Song Spoiler Update

Song Spoiler Update

A source who has been correct in the past,  shot me a few song spoiler clues.  Just like the awesome Elvis trivia game that’s going on in comments, (seriously, you gotta check it out.  Our resident Elvis “nerd” is posting Elvis trivia questions…), it’s a little game.  So check it out and play along…

Chris is NOT:

Going to lose his luggage because of lost love.
Wearing stripes

Taylor is NOT:

wearing a red costume for Halloween
Does not doubt anyone
in awe of me.
climbing Mt. Everest
Maybe talking about his harmonica but no other musical instrument


Taylor is sad about the neighborhood, and it’s Chris who doubts everyone.

There is a possibility that Chris does not want to chat overly much…but that is still in question. I have not found out that for sure yet.