AC’s Oakland American Idol Tour Re-Cap

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First, I’m sorry this is so long- I didn’t realize I was rambling so much! Second reason to say sorry- I couldn’t really get that many good pictures. Mainly it was because there were a few girls that would jump up and down with their arms in their air whenever an idol even looked our way, therefore ruining most of the pictures I was trying to take so I had to give up. I hope that mom is not reading this but I hated those kids for those 3 hours. I also see that a lot of people already submitted photos of them really close up and since I am not that close, I decided to add a few that shows the whole background to give you a bigger picture.

Before I start going into my review of the concert, I thought I should give you some background information so you know where I’m coming from. I’ve been to a few idol concerts which includes the ones that correspond to season 1, 2, 5, and 7 which also happens to be the seasons I’ve enjoyed. For the most part, the idols who might have been considered weak on the the show sounds a lot better live so either they perform better without the judges or my excitement for the show overpowers the snarkiness that I have when I actually watch the show. My favorite from this season is Kris Allen but I also was rooting for Adam as well- yes I am a fan of Kradam. Others that I like include Allison, Anoop, and Matt- but does Ricky Braddy count too even though he didn’t even make the top 13?

Let’s start.. so I went to the concert with my cousin who is more of a casual American Idol fan. She said she mainly remembers watching the top 4 but as the concert went on, she said she actually did remember most of them. I’ll insert some of her comments as well and to let you guys know, her fave is Adam because of Mad World and then Kris but she remembered liking a red-headed girl as well.

As I’m walking to the Oakland Arena, I’m looking around to try and see if anyone is supporting the “tour colors” and the answer seems to be a resounding no. However, there were a bunch of Kradam fans! I saw a bunch of people wearing Team Kris or Kris shirts and their friend right next to them would be wearing Team Adam or Adam shirt which I thought was really cute! I didn’t really see any other home-made shirts or anything that shows any obvious support for any of the idols other than this one older lady wearing a silver and black feather boa so I’m hoping that it’s because she’s showing support for Adam and that it is not part of her regular wardrobe.

Once I got inside, I went straight to the souvinear stand because what is a real concert experience without wasting your money on stuff you’ll never use? The lines were long so I spent a lot of time staring at what people bought. For those who bought t-shirts, they mainly bought, or were talking about buying, the black group t-shirt. I think the most interesting part is watching what solo photos were selling. It was mainly Adam and Kris ones going and then I saw one person buy a Danny one only. The most interesting part is that those who bought Adam ones only bought Adam while for those that bought Kris, they bought either an Adam, Matt, Danny, or Anoop along with it. Allison’s seemed to be missing for the pile but I wasn’t sure why (I don’t think it was sold out only because I didn’t hear anyone asking for one so maybe they were too busy to put some new ones out). This is only what I observed for about 15-20 minutes in my one area so this is not an accurate reflection of the total at all.

After that, I went to my seat which was located on the side that was closest to the stage. I’m quite a few rows up but is still super close to the stage. The place isn’t exactly full since the second level had some empty seats. Basically the first few rows were filled but the back half of those rows were all empty, so I would say the place is maybe at 85% capacity? That or I suck at guessing numbers. Around me, there were 2 older ladies talking about their love for Adam, but the funny thing was that the friends that they were with were fans of Kris. I told them I really loved Kris and Adam too and the Adam fan says that she likes Kris too because Adam likes him. I’m laughing in the inside right now because I think it’s kinda cute and then I talk to her friend who likes Kris and she tells me that she voted for him and was happy that she won but she also likes Adam too. Kradam is everywhere. There were a group of Kris fans a few rows behind me (based on their screams) but I didn’t turn around to see what they looked like. There was a younger boy next to me (who I find out later is actually taller than me! Man, I must be really short if someone that seems 10 years younger than me is taller than me) that did not seem to really like anyone since he was playing on his Nintendo DS. I look at the floor seats and in the section to the side of the stage, some guy is wearing that plaid shirt that Kris wore on his birthday! I realize how crazy I am for remembering what Kris wore. (I looked online and I see that same guy took a picture with Kris earlier! That guy also looks like David Archuleta.)

The concert begins and the crowd screams because I think everyone is happy that the show is going to begin! Michael comes out and does a better job with a Gavin Degraw song here than on the show, but is okay with Closer. Somehow, Sarver and Neyo does not equate something great. I had flashbacks of that group performance of Closer on AI and at least he is better than that version. My cousin did not think he had any presense on stage.

Megan’s intro video comes on to very little, if any, applause. I decided to designate myself as the ultimate Megan fan for the day so I scream like a maniac for her. If anyone else was at the concert and heard that one person go crazy, that was me. She did a good job, especially since she does not look as awkward anymore. Her “Corkrey” is cuter in person so she no longer looks like a kid throwing a tantrum, and she even walks around the stage so definite improvement. Not to sound like Paula here, but I kinda wish she dressed a little different to fit into her “quirky” self since the visual makes it seem like she’s more in a pagaent. I do think that she’ll do a great job in small clubs only because I think the acoustics in a smaller setting can capture her beautiful tone better. My cousin did not remember her from the show but did say she had a nice tone too.

Holy crap. As I’m typing this out, I realize I forgot to write something about Scott so this is me totally editing this to add him back in so it’s in order! Now I don’t really know what to say because he was okay but I guess not that memorable to me if I skipped over him. Eek! He talks about the hi-five and then gives a Simon Cowell impression before he gets to his second song.

Lil starts her set with some Mary J. Blige and I would like to say that when she starts out the first few bars, it’s really good because she sings it softer and it sounds a little raspy so it kinda sounds a little.. sexy?! I don’t know how to describe it but then of course she starts to belt everything out. It does not sound bad at all in concert but if she sang something in non-belting voice, I really think she can capture the audience. When she starts with “No One”, I hear someone behind me say that they hate the song. The only part where the crowd seemed more into it was the beginning of Single Ladies but for most of the people on the floor seats are still sitting. My cousin sees some potential.

Anoop comes out and the guys seem to love him, mostly because it is guys that start going “Nooop!!” The intro video with Anoop in clouds is super cheesy but when he first started “Always on My Mind”, I think I got chills and I’m pretty sure it’s not because I suddenly got cold. He has a really great and smooth voice. His sexy nerd thing that he tries with his glasses actually work on stage because he has great attitude/stage presense. Everyone gets up on their feet for My Perogative (finally!) and he is the first to get a big response from the crowd. I am not a big fan of contemporary R&B, which is the music he seems to be going for, but after this I don’t even care what he releases, I will go out and buy, see him on tour, generally be a fan for life- haha! I think my cousin also has a new fave.

The crowd stays up on their feet for Matt who does a great job with his first number. I am not that familiar with the song but am excited anyways. I think he introduces “Georgia..” by saying that it’s for his die-hard fans who would like it? I wouldn’t consider myself a die-hard but this was the song I was waiting to hear him do. He does an awesome job. I read reviews saying that he kinda loses the audience, but I don’t think it’s that- it’s just that “You Found Me” is a slower song so I can’t imagine anyone really rocking out to that. I also have to mention that there was a big Matt fan behind me that was really screaming for him and since she was the only one in my section, I decide to scream to join her. My cousin likes his voice but not his set.

The group song begins with Megan and Lil and it’s interesting (in a good way) to hear 2 different interpretations of “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You”. I would have to say that the person who stands out the most to me is Anoop because he somehow makes the group song cooler and less cheesy. Maybe he was one of the guys closer to my side, since Matt was on the other end, but Anoop’s moves are a lot smoother than the others and just kinda looks like a star. Best part of the group thing was Beggin’! Intermission time!

The moment that I realized that this Oakland crowd sucks (sorry people that was part of it!) was that rarely anyone was up for Allison’s entire set. Don’t get me wrong- a lot of people did love her though, especially my cousin who likes how she moves around on stage, but maybe I was just reading other reviews from other cities that everyone was up for her set? The guitar that she has for “So What” does look like a pretty good accessory but not her playing- not so much. Do I think she should get rid of it? Hell no! She looks hella cool and it is all about the perception- hehe. The crowd recognizes the beginning chords for “Crybaby” and you hear the cheers. I thought her set was really good because it was very energetic but the first 2 songs stood out to me more.

Danny is up next and there are loud cheers when his video shows up. The crowd is finally all up at the end of “PYT” which is a song I hated him doing on the show because of the weird beginning but it’s much improved here. Also, he is no longer doing weird grinding moves. All the Danny fans will love this. He does some more dancing in his next song… I think I like his first song the most though. Yes, he does give a little “speech” and I think this is the part where you can tell who are hardcore Gokey fans because I see a few people stand up and cheer before it even starts. The moment I felt like he was giving a “sermon” was the moment I looked up at the screen and it reminded me of when I would be flipping through the tv late and night and see some televised sermon on! Yikes! My advice for those that would like to avoid his “preaching” is to avoid looking at the big screens! A forest(?!) background comes up on the screen as he sings My Wish, as you can see from one of the pictures. To me, he should have only done one Rascal Flatts song, but he does sound really good in general.

Huge! cheers for Adam- and he gets the biggest reception for Whole Lotta Love. I think most of the floor was standing for his whole set but people on the sides got up and sat to correspond with fast/slow songs. I loved his Whole Lotta Love becuase I’m a fan of the rockier songs that he does. I don’t really know the “Starlight” song but he shows off his amazing vocal range in this. The only weird part was the ending but I think it’s only because I’m unfamiliar with the song. He ends with the word “hold” and then it’s kinda an abrupt stop and then he goes into Mad World. I think I need to just check out the original version or maybe I was just too busy being excited to pay attention that much? The “Slow Ride” duet was really good and him and Allison have a ton of chemistry on stage. At one point he grabs a towel and wipes the floor with his foot, but it’s all done in sync with the song so he’s got skills! Then his Bowie medley begins- his dancing was pretty slinky and the ladies loved it! Loud screams when he took off his jacket(!) and he definitely beats Danny in executation of removing the jacket. I actually did not see the bra being thrown on stage, but did see Adam pick it up and throws it back into the audience. Maybe because it’s the second time it’s happened, it’s not as exciting anymore- haha. My cousin’s fave song was Mad World but did not like the rest of the set much, mainly because she did not like the songs. She still loves Adam though, as do I because even if he does songs that people might not know, he can freaking sing his face off! (Sorry, Randy popped in my head as I was typing this.) My fave song he did was Mad World- I thought I would be sick of it because I watched him perform it on all the shows but nope, I still love him on it!

Kris is finally up!! and there are lotsa love for him as you see his head peak up from the stage. More cheers as he starts the first few lines of Heartless, and I like this version a lot better than the Itunes version. His voice is really strong, and even as a fan it’s something you might not expect since people usually associate him with him doing acoustic (quieter) sets. Then, he changes guitars for The Killer’s song and it is amazing- I think a lot of people were confused at first because they did not recognize what song it was right away. He is totally into the song and looks like he is having fun. I see the piano coming up so that means “Ain’t No Sunshine”. Once people recognize what it was, there are more cheers! I also have to note that it looks really cool when the curtains go down for this song- I don’t even know why. I think it’s the whole effect, especially since he’s pounding away at the piano and you can really feel the song. Next up is “Bright Lights” which I think is possibly one of my favorites that he’s doing and he has really great stage presence even though he is just sitting at the piano but I think the best moment is when he jumps up and plays on the guitar! You can tell that he’s having a lot of fun on stage (and I have to say that the band is pretty awesome too.) I think my little black heart melted especially when he does the “baby, baby, baby” in the song though. “Hey Jude” is up and people hold up their glowsticks and cell phones up in the air- see, people follow if you just tell them something. (Confession: I bought and American Idol glowstick just to wave it in the air. Yes, I think I’ve officially gone crazy for Idol.) Kris does a great rock scream- wow! I would have never guessed he had it in him but in my mind I will pretend that Adam has helped him with it. My cousin really likes Kris because she loves his set the most. I, of course, because he is my favorite, love him.

Don’t Stop Believing- It’s actually not that cheesy when you watch it live- not even the bubbles! I was only staring at Kris and Adam and this point and there are lots of cute moments because they look a lot at each other when each other is singing. I do also catch Anoop and Allison who looks like they’re really having fun together too.

Some random notes: I don’t think any song really loses steam or anything for any of the idols. It’s more of the song- people stand for fast songs, sit for slow songs. If an idol tells you to do something (get up, wave your arms, anything), the crowd will follow. People seem to tend to cheer louder for songs they recognize that the idol did on the show or a really popular song. There were a few cheers as David Cook’s video was on but I remember last year when the sight of him caused cheers. Oh, how quickly people move on.. hehe.. I think the set is actually the nicest this year because they do try and change it up for each person, thus doing a good job in creating the effect that you are seeing a bunch of 10 mini concerts. I actually didn’t like it so much when I first saw pictures because I thought it was kinda weird with having rain or the stars or the sun as a background image, but in general it all kinda fit together in person.

Things heard/saw when I was exiting:
– An older man (who I originally thought was an Adam fan because of his blue shirt with sequins!) talked about wanting to give Danny and Matt a hi-five! Then he talked about how Kris is “tal-en-ted!” because of all the different instruments he played in his set
-Lady talking about how great Adam was
-Girl talking about how she was excited that she saw Kris! and Danny! (I don’t know if she was talking about before hand or in concert)
– Someone talking about hearing that Anoop and Megan dating. haha!
-Okay, so you know what almost broke my heart? I saw someone that had an Adam photo which was folded, not just in half but they seemed to have folded it 2 or 3 times. why would you waste $5 like that???
– “I can’t believe I actually saw Krisssss!!!!” and no, that was not me
-No mention of Kris not doing “No Boundaries”
-someone outside (on the way to take transporation to go home) selling Michael Jackson shirts and another person selling Obama shirts. Totally random!

That’s all for now. I realize I wrote a ton.. and that’s actually all I remember for now. I don’t think I’ve typed anything this long in a long time because now I have cramps. If I remember anything else, I’ll let you guys know! I think if you guys end up going to the show, you will enjoy it! I did enjoy watching everyone, even if I was not totally flattering. After watching these people for the past few months on tv, I do feel like I know them a little and it’s a nice close to a good season. Thanks for reading!

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