be forgotten in a couple of years. i am saying that with much sadness as I think he is a great singer. 

  161. had f i found his music inspiring or empowering i might have considered your idea. again, i love adam but nothing about his music strikes me as original, interesting or pleasant. I wouldn’t buy others what i would not buy for myself. 

  162. I am in no way a fan of everything that Lambert has recorded (and am not likely to buy the whole of Trespassing based on what I’ve heard), but I see every indication that he’s motivated by the desire to express his perspective  on a number of issues (some more weighty than others) and share that with a receptive audience.  For the people who tune into that, it’s certainly valuable art.  It doesn’t have to touch everyone for that to be true.

    Sure, I think he hopes that it will be popular, but I think he was mostly trying to make the music that he himself likes. 

  163. Honestly speaking… what I find inspiring about Adam Lambert are :
    1. his co-written song “Aftermath” on his debut album (especially in accoustic form)
    2. his interview speaking skills and his politeness e.g.  this one from BarnabyandFriends during the idol tour , the idolatry interviews (5 parts) by Michael Slezak (2009) and the one from MMVA in 2010 (in 4 parts).
    3. his live performance… he sounds great and he was so fierce  !!
    4. his performance with Queen on the MTV EMA’s and the continuation of this collaboration.
    As for listening to his music.. Great way of escapism… Loved FYE-debut album, am not totally on board (yet?) with his new album “Trespassing”… will buy it anyway to support him… and play it in the car during traffic jams. Only heard 4 songs : NCOE, titlesong, BTIKM and my favorite … “Naked Love”…

  164. Adam looks and sounds great here, as always. Absolutely LOVE NCOE, but I
    hate Naked Love – it sounds so dated, annoying and vapid to me.
    Trespassing is a guilty pleasure – cheeseball lyrics, sure, but so much
    fun and such a great beat. But can someone please tell Adam that he
    doesn’t need to act out the entire song with his face quite so
    emphatically. LOL.

  165. How do we get radio to start playing NCOE?!?  It’s really beginning to frustrate me (so I wonder what Adam must be feeling like).  He spent so much time doing in-person interviews last month, and so far, my local stations where he visited haven’t played it.  It is a great radio song, just like BTIKM was, all it needs is to be given a chance.    On an aside, it looks like Adam loves the audience participation that he gets in NL, so this might be why he chose to highlight it on JK. 

  166. NCOE has been available to radio for less than 2 weeks.  There are stations that just added btikm a few weeks ago that just started playing it.  The adds date for NCOE isn’t until May 29, and while radio can and has started adding and playing the song prior to that date, I wouldn’t expect a ton of airplay prior to then.  What I would expect to see is promo, a few adds per week and increasing airplay leading up to the end of the month. It got a few adds last week, which was the first week it was available to get any, its going to get 3 auto adds this week.  He isn’t Usher or Maroon 5 with several mulltiplatinum albums, grammys and number one hits to their name.  He isn’t going to get 80-100 adds the first week the song is out.  Look at other artists with one album and one or two radio hits.  Look at their adds and radio play history.  That is what to expect for Adam.  What is heartening is that its getting played by WKTU, a huge NYC pop station.  It is also getting played by a bunch of canadian chr stations that never touched BTIKM.  It seems to be off to a good start overseas as well.  Its a good song, and I think it will do well.  But I don’t understand complaints about radio play less than 2 weeks into the songs run and a month before its adds date.

  167. With regard to his facial expressions – well, he’s theatrical – just part of who he is.  Fortunately, he can do both that type of performance and the more subdued ones.  Here he may have been playing as much to the audience as the camera.

  168. I loved FYE and still play it.  I love what I have heard so far from Trespassing.  I played NCOE for my son-in-law and he really liked the song and was impressed with Adam’s live vocals.  He said there are not many singers today that sound good live.  I hope the album does well because talent like Adam’s needs to be heard for a very long time.  I respect that everyone has their own taste in music and you either like a song or a sound/genre or you don’t like it.  However, just because someone does not like a song does not mean it’s not good or that it does not touch someone else on an emotional level.  Led Zeppelin’s management did not release “Stairway to Heaven” as a single and it is was trashed by many critics at the time, but it is now considered to be one of the greatest rock songs of all time.  Had people not purchased the album or attended LZ concerts, they would not have heard the song and it would not be known today as the true masterpiece that it is, IMO.  I saw Led Zeppelin perform this song live at “Live Aid” in Philadelphia and it is a moment I will never forget.  I have seen Adam perform live 4X and they are moments I will never forget either because he is that good live and he sings his music on an emotional level.  You believe what he is singing or you want to get up and dance.  Keep it coming Adam!!!

  169. LOL .. maybe his music’s not inspiring for you but Adam’s music and his existence’ actualy inspiring to a lot of teenagers, not only for LGBT kids but also their parents and friends. He’s even inspiring to people that are not belongs to the community.  If you don’t like his music, you can buy the other guy music. Different stroke for different folks. ;)

    Again I’m so glad that Adam make musics that he wants to hear and didn’t make the music that some people expect him to make. :)

  170. You know, Trespassing is only half dance pop–although “Shady” could make you a believer. If you like Mr. Lambert, but aren’t crazy about dance-y Adam, check out the snippets of “Chokehold,” “Broken English” and especially “Underneath.” (Yes, Adam knows theatre–he’s not playing for a TV audience; he’s playing to the “cheap seats.” Oh, and I actually think the “cheese ball” lyrics in “Trespassing” are pretty clever.)

  171. The more I hear Naked Love, the more I like it.  Thanks for posting the videos MJ.

  172. Well, it’s always sad to hear that someone is disappointed in Adam–though I am not sure why as he is doing exactly what he said he intended to do – electronic dance music and be an entertainer first and foremost.  It’s fun and high spirited and entertaining!  No one is trying to get a pulitzer prize here. I do feel he attempts to highlight many issues both personal and more widespread and also seems to be very pointed that his songs weave together and tell a story.  Not sure you get that from many singers!  I also find his music VERY original –  especially when I listen to other things on the radio which seem to often have a sameness.

  173. Well – I’m sure not disappointed in the guy – lol – and that’s all that matters to me.  His voice is fab and the new album is dynamite.   Great songs and terrific production.  Works of art?  Who the heck knows – only time’ll tell on that one.   Meanwhile – going cuckoo and enjoying the ride on the crazy train.

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