Brittenum Twin Derrell Turns Himself In

Brittenum twin Derrell has turned  himself in to Georgia authorities, according to this  MTV article.   He was arrested  late Friday and spent the weekend in a Rockdale County, Georgia, jail cell.   At the time this article was posted, his brother Terrell was still in jail in Tennessee.

It’s important to note that neither twin has been  officially DQ’d from the competition yet.   In fact there is a rumor that Derrell and Terrell posted bail and are now in Hollywood for the Top 24 selection.   Heh, I don’t know about that, but I DO know that the producers are, so far, keeping mum on the twins’ status.   So ya never know….

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The Indy Star  reports that contestant Kendall Phillips, 17,  of Zionsville, Indiana has made it to Hollywood.   She auditioned in Chicago where she sang Robert Palmer’s “Bad Case of Loving You.”   The article states that she didn’t appear   in the episode. But, could this (left) cap from the show be  Kendall?   They tend to edit in all the successful contestants, even if it’s only a frame or two of a montage.   Pic from the Indy Star (below).

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More news on Tora, who’s been on the list  of potential Top 24 contestants.   According to reader, spoilerai, she auditioned in Denver and  only made it as far as the second round.   She auditioned in Las Vegas and most definitely got a golden ticket to Hollywood–spoiler was there to witness it.   However–it looks like she did not make the Top 44, and according to a poster on Idol Forums,  the story of what happened to her in Hollywood is pretty wild–so stay tuned.   In the meantime, she’s just joined a band called Heartfelt Confessions, and appears to be putting the Idol experience behind her. The IDF poster  recently  attended  an open rehearsal for  her new band, and calls them “amazing.”

Recently, I mentioned that Gina Glocksen may be Top 44/24?   Well, according to what I’m reading on the message boards, she’s not with the group of contestants who are in Hollywood right now being whittled down to 24.    According to someone with a connection to her mom, she was cut in Hollywood. Gina did not have a NETNAMES registration that anyone could find.