So, when is Taylor’s release date?

So, when is Taylor’s release date?

According to Ken Barnes of USAToday’s Idol Chatter blog, the release date for Taylor Hicks’s; debut album is now definitely November 14.

Taylor’s album, the release date of which had gotten a little squishy, is back on for Nov. 14. Hope he has time to get it done (and done right).

Really?     Has  Taylor agreed to the original, early date, or is there a power struggle going on,  as we speak,  between Taylor and his label?   Taylor  has  said, in several interviews,  that he’s pushing for a pre-Christmas release to give his team enough time to make a quality record.   And he’s also said that nobody can pry open his mouth and force him to sing.   Heh. We shall see…

More from Idol Chatter:

It’s a tight squeeze for all the Idols — Kellie’s still on for Oct. 31, Chris for Nov. 21. Only Katharine of the current Clive empire crop is still not scheduled for a definite date (sometime in November is the goal).

I would imagine that Katharine McPhee’s health problems (she was on vocal rest for three weeks, and then she broke her foot) threw a wrench in her recording schedule.   Speaking of Katharine, she’ll be featured on Andrea Bocelli’s upcoming CD  “Under the Desert Sky”.   She and Bocelli duet on Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love”–which Kat performed on Elvis night (Top 3) during the AI competition.

ETA: Ken Barnes just posted an update.   According to RCA, Katharine McPhee’s release date is still November 14…

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