Adam Lambert and Kris Allen – A Phoney Feud?

That font of news trustworthiness, The National Enquirer, is reporting a feud between Idols Adam Lambert and Kris Allen, who room together in the Idol mansion:

“Although they are friendly on the surface, there’s a major culture clash between Adam and Kris. Adam is gay and very flamboyant guy from L.A., while Kris is a conservative married man from a small Arkansas town. He’s usually very easygoing and tolerant, but it’s as if he and Adam are from different planets. And since Adam feels he has become the front-runner in the competition their relationship has become very strained. Kris believes Adam has become arrogant and incredibly full of himself….Adam and Kris now go for long periods of time without speaking to one another. You can cut the tension with the knife.Kris often complains that Adam leaves clothes, nail polish, and other accessories all over the room they share…and Adam refuses to change his messy ways…The tight personal space is cramping both their styles and they’re taking it out on each other.”

Naturally, the sources of the story are “Idol insiders” Check out a scan of the article HERE.

It could be a bunch of garbage, or it could be, as folks are speculating in today’s headlines thread, that peeps on the inside are feeding the tabs info to cause a little controversy as we head into the final weeks of Season 8.

Notice that the clash between Adam and Kris is framed as a “culture clash” rather than just two guys with different personalities that can’t get along.

Interesting, because there has been speculation that the Adam Lambert/Danny Gokey final considered a foregone conclusion for weeks now, will be framed by the same sort of “culture clash” depicted in the Enquirer story.

What a coincidence that gossip emerges just as Kris Allen begins to pull from the pack as the dark horse contestant of the season…

Tin-foil hattery aside–if TPTB are really trying to set up Kris to take Danny’s place in some phony baloney culture war, I say, good luck with that.

I can’t see a culture clash story arc in an Adam/Kris final clicking with the viewers.

Kris is a conservative Christian, but he doesn’t make an issue of it the way Danny does with his worship service ready song-choices and shout-outs to his tragically deceased wife.

Nope. Kris, with his low-key personality will never be the polarizing figure Danny is.

Having said all that, the story sounds kinda bogus to me. I mean, isn’t there staff responsible for keeping Adam’s toiletries neat and organized? One would think…

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