Adam Lambert – “For You Entertaiment” E News Promo (And Much More) – VIDEO

Check out E!’s new image campaign, launched yesterday, set to a remix of Adam Lambert’s “For Your Entertainment.”

Ryan Seacrest puts on his best vogue as part of the montage. Ha!

UPDATE!: Added Part 1 of Lyndsey Parker’s latest Adam interview. It’s a good, in depth interview, mostly about the music.

Bonus Videos: Adam sat down for an interview with MTV’s “Larry the Intern” (with humorous results) and more Canadian goodness: Fun Adam interview from The Daily Fix. Plus, another funny interview from Canada–Jesse Cruickshank splits her pants during the interview!

Video after the JUMP…

MTV interview with “Larry The Intern”

The Daily Fix Part 1

The Daily Fix Part 2

Jesse Cruickshank (She split her pants during the interview)

Yahoo Music Interview Part 1

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  1. These have been some of the best Adam interviews in awhile, IMO. Just fun, not too serious, and not all the same old stories we have heard too much of lately…

  2. Kudos to Matt Wells, definitely a great interviewer with a wonderful sense of humor. This was very entertaining.Love, love, love!

  3. The split your pants video was honestly the most hilarious video I have ever seen. (MTV Canada). I laughed so hard even after the embarrassing
    amount of times I watched it.

    Everyone do yourself a favor-WATCH- as a side note Adam looked spectacular.

  4. Video fun-house! in this thread. The world needs to see the Jesse Cruikshank interview – just plain good fun.

  5. Ohh, MJ! Thank you so much for putting these all in one place! I was going back in the headlines thread this morning trying to find all the goodies. I was afraid I might miss something!

    I love FYE being used in those promos! Very cool – especially with them giving him credit on the screen :-) And I’ve only seen the Jessi interview so far (need to catch up on the rest) – but that was so incredibly funny! Loved it!

  6. These have been some of the best Adam interviews in awhile, IMO. Just fun, not too serious, and not all the same old stories we have heard too much of lately…

    ITA – at this point we’ve heard about Madonna, AMAs, album cover, Idol, Simon leaving ad nauseum. Sometimes it’s great to not really even talking about anything!

  7. ok lambskanks…by popular demand, here is the interview/ time I FULL ON SPLIT MY PANTS in front of @adamlambert:
    9 minutes ago from web

    One of the best yet. I loved it.

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. I heard/saw that commercial the night of the grammy’s, it made me sorta happy.

  9. Lyndsey Parker Adam Lambert: The Front Porch Interview, Pt. 1

    This is a really nice interview. It sounds like a conversation between friends.

    Adam has a knack for sounding natural and unpressured when he’s interviewed. This makes it fun for the listener and likely for the interviewer as well. Interviewing somebody like Adam probably doesn’t even feel like work to them.

  10. “Big O didn’t split her pleather pants for you”, that was totally hilarious. He needs to do another interview with Jessi.

  11. Wow!

    Awesome awesome interviews!

    The Canadian ones were just so entertainaing- and the Lyndsey Parker one- damn woman! Good for you! Really interesting! And Adam is such an interesting and naturally humourous guy! And insightful… the list goes on…

    And thank you Lyndsey for asking about Pick U Up! FINALLY!!!

    Can’t wait for part 2…

    And thank you mj, ofcourse!!

  12. What a treat to come home to after work today — a wonderful plethora of ADAM!!! I must say he is truly an interviewer’s dream job. He is always so personable, incredibly engaging, and loving. Listeners have to walk away feeling ‘I love this guy’!

    In The Daily Fix interview, I especially love how Adam was so careful about not taking any undo credit for the writing of his music. He was so quick to give credit to Justin Hawkins and Lady Gaga for their contributions to his album. I also love how he referred to LG as being “magical”. So cute!
    When asked about being tired of the same questions, his response was priceless. “I suppose I need to do newer things for newer questions.”
    Too funny!!! :)

  13. I am still laughing my head off at the split pants !!!!!!! Hahahaha… My boss came in my office today asking what was so funny so I showed him on my phone. He was roaring and made everyone come watch it!!! OMG we laughed so hard at work today!

    Can’t watch the yahoo vid on iPod so will have to wait until later, but based on MJs tweet today, I think it will be worth it.

    Based on these, I can’t wait until we have other international interviews. Americans can be very uptight, except Michelle Collins and Lyndsey!

  14. lorismile, I know, that’s why I cannot wait for Adam to come to Europe so that we all can loosen up and laugh :)

  15. Jeez….the Canadian’s sure make us look like schmucks, don’t they? They get Adam for a few days and accumulate a batch of better interviews than the US put together in a year with him. Great job Canada!!

    I’ve watched the pant splitting more times than I care to admit. I think my favorite part is when, right after the splitting, he asks her..”Are you good?” Jessi replies…”I just split my pants.” Adam..”I know, are you good?” It’s my favorite part because (since we know Adam SO well) what he really was saying was….are you okay? what can I do to help you feel better? He then launches into an easy fix of leg crossing and draping her tunicy thingy over her crotch. He’s such a fixer. :)

  16. oooh, I am so sad that he is obviously not a fan of pick u up – it’s not going to be a single
    I think when he said that they had recorded a bunch of songs but they did not sound like him he was talking about the redone collaboration – all of a sudden everything got quiet after all this hype about their working together

  17. OK, so i’m obviously proud to be Canadian. It seems like we managed to bring out the fun/lighthearted/caring side of adam in these interviews. Love the Jessie one, never laughed so hard in my life ;)

  18. that girl was just adorable :)
    I loved the part when he says: not hella, and she says: but -ish?

  19. Paul The Intern interview was stupendous-Adam is a good sport and a damn nice guy. The ripped crotch was hirarious (never seen Adam so funny). Wonderful job on The Fix-felt a great vibe. The Porch interview was cool too. I noticed an A on the gate door- was it at his house? If it was, the other one probably has an L . Elvis had his initials on his gate doors-so cool. :) … Oh and of course he looks gorgeous on all of them.

  20. About Ryan Seacrest being a part of Adam’s FYE montage…….

    I have such a hard time with this. I live in the Washington, DC area and frequently listen to Hot 99.5, Ryan’s station. I often catch his program while he is on the air. I have NEVER heard him (or his station) play any of Adam’s music. On the other hand, Kris’s single, LLWD, gets loads of air time. What’s up with that, Ryan?? It all seems a bit two-faced to me.

  21. Fox, Showtime and E (did I miss any??) all using FYE to promote their shows sounds pretty cool to me!!!!

  22. Dcglam……. Ryan played WWFM just this morning. Actually mentioned Adam many times this morning. I hear WWFM on Jo Jo’s show on Kiss many times

  23. Wow — So happy to hear this, Adamslamb!! Are you from the DC area?
    Sorry I missed this monumental event…… ;) It would be for me anyway as I haven’t had the thrill of hearing Adam on radio. What time was it?
    Okay, it now looks as though I need to switch to Kiss radio. I started unsuccessfully with 107.3, but a poster here informed me that they were affiliated with ABC. Then I switched to Ryan’s Hot 99.5, thinking that surely he would be my saving grace. Now I’m on to Jo Jo! Hey, what time does his show air? I will persevere!!!!
    Oh Adam, if you only know what I go through for you……… ;)

  24. Dcglam…….sorry I totally forgot to tell you that I’m in the Los Angeles area. It was on the drive into work around 8:10am. Jo Jo’s show is in the evening. He has had WWFM on his Top 9 at 9 show. Which is at 9pm but I’m sure it starts earlier. Its taken a while but I believe that WWFM will finally get radio play. Yeah !!

  25. Thanks for all the info, adamslamb (I love your name, by the way….). I really think there is some issue with their playing Adam’s music here in DC. Other posters have mentioned it as well.
    Oh well, for my next trick I suppose I need to move to LA!!! :)

  26. Dcglam…..I’m not saying that they play it crazy here. I hear Kris every day

  27. Wow, there is just so much Adam goodness in these interviews! Thank you MJ– what a treat!

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched the Jessi Cruickshank interview– that is THE most hilarious interview ever. I laughed out loud start to finish.

    My most favorite moment, among many: “So who’s more intimidating, Oprah or me?” Long thoughtful nervous pause. “You.” Pursed lips, tilt of the head, glint in the eye. “It’s the glamour.” “Big O didn’t throw on a sequined coat.” “Nope, no glitter from Oprah.” “Big O didn’t split her pleather pants for you either.” “no, mm mm.” Something about that exchange is just perfect — perfect rapport, perfect timing, perfect flirting. Love it!

    I also REALLY liked Lyndsey Parker’s interview, especially the part where he acknowledges that he has a “knack” for entertaining people. Well there’s the understatement of the year.

    Again, thank so much MJ. And thanks to Adam, Canadian interviewers, and Lyndsey Parker for giving us the joy of listening to a relaxed, happy Adam.

  28. Holy lip smacking, gut wrenching and toe ticklers!!!!
    I just howled with Paul and Jessie, and it is a good thing I’m alone or
    I believe I would have embarrassed myself too. Jessie is such a
    natural comic and so brave!! In the end, she actually invokes
    conversion…….as if!!
    Lyndsey’s interviews are always quite good and I appreciated her going to the music focus.
    I also enjoyed the banter and slight flirt on the Daily Fix.
    Adam is such a reliable interviewee and always scores!
    One thing on Lyndsey’s vid I thought he looked a bit tired with just a tiny hint of sad……? …..might be my own lack of sleep!!
    Thanks to mj for putting so much great stuff out here for us to smile
    and laugh to…..makes my day!!!

  29. ummm… is there some holiday going on that I am not aware of? This is one of the best “Adam threads” (for lack of a better term) that has been in a long time- so much insight and laughter!


    My most favorite moment, among many: “So who’s more intimidating, Oprah or me?” Long thoughtful nervous pause. “You.” Pursed lips, tilt of the head, glint in the eye. “It’s the glamour.” “Big O didn’t throw on a sequined coat.” “Nope, no glitter from Oprah.” “Big O didn’t split her pleather pants for you either.” “no, mm mm.” Something about that exchange is just perfect — perfect rapport, perfect timing, perfect flirting. Love it!

    Yes to that!!! Or when she says she already has a hole… and they both crack up…

    And in Lyndsey’s interview- I love the look in his eye when he says “Come on! Give me some credit! I wasn’t looking at the sky and seeing Paula Abdul dancing in the clouds!”

    I would sooo get along with this guy!

  30. Ok- I was obviously quoting cwm there- but something didn’t work with the b-quote… I was agreeing with what cwm said- not saying the same thing, lol!!

  31. I am gonna just say I love the interviews also. Along with watching a program last nite, during commerical time, they showed the new previews of Fast Forward. I got to thinking, I wonder if Adams mention of a small, big, screen appearance could be they mystery man in FF? Not starting that he is on there, but speculation is fun. I am going to keep my eyes open on the adds for FF.

  32. Miss Chaos- what kind of show is Fast Forward? I’ve heard the name mentioned here before, but what exactly is it?

  33. All in favor of a permanent link to Jessi’s interview with BB raise your hand!!!!!! ADORABLE, Adam is absolutely at his best in that interview. He is so freakin HAWT!! When he is flirting, he has a certain look and he purses his lips a certain way…OMG! And he wonders why women are falling all over him. No he doesn’t wonder, he knows. But what was so cute about the interview was that Jessi was the one being outrageous not Adam. He got to sit back and just roll with it and laugh his ass off. His response when her pants first split was so great, spit, sputter, snort, relaxed and genuine. ( I have to go back and find it, but the interview that I saw before the Grammy’s when he was talking about doing the fashion segment for Entertainment tonight and was being basically instructed by the guy he did the segment with (forgot his name) Adam was very flirty in that too and looked amazing as well.) Anyway, he is such a vixen our Adam. LOVE LOVE him! I hope we get to see him on either the big or little screen soon (love scene anyone?)


  34. Anyway.. all that South east asia tour that Kris is doing, should have been ADAAM!

  35. Fast Forward is a show that was on last year for awhile, starts back next month. There was speculation that a tall man in a long black trenchcoat and black spikey hair that was shown briefly was Adam, or a look a like. Its a show about an event that happen, for a few seconds that allowed everyone to see a few seconds of their future.

  36. hmmm… okay… so the tall spiky haired Adam look-alike is supposedly from the future or something?? I guess it would be cool if it really was Adam…

    For the big screen though, I would sooo love to see him in a fantasy movie with a role in the line of Bowie’s king of the goblins in Labrynth! In all his sparkley glory! That would be grand!!!

  37. Anyway.. all that South east asia tour that Kris is doing, should have been ADAAM!

    Adam will be touring internationally soon enough. Europe AND Asia. So good for Kris.

    All of Adam’s Canadian interviews are fantastic. Our DJ’s/interviewers have a lot to learn from our neighbors to the North. Of course the interviewee is fantabulous too so that helps! He is always so relaxed, comfortable and funny.

    The Lyndsey Parker interview is one of my favs. She and Slezak are two of the best in the US.

    The only downside of all the stuff shown above (thanks to MJ) is his lack of enthusiasm for PUU. :-( It’s my #1 on the album & I want to see it performed LIVE.

  38. I have been following Adam for a year now and in addition to his incredible talent and beauty, I am still constantly blown away by his performance in interviews, his ability to articulate ideas, and the way he so easily fits into each situation, whether it is a serious discussion about his music, as in the great one with Lyndsey, or any of the hysterically funny Canadian interviews. People usually speak about interviewers bringing out the best in the people they interview. I think that with Adam it is the opposite. He brings out the best in whoever he is speaking to. I remember that in one of her first interviews Leila talked about how proud and pleased she was about how he handled himself in interviews.

    As someone who has trained young psychologists for over 20 years, I think that in another life Adam would have made an incredible therapist. In a way he is doing that right now in his own way by reaching out, touching hearts and souls, and inspiring so many thousands of people of so many different ages, nationalities, and walks of life, me included

  39. “I got paid with Tequila shots” …..&…..”The best part is the money”…….

    What a difference a year makes for him. Those two quotes of his in the two different interviews sums it all up…..

    LMAO at Jessi….she’s hilarious, and Adam always such a gentleman in making the situation comfortable. I like the Lyndsey interview as well and noticed the A on the gate which made me think that interview may have taken place in his porch.

    dcglam, I’m with you. Wish they would play WWFM in the DC area….

  40. I think this thread I dead but it’ll probably be more dead by the time I get to watch these interviews late tonight (snow day today!!! But ..,I have a doctors appointment:()
    so I just wanted to say ( I only saw 1/4 of the yahoo interview lol )


  41. I am in a different time zone, so it’s not dead to me….
    I looooove those inteviews – and I really wish him all the best :)

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