Big Pimpin’

Big Pimpin’

Taylor Hicks’s new Ford spot has debuted.  You can see it here. Read Ford’s press release and download the radio spots and jingle (a tune called “Possibilities” written for the ad–it’s catchy!) here

An excerpt from a article:

“Fifteen and 30-second cuts of the TV commercial, by JWT Detroit, will run through July 31, coincident with Ford’s “Drive on Us” incentive campaign. Thirty and 60-second radio spots will also run beginning Thursday.

In addition, there will also be 12 product-specific ads that promote nameplates, including spots for the Explorer, Fusion and F-Series trucks, as well as other car, truck and SUV lines.

A print element, featuring Hicks in all his Vegas-via-Deep South splendor, will run in a two-page color ad in Friday’s USA Today.

In the TV spot, Hicks, who won the Ford-sponsored Fox network talent show last month, sings a song called “Possibilities” while prancing about on a sound stage surrounded by video screens with Ford vehicles.

The new commercials by Hicks are intended to push the sale of current models as the annual model-year clearance begins. ”   thanks gray charles and the commenters who left links…

ETA: This news is a little stale, but here’s a behind the scenes video featuring Taylor Hicks and Ace Young and the behind-the-scenes making of People’s Hottest Bachelor issue.