More Katharine

More Katharine

More articles on Katharine’s revelation that she’s recovering from bulimia:


“Ardent observers may have noticed that McPhee dropped three dress sizes from when she first auditioned for “American Idol, ” but the singer attributes the weight loss to her recovery, not her illness. Her battle with bulimia started her junior year in high school, and McPhee said her real problem was avoiding her emotions.

‘Food was my crutch, ” McPhee told People. “It was how I dealt with emotions and uncomfortable situations. It was literally a drug.’

McPhee entered a three-month program at the Los Angeles Eating Disorder Center of California in October so she could start shooting the show in December. She did group and individual therapy six days a week and read “Intuitive Eating.” She lost her fear of so-called “bad” foods by allowing herself to eat ice cream, peanut butter and mini Snickers bars (four with each meal). Now she doesn’t want Snickers anymore, and she hasn’t binged since two weeks before entering the program.

While McPhee doesn’t consider herself completely healed, she’s thrilled at the progress she’s made so far–and is hopeful that by coming forward now, she’ll ‘encourage other people not to hide.’

‘I’ve learned to deal with my emotions differently, ‘ she told People, ‘to deal with them, instead of with food.'”

In this ABC news story, Katharine explains why she didn’t make her eating disorder part of her backstory on Idol:

“In December, when she returned to Idol for more taping, she told the producers about her eating disorder, but kept it a secret from everyone else.

‘She says that around the time that she auditioned, it was at its worst and it was really out of control, ‘ People magazine senior editor Galina Espinoza said to ABC News Radio.

‘She held off until after the show ended to go public because she didn’t want it to influence the voting. She wanted the audience to vote for her because they thought she was a good singer, not because they felt sorry for her or in any way made her seem more sympathetic, ‘ Espinoza said.”

This news broke big today.  There are stories all over the net:  From (Katherine’s story will be featured in this week’s People, on newsstands tomorrow), Teen People (Katharine is on the cover this week), Access Hollywood and Katharine’s hometown newspaper, the LA Daily News.

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