ABC’s In The Spotlight With Robin Roberts: All Access Nashville Featuring Carrie Underwood, Kellie Pickler

In The Spotlight With Robin Roberts: All Access Nashville airs tonight on ABC starting at 10 PM Eastern/9 PM Central and includes interviews with Carrie Underwood and Kellie Pickler. According to the press release:

Carrie Underwood invites Roberts backstage on tour and opens up about her big year musically and personally, including her recent wedding to hockey star Mike Fisher.

The special also takes viewers inside the amazing homes of some of country music’s biggest stars, including an exclusive tour of Kellie Pickler’s new Nashville home.

Robin Roberts has great things to say about our Idol country girls in The Boot and Hollywood Outbreak so it should be fun to watch! Also featured are Carrie’s CMA co-host Brad Paisley and Nashville Star graduate Miranda Lambert.

This here is your discussion post. Live comments after the jump, and MJ will be providing video caps of the Idol segments too!

Video after the JUMP…

Update 1: Brad Paisley kicks things off with footage of his tour and him performing American Saturday Night. Recapping his life and fans talk about how down to earth he is. Now they’re in his amazing home. Lots of guitars! Haha they’re showing footage of Brad playing as a kid! Moving on to his wife Kimberly Williams Paisley who’s interviewing now. Awwww his sons Huck and Jasper are SO cute! Talking about the floods in Nashville in May now. The footage is still unreal. Showing all of Brad’s tour stuff under water 2 weeks before he was set to go out.

Update 2: Brad got really emotional talking to his crew that amazingly got everything together in time for the beginning of his tour. Awwwwww.

Didn’t watch the segment after Brad on purpose.

Update 3: 10:30: Carrie’s on! With tour footage, career recap. Talking about married life. Very cool time lapse on how they build the stage for every show. Walking through a maze of stuff backstage. Talking about Mama’s Song, how she tries to maintain that connection with her mom because it’s such a weird life. Carrie jokes about how devastated she’s going to be when the first tabloid baby bump story comes out. Carrie says there are no plans for kids immediately because she and Mike want to enjoy each other and keep things simple for now. When her tour wraps Carrie’s going to be based in Canada so she and her hubby will have more time together. Carrie reveals her nickname for her husband is “cowboy”. That’s because she’d call him and he wouldn’t be around, and then he’d tell her he was out chopping wood, prompting Carrie to reveal her sweaty, shirtless Mike fantasy. I guess they cut out this part

Underwood told Roberts that she sent Fisher, then her boyfriend, a package to his hockey locker room with a note, “Cookies for my Cupcake, ” and his teammates made fun of him afterward, calling him “cupcake.”

“I totally knew [that] was going to happen. That’s why I did it, ” Underwood joked.

“He’s a hockey player, ” Roberts scolded. “You can’t do that to him!”

Probably better for Mike they left it out!

Update 4: 10:45 PM: Kellie should be coming up. Yes she’s on! Doesn’t know why she got such tall ceilings because she’s short. Oh look Simon’s “naughty little minx” comment. Career recap. Kellie’s dogs cameo. Lots of sentimental pieces including a rocking chair gift from Dolly Parton. Aw her fiance Kyle Jacobs carved their initials into 2 rocking chairs from Cracker Barrel because their 1st date was there. Her grandpa’s moved into her new place and soon her fiance will be too. Lots of footage from the Best Days Of Your Life video featuring Taylor Swift.

Update 5: 10:50 PM: Miranda Lambert’s on now. Career recap. Miranda’s parents are talking about their hardships when Miranda was a child. Playing The House That Built Me in the backdrop *sniff* Miranda talks about growing up and not feeling like she has to be as in people’s faces now. Talking about her engagement to Blake Shelton now.

Robin Roberts Interviews Carrie Underwood

Robin Roberts Gets a Tour of Kellie Pickler’s Home

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