Adam Lambert – Glam Nation – Gloria – Cologne, Germany – 11/19/10

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After a quick stop in Paris Adam Lambert and the troupe bring the Glam Nation Tour back to Germany to play Gloria in Cologne. The venue holds 800 and is sold-out. Showtime is 7:30pm local time 1:30pm EST/ 10:30am PST.

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There are only 11 more shows left unless the rumors of South Africa dates are true.

Also tonight is Monte Pittman’s birthday. Last night be got Purple Haze as an encore. Will be get something else?

Adam Lambert – Glam Nation – Trabendo – Paris, France – 11/18/10

Thank you Suz526 for all the wonderfull videos

Opening Medley


Sleepwalker with dancer interlude




SFW with band interlude


Music Again

IIHY with intros

Purple Haze and WLL