Adam Lambert – “Never Close Our Eyes” Acoustic Performance (Recap)

Montavilla was lucky enough to score tickets to the Adam Lambert show at the 95.5  Bing Lounge in Portland OR. Here’s her recap, and listen to an acoustic version of a new song, “Never Close Our Eyes”, written by Bruno Mars

Adam Lambert at the Bing Lounge

My mother and I arrived outside the Bing Lounge to find the line going around the corner. It wasn’t a huge crowd, because it’s a small space. But it was very cold and windy, and we were almost at the end of the line. We entertained ourselves by window-shopping and watching a very short Occupy Portland march that passed by.

About 15 minutes before the lounge was supposed to open (but about half an hour before it actually did), a couple of radio station people came to check our names and give us tickets. The people in front of us, and those right behind us got seats, but we got standing room tickets. When I asked the guy with the seats how he got them, he replied vaguely that he “knew someone.”

We, who knew no one, ended up in the back of the room, standing behind very tall people. We couldn’t actually see anything but the video screens and the backs of people’s heads. But it didn’t matter, because I got to hear Adam live. He sounded wonderful — very powerful. The first song he sang was “Better Than I Know Myself.” The sound was beautiful. Then he answered some questions from the audience. I had submitted one from CWM, but it wasn’t one of the ones picked.

One question I do remember was from a girl who had been crying with excitement throughout the show. She asked if his house was on fire, what three things he would save. Adam answered that he’d save his boyfriend, Sauli, and then his laptop (where the music is), and then… he hesitated over the third thing. Someone in the audience yelled out, “Your mascara.” He laughed and said, “It’s $3.99 at Rite Aid, why would I bother?” He finally decided that he’d save his python boots.

He also mentioned that he got to do some shopping “at the mall” in Portland, and went to see The Hunger Games last night. He liked the book better, but he did like the movie. He said it was well-casted, and had a clean narrative line. He admitted that his food vice was eating dark chocolate, and that said he needed to attend DCA (Dark Chocolate Anonymous) meetings.

Then he sang “Never Close Our Eyes” for the first time for an audience! Cool! I finally got to hear the bridge and the end of the song. For the third song, he asked if we’d rather hear “Cuckoo” or “Trespassing.” But, just like RCA, we couldn’t decide, and so we heard “Whataya Want From Me,” instead.

Afterwards, the radio lackeys lined people up for photographs. They urged us all to twitter and post our videos and photos on facebook (“just be sure to say ‘in the Bing Lounge'”). Mom and I stayed for a little while, even though we weren’t interested in getting photos. It’s just that we wanted to actually see Adam. So we watched him hug and chat and smile into the camera for about ten minutes before we left. He looked gorgeous, wearing the blue Alexander McQueen shirt, with black vest and black skinny jeans, and the precious python boots.

Mom commented that he seemed softer, gentler, and nicer than she would have thought from seeing him on American Idol. She said she’s met a few people in her life who just have greatness in them, and she sees that in Adam.