Updated Little Memphis Blues Orchestra Schedule

Those of you following the Idol's tour know that Taylor Hicks' once-and-hopefully-future band, the Little Memphis Blues Orchestra has been shadowing the AI tour, playing club gigs after the show, with Idols sometimes showing up to watch or jam.  With or without these special guests, the LiMBO shows, by all accounts, are must see performances.

Here's the schedule for the remaining LiMBO After Idol Party shows.  Click on the links for more information.  And if you'd like to find out more about LiMBO, check out the band's My Space page.

Sep 12 2006 10:30P  Smith's Olde Bar Atlanta, GA 
Sep 21 2006 10:30P  Asylum Portland, ME
Sep 23 2006 10:30P  Daniel Street Club Milford, CT
Sep 24 2006 10:00P  The Woodlands Inn and Resort Wilkes-Barre, PA