More Hollywood Contestants

An exhaustive list of   Hollywood contestants was compiled from various sources and posted at “Survivor Sucks” by Spoilerai.   Because I’m crazy, I decided to Google every name on the list.   Here’s what I found.   Keep in mind that I have no proof in all cases that the person I found is the actual AI contestant.   They could be just another singer with the same name.

A friend of   Chase Bush  congratulates him for making it to Hollywood.   Hmmm, looks like  Chase is from Richmond, KY.

Here is   Christian singer/songwriter Cory Sellers,  who I’m betting is  the Cory Sellers on the Hollywood list.

Detrayshia Smith, is another Christian singer.   She competed in something called Christian Artist Talent Search.   Ditto above.

Here’s an article from the Greensboro News Record  about contestant Halicia Thompson  making it through to the second round.   Apparently, she made it to Hollywood.

Funeral Director and Hollywood contestant, Jason Horn.   See yesterday’s blog entry.   Hee.

Jes Hudak, appears to already have it going on.   Here’s an online music page.   You can purchase her CD and listen to samples of her music here.

Lea Cabrera  graduated from  Ricks College (now BYU-I–Jon Peter Lewis  studied there  ) then moved to NYC to pursue a stage career.   This old article from the BYU-I Scroll recounts an alumni concert she performed in 2001.   Here is a more recent  article from Playbill.   She participated in a benefit for “Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS” in May 2005.   She could be the same Lea that’s on the Hollywood list.

Phil Anderson, singer from the Jazz Fusion band  Atomic Brass Project  is a Hollywood contestant.   His band mates allude to it here.

This could be Hollywood Contestant Syd James.   Picture from an archived web site.

Hollywood contestant Tim Chiles almost didn’t make it through due to a  possible “hitch” in the judging that turned out to be nothing.

In the Maybe, but not Likely Department:

Could this classically trained singer  be Heather Cox, Hollywood contestant?   I’ve heard the AI Heather is blond, but you never know.

Is this Kristina Harvey  a Hollywood contestant, or just another random singer?   Check out her song sample.   Personally,   I’m hoping for the former. Hee.