Chris Daughtry’s Deal

It was rumored for weeks, but it became official on Monday.  Chris Daughtry signed a record deal with 19 recordings/RCA Records.  From this MSNBC article:

While Hicks and other performers will also record with Davis, Daughtry indicated he has the freedom to pursue his own style. He said fans should expect songs laced with “solid rock.”

‘This won’t be a pop album, ‘ he said.

Over the past six weeks, Daughtry has been writing new songs and collaborating with some major artists, including Ed Kowalczyk of Live and Fuel’s Carl Bell. He also plans to collaborate with Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger and other major artists, Daughtry said.

‘The fact that they respect me as an artist and my writing is just exciting for me, ‘ Daughtry said. ‘It’s also good to have a sounding board for your own material, at least to make you feel good about your ideas.’

I hope Chris gets all the leeway from 19 he thinks he’s getting.  Bo Bice anticipated more freedom to record his own music than he was eventually allowed.  The result was a very poppy record that didn’t sound like the guy we heard and saw on Idol.  Maybe TPTB learned a thing or two last year, after many fans rejected Bo’s CD.  Time will tell.