More Top 44


Two more names to add to the Top 44 list:

Katherine McPhee, who auditioned in San Francisco.   She was the lovely girl whose mother is her vocal coach and a bit of of a stage mom.   She’s registered by Netnames as   I found that item on Idol Forums and TWOP.

A picture named syd.jpgI heard from a reliable source that Syd James (left) made the Top 44 but did NOT make the Top 24 list.   I spun a few variations on Syd’s name and found –registered through NETNAMES on December 9th.

More news about the Brittenum twins from MTV News.   Derrell and Terrell have both posted bond and are out of jail.   And according to the twins, they’ve been booted from the show.   The twins got out of jail Sunday and appeared on Atlanta’s WVEE-FM morning show Monday morning.   The  twins were arrested for  allegedly using  false identification  to buy a car last summer.

According to the twin’s attorney, they were “univited” from the Top 44 elimination rounds just hours before they began.   No one from FOX has commented.   They have yet to be officially disqualified.

Dumbasses.   The twins that is.

Rhonetta Johnson, Greensboro, NC  super-diva and Paula Abdul fan (Well, not really), has a real long rap sheet.   And a couple of really ugly mugshots.   There’s more about Rhonetta in the Greensboro audition re-cap I posted yesterday.

Thanks to everybody who left comments on my blog in the past few days.   I really haven’t had a chance to reply–but I promise I will soon.