Adam Lambert Joins American Idol 14 Judges Panel in New York City



Adam Lambert has spent the last two days making some new friends!  The American Idol season 8 alum joined Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr. on the American Idol 14  judges panel at the New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge. The Queen frontman was filling in last minute at the New York City judges round auditions for Keith Urban, who is in Australia attending his father-in-law’s funeral.

It marked the first time an American Idol alum has sat on the judges panel.

By all accounts, the hopefuls could not have been more excited to have one of their favorite alums in the house! Check out a clip of the pep talk Adam gave the nervous auditioners:

“I’m really honored that they asked me to come back in fill in for Keith. The circumstances are sad, my condolences,” Adam told Access Hollywood. “But, on a lighter note, I’m thrilled to be here. I’m thrilled to be able to help these contestants follow their dreams.”

Adam’s strategy for dealing with nervous hopefuls involves putting them at ease, “I’m trying to make them comfortable, break the ice a little bit, and chill them out a little bit,” he said. “Hopefully we’re guiding them towards doing their best.”

“I was so excited to meet Jennifer and Harry yesterday – they’re so down to earth and fun,” Adam told access about meeting the panel “We were laughing all day and having these great philosophical conversations about being entertainers.”

Adam revealed to TV Line, what he looks for in a pop star. It boils down to charisma and artistry, ” “The name of the game is artistry. I know the show kept using that word a couple of seasons ago — although I don’t know if they actually found that many of ‘em — but it’s more than just having a nice-sounding voice. It’s about the complete package: It’s the look, it’s the vibe, it’s the personality. Hello, hello, personality! The thing that sells stars to a mass audience is, ‘Do you like them or not? Do you wanna be their friend? Do you wanna look at pictures of them all the time? Do they make you laugh, do they provoke you?’ The standards have changed a little bit, but it’s not up to the show to make that happen, it’s the contestants that’ll make that happen.”

Adam concedes that he holds and is not afraid to express frank opinions. But with the hopefuls, the singer is “sensitive at the same time. It’s hard: They’ve gone through two auditions already before they see us, and most of them have been waiting in a room to see us for hours and hours, and the nerves get crazy. It’s hard to be your best self in that situation. I try to look for who they usually probably are — or who they might be after they get a little more comfortable. I try to get them grounded, breathing and making a good song choice.”

The singer would love to come back and mentor the contestants, as he did last season with Chris Daughtry, but his jam packed schedule may not allow it. But nevertheless, ” I feel like [mentoring and guest judging] is a way to give back, Adam told TV Line, “I know it sounds corny, but I want to help the contestants with the light bulb that could go off.”

Adam spoke with Ryan Seacrest on his radio show yesterday morning.  “It’s full circle, and it’s kind of surreal!” he said about sitting on the other side of the desk, 6 years after his own audition.  On working with Harry Connick Jr and Jennifer Lopez, Adam says, “They are both a ton of fun, super down to earth. Harry is a full comedian…and Jennifer was so cool.” Adam continued, “During one of the breaks we had this heart to heart about life in the business…she’s wonderful.”

Adam is keeping his 3rd album under wraps. He’s signed to a new label, but keeping mum on the details.


Adam shared a selfie with the judges on his Instagram.


This one is from American Idol


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  1. Good interview w Seacrest ( fwiw it was recorded yesterday morning in NYC not this morning in LA). Adam seems to have had a great time with the judges gig…nice suits… J lo seems relaxed and happy despite apparently forgetting her pants at home

  2. I guess I’ll pose this question in this thread. Who do you think might be Adam’s exec producer? I think it is either Max Martin or Rob Cavello. If Cavello, we can figure out Adam’s label.

  3. My speculation is that when Adam referred to Max Martin as executive producer, he wasn’t referring to the whole album but just the songs that he worked on with the Swedish team. I have no reason to think this, just speculating.

  4. Cavallo is the Chairman of Warner Bros Records. I doubt he is doing much producing or exec producing anymore.

  5. Either I read this somewhere or dreamed this – He might be signed to Warner Bros. Records? Someone on twitter who was volunteering at Linkin Park concert had an Adam shirt on and a guy in a dress shirt and slacks noticed and asked if she was a fan of his and said that they had signed him, The guy was there on behalf of the label which LP is a part of. Anyone else hear about this?

  6. So that is who Cavallo is. Guess I did actually see the story somewhere.
    Not that I can confirm that the story itself is actually true – it could be made up. But at least it wasn’t something that I made up or dreamed.

  7. So, we can eliminate Cavallo as Adam’s exec producer. Not that there are only two who could be Adam’s exec producer. I’m sure there are many amazing ones.

  8. Adam’s songs are registered under WB Music Group. Could that be a hint? If so I’m ecstatic. Having the Chairman of Warner Bros Records on your side from day one is a good thing.

  9. Adam has not referred to Max as Exec producer, has he? When and where?

  10. Registered where? I’ve seen some sings with co writers that have publishing deals w Warner publishing, but that has zero to do w artist label affiliation.

  11. I thought from the above post since he is now Chairman of WB, it is doubtful he is producing or exec producing.

  12. Pretty sure that just refers to the music publisher. Nothing to do with artist label

  13. Having the Chairman of Warner Bros Records on your side from day one is a good thing.

    Ever since Adam and RCA parted ways, my hope has been that Adam would have wholehearted support from the head of whatever label he wound up signing with. I really believe the “Trespassing” era was irreparably harmed by the departure of Barry Weiss, who had been solidly behind Adam right from the start . Tom Corson and Peter Edge never seemed to give a crap about him – they certainly never mentioned him when talking about their artists. I’ve read the Warner Bros. rumors from a couple of sources, including the one mentioned upthread, and knowing Rob Cavallo is at the helm is definitely a plus from my POV given his respect for Adam and his talent.

    I know it’s too soon to know how things will play out, but the signs are encouraging. The label (whatever label it is) sent Adam off to work with Max Martin for several weeks, which can’t be an inexpensive proposition, and from what little Adam has said, he’s been working with other high caliber people. The label didn’t sign him blind – his record, both good and bad, is well known – and it still signed him and is clearly willing to devote significant resources to his album. It’s quite a compliment to Adam, and, IMO, a sign of the respect he’s garnered within the industry.

  14. Ah ok. It says Warner/Chapell Music Scandinavia. That’s a publisher, not a record label.

  15. Adam looks good. That stint with Queen has left him with a rosy glow.

  16. Love how happy and confident he seems to be these days! And he is looking great!!! Please Adam, finished that album asap!! Praying for a single this year!!!

  17. Yes, fantastic write up. Thank you from Adams fans. It appears he fit in well, but then we know the one thing about Adam is hes a nice guy. He also knows a whole lot about music so I’m sure he was not there just filling the chair.

  18. If my legs looked that good, I’d be showing them off also. Besides that’s part of her brand. I really love this new word that artists are using these days–their brand. But it does define who they are. Adam has definitely had a brand from day one, and I’m not referring to gay singer.

  19. Yes WB Music OBO Warner/Chappell c/o Harry Fox Agency is the publisher of the musical composition/lyrics. The Harry Fox Agency is a provider of rights management and collector and distributor of mechanical license fees on behalf of music publishers in the United States.

  20. Adam’s brand: his hair, his bright smile and his laughter when put on the spot *Ryan Seacrest’s slip of the tongue with “fully clothed’)… still I do miss his eyeliner and nailpolish when he is on american soil… (he was dressed fully glam – eyeliner etc- at the chinese Idol brief judging stint)

  21. Ryan Seacrest should ask Adam to model for his clothing line… Seems that Ryan was impressed how Adam was dressed to the nine… even made a slip of the tongue…. he wanted to say “fully dressed up” but said “fully dressed” LOL..

  22. It’s a look of self confidence, he’s in a really good place and I think touring with the iconic Queen helped him grow as an artist.

  23. LOLOL. Could Ryan BE more transparent.??? He cracks me up with how he always fangirls over Adam.

    “Could we go back to the sweaty bathrobes?”

    OMG. Yes. Wouldn’t we love to…

  24. I thought that was a strange thing for Ryan to say, especially since they are all men in the band.

  25. I love it that he changes up his look now depending on the “gig”. Mr GQ for interviews. Glam god on stage.

  26. For shows where they had to leave quickly to get to the next venue, they were all handed robes as they were exiting the stage following the encore. The robes were to bundle up in so that they could get off the wet stage clothes as quickly as possible and get on their way. Straight from the stage to the airport.

  27. Methinks Ryan was only referring to Adam’s sweaty robe. LOLOLOL

    He’s such a fan, and never hides it!!

  28. Just can never get enough of hearing and seeing Adam interviewed. This was very nice.

  29. First Idol to come back as a judge. First Idol to mentor on the live show. No wonder Adam shows so much love for Idol. Not only did they give him the platform to help launch his career, but they have always welcomed him back with pride.

  30. Back in 2009 it seemed like it was an unpopular opinion to be a fan of Adam Lambert on AI. I think Adam opened up a dialogue and an understanding. He is my hero.

  31. Warner/Chappell Music is the global music publishing company of Warner Music Group. Lots of WMG/WBR artists use SONY/ATV SONGS LLC. Two independent relationships — rights management and record label.


    Regarding the WMG rumors, separate from this, the odds are pretty much 50/50 — it is either WMG or UMG. Max Martin does not work with independent artists or on projects without substantial funding.

    Warner Bros. Records, one of several labels within WMG seems to be a good bet to me. And Rob Cavallo who is chairman of Warner Bros. Records runs an artist-centric business.

    In any case, Adam is apparently very happy with his “great deal” and that is good enough for me.

  32. Rob Cavallo is certainly not producing the album, but it is possible that the Chairman of a label could be the EP for an album. EP is the business role.

    All we really know that Max Martin is heavily involved in the production of this album, that Adam has a “great” record deal, and that he is working with an amazing EP.

    And there is at least one song from the writing sessions that they aren’t using, “Alibi”.

  33. The Adam-Ryan Seacrest interview is so much fun. Maybe someday Adam will tell the Queen stores he heard!

  34. This morning on the Chris Evans Show (BBC 2), Brian May and Roger Taylor
    confirmed that Queen + Adam Lambert will tour UK & Europe in 2015.
    Dates, ticket info and more to come.

    Chris: Are Queen going to tour live? yes or no? It is a very simple question.

    Brian: Whataya think Rog?

    Roger: I think yes.

    Chris: YES! is the answer!!!!! Wooo! [Cheers, clapping.]


    Well, we’ve just had one of the best tours we’ve ever done. We’ve been
    to America, Canada, Australia, Asia, and New Zealand. And we’re just
    back. And we had such an incredible time. We got this amazing singer.
    And, and it’s a good show. We just thought we’d carry on and do Europe
    and the UK.

    Brian: Yeah, we have Mr. Adam Lambert who is
    incredible, I’ve got to say. And just, I hate to say, but it ticks the
    boxes. But more than that, he’s not trying to be Freddie, he just is
    that kind of person in a sense, in many ways. An extraordinary singer
    with an extraordinary range. And he connects with the people. It takes
    about 3 songs for anyone who has any doubts to go yeah, OK, this is
    cool. [laughs]


    Brian: We can’t announce today but we have the finger like a millimeter from the button.

    Chris: But it’s a yes?

    Brian: Yes.

  35. I knew it!
    The problem is that we will need concert money for the whole family. I hope they will visit Athens, Belgrade or Sofia.

  36. Good luck, Marko! It’s an incredible show, and videos can’t prepare you for how fantastic it is in person.

    So happy for the European stans!

    Adam’s 2015 really is shaping up to be busy, between the new album and the QAL shows. The timing of it all will be very interesting.

  37. American idol should have nothing to do with this controversial contestant. Unless of course they want their ratings to go down even more.

  38. Not seeing what is controversial about “this contestant.”

  39. Well, seeming how the majority of Americans support gay rights now, and that not a single one of his appearances on the show in the past have proven to negatively affect ratings, I somehow do not see the producers sharing your concern.

  40. Intelligent comments about Idol contestants an talent from Adam. Hopefully the producers share his views!!!

  41. 1. The majority of America are still religious and believe in the bible’s teachings.
    2. The producers live in the Hollywood bubble and don’t relate to middle America.
    3. People who complain about the show leaning left are tuning out year after year.
    4. There are plenty of alumni that the producers could have chosen to be a guest judge. They had to choose the most controversial?

  42. I thought people were tuning out because the show is old, the format is stale, there’s singing competition show overload, and the contestants, by and large, have been a yawn. I had no idea liberal politics were somehow to blame!

  43. I am not sure in what way the show is leaning left, and how a singing competition can be leaning left…

  44. By pushing the likes of Lady Gaga to perform on a finale looking like she’s having sex with a male dancer and pushing the gay thing.
    Back to my original point. Carrie Underwood said her opinion on her support for gay marriage and that’s fine. She is entitled to her opinion the same way Phil Robertson is entitled to say his. Adam takes it further by pushing the issue and campaigning for it.

  45. I know. How presumptuous of Adam to want equal rights under the law of the country of which he is a full-fledged, tax paying citizen.

  46. How is Adam controversial? I can guarantee he won’t put a young boy on his shoulders.

  47. Yes. I know people who were neither Adam nor Queen fans, and now they are fans of both after seeing them in concert. They couldn’t stop talking about them for days. They said it was the best concert they’ve ever been to.

    My husband already said we were going to travel overseas to see QAL again. Europe or UK, here we come. Our friends want to go too!!!

  48. Just how much more can the ratings go down. Adam is only there temporarily for a few days and considering the fact that Idol has been extremely boring the last few years, they need someone to give this show some life. JLo, Harry and Keith are not helping with the ratings. Nice people, but by now you know what you get with them.

  49. Yes, boredom and predictability of this show has been it’s downfall.

  50. Being religious doesn’t mean “anti-gay.” The reason for so many different sects is because they all don’t agree on what the bible says. Furthermore, just because one part of the bible says something, doesn’t mean Christians automatically follow it, otherwise, there would be no women in the workforce, no pork products on the menu, and slavery would still be quite common.

    Additionally, there are plenty of Christian denominations which support equal rights for gays, are themselves filing lawsuits against states which ban gays from marrying, and speak up in defense of legislation being separate from church doctrines. This is not as black and white, or one-sided as you seem to believe.

    As for your claim that people are leaving because the show is “leaning left,” no evidence supports that. None. ALL aging shows decline in ratings, and Idols has been pretty standard in that pattern. If Adam were as controversial and off putting to the majority of the show’s audience as you claim, then the tour of his season would have show some indication (it didn’t. In fact, it was very successful). If he were as controversial and off putting as you claim, the episodes from every single year since that he has appeared would have shown a steep drop in viewership (they didn’t).

    Simply put facts do not support your argument. Dislike the guy all you want, it’s certainly your right, but resorting to easily disproved claims of “controversy” really seems a bit disingenuous to me.

  51. “They choose the most controversial.” Actually they chose the Idol that they wanted. Judging by the reception that Adam received, the contestants seemed happy about the choice. And that’s important, right? The backwards and slow thinkers are fading out and none too soon IMO. Very few listen to these people anymore and even fewer follow their lead. Thus, the constant meltdowns whenever they see people enjoying the same rights that they themselves enjoy.

  52. Interesting that so many “controversial” people are raking in millions for their TV shows and movies…and didn’t some of them win a few awards over the last year (like a Tony and an Emmy) and wasn’t the winner of an Oscar (like many before him) awarded for bringing a “controversial” person to the screen? Seems like “controversy” brings in the viewers…not the other way around.

  53. So anyone is allowed to state an opinion but they aren’t allowed to support their opinion by campaigning for what they believe in? If that were the case, no one should be allowed to campaign for anything, no matter what they believe.

    How does that make any sense?

  54. Fingers crossed for you, Marko!

    I wonder if this tour will be in the summer or fall, allowing Adam to finish and promote his own album in the spring/summer?

  55. Totally agree with point 4. They could have picked William Hung, Tatiana from Season 8, Sanjaya…..

  56. I find it hilarious that being “liberal” somehow means one isn’t capable of being Christian. Even by today’s standards, the teachings espoused by Christ are to the far left of center. And while many celebrities are on the left, corporate Hollywood is decidedly to the right. They cater to whoever makes them the most money, period.

  57. I could be wrong, but I think music is more right than left. The majority of contestants on American Idol have been from the south (which is more right than left), and the majority of winners have been from the south.

  58. I would agree. I also think it worth noting that there have been a lot of very openly right leaning Christian contestants in the last few years. If the show were listing to left, I somehow think we’d be seeing less of that, not more.

  59. I think it would be somewhat intimidating singing in front of Adam. I mean, Adam’s voice alone is a force of nature lol. Thanks for the vid clip!

  60. If you wanna talk pushing things on people, the Bible does it very well. Human sacrifice, stoning women if they aren’t virgins before marriage, teaching kids they are born evil and need redemption through torture so they wont burn in hell ect. Adam is on this show to judge a singing competition, and besides that, he has the right to support his political beliefs just like Christians or anyone else does.

  61. It depends on what genre of music you are talking about. And even then, there’s the risk of generalization. For instance, country music might be classified as being conservative or on the right. Hip-hop/rap might be classified as being liberal or on the left But not every country music artist or writer would describes themselves as conservative/right wing and not every hip-hop/rap artist would consider him/herself liberal/left wing.

    Likewise, just because most of the Idol winners/contestants are from the South doesn’t mean they all lean to the right. From what I can tell, some are really conservative, some are more moderate and some actually might be liberal. Just like the contestants from areas of the country that might be seen as liberal aren’t necessarily that way themselves.

  62. I think it’s your right to not approveof Adam’ and thus also Freddie. I’m sure they will have no problem selling seats to these concerts goers who have no problem with gay singers. You can also not like Adam sitting in the judges chair. Amazing that Idol got a boatload of good publicity because he did. Cheers mate, I wouldn’t voice your opinion to Dr, Brian May.

  63. You mean he campaigns on an issue that effects only gay individuals and their children, and not a single other person? Oh my stars, the horror!

  64. One of my favourite West Wing episodes but Sam Seaborn (a.k.a. Rob Lowe) shouldn’t have taken her hors d’oeuvre at the end. It was a smidge too far.

  65. I can’t log in to Disqus àt work so I’m always late to the party, grrrr. I just have to say that I cannot even handle Adam in these suits, he is too gorgeous. I love the colors on him, especially the cobalt blue, yum. Does anyone remember the A.I. tour Adam’s year and how his fans were supposed to wear that shade of blue? I am NOT watching A.I. this year EXCEPT for Adam’s episodes! Can’t wait!

  66. Those people of whom you speak, they who hold Biblical teachings to be most sacred, capitalize the “B” in Bible.

  67. I’m delighted that Adam got to sit on the judge’s panel. But something has occurred to me in the past couple days. It’s really not AI’s style to sub in a judge if someone has to miss an audition or two. In the past, when a judge has a conflict, they just use the ones they have. I recall seeing auditions with just Randy and Simon, or Randy and Paula, and even Randy and Keith or Mariah.

    So, why did they need Adam there? Maybe because it was New York and they had all that press set-up? Maybe because the “chemistry” isn’t right with just Jennifer (goosies!) and Harry (proper technical vocabulary!)? Or maybe they were testing out the “alumni” judge idea after all?

  68. I like Adam on the panel. He’s eye candy, gives good interviews and advice, & can flat-out sing! What more could you want?

  69. It looks like Adam enjoyed his stint as a judge. Good for him! I can’t wait until Idol returns, but I don’t want the days to go by quickly.

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