Adam Lambert, Allison Araheta and Kris Allen – Press Conference


Kris Allen, Allison Iraheta and Adam Lambert, the three contestants who advanced to the Top 12 on American Idol this week, just finished a satellite press conference.   Here are a few quotes:

From Adam Lambert:

Theater what he does, not what he IS ¦, “In certain ways, there’s certain elements of the theater training that could be detrimental to the ‘Idol’ experience because that’s not really the sound I’m going for–I’m not going for a Broadway sound. But this is finally allowing me to be myself. I mean, I don’t listen to show tunes in my spare time. I can assure you of that (laughs). The musical theater thing was just kind of the way that I was paying the bills. I mean, we all gotta have a job, right?”

On his strategy going forward ¦, I’m not planning on wailing at the top of my lungs every week. I mean, I think the audience would grow tired of that. I intend on making it interesting by varying up the mood and the style of the song that I’m singing week to week.

On all his screen time, Of course it’s helped, I mean, it’s exposed me to people more and more times and so they get the feeling like they know me and that’s really exciting, and they get to hear me talk and hear my opinions, which are many (laughs). Yeah, no, of course it’s helped and I’m really really thankful to the producers for featuring me in such a way.

On what kind of album he wants to make, “I, think picking one singular genre wouldn’t apply to me. I think I would try to fuse a couple of different vibes together. Um, definitely there’d be elements of rock. There’d be elements of Pop. I think there’d be elements of electronic music–something that kind of blended all together. There would definitely be elements of funk as well. So, a little of everything, I would hope.”

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From Allison Iraheta:

Did previous reality show experience help you prepare for Idol? “Oh, most definitely. It helps me with, um, being on the stage in front of cameras a little, uh (laughing), but it’s nothing compared to this, actually.”

From Kris Allen:

I’m hearing the Kris Allen quotes weren’t great, but Rodney Ho from the Atlanta Journal Constitution did ask him a question about doing a Michael Jackson song a week after Paula said it was the “kiss of death”

…It was a little scary…but I was really confident about what I was doing. And I was just really really happy I didnt get compared to Michael Jackson. Glad I accomplished that.

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