Elliott Yamin Endorsement Deal?

Elliott Yamin Endorsement Deal? 

From Mike Walker’s column in the National Enquirer, Elliott Yamin is supposedly deep in negotiations with Johnson and Johnson who are “wooing him to be the commercial spokesman for their newly-designed insulin pump.” 

The NE isn’t exactly an impeccable source for information, but they do get some things right.  So I’m gonna post and take a wait and see attitude with this item.  Thanks xoxoyc

Speaking of Elliott…

I read this little tidbit at one of his fan forums, the E Train.  An E Train poster was present at a meet and greet Elliott did for People magazine.

Apparently, “Do I Make You Proud” was originally Elliott’s “coronation song”.  He recorded it prior to Top 3 week.  However, since Taylor Hicks didn’t like his original coronation song,  “Do I Make You Proud” was eventually assigned to him–after Elliott was eliminated.  Thanks MrsTrep.  Edited for clarity.