Nigel on Reality Chat

Nigel on Reality Chat

I just watched Nigel Lythgoe interviewed on TVGuide Channel’s Reality Chat.

According to Nigel, Katharine McPhee and Taylor Hicks will perform two different “coronation” songs. He said, “Both will sing [their] new records, but it’s not the same song.” 

He also said that Katharine should do fine if she doesn’t oversing and that he expects her to perform an “Over the Rainbow” type song.  He said Taylor is “unique to the competition”.  He misses Chris Daughtry the most out of all the contestants who’ve been eliminated.  But we knew that.

When asked who’s lined up as guests on the finale, he said jokingly,  “If I said to you, Prince, Mary J. Blige, Whitney Huston, Madonna…If I said those names to you…I’d be lying.” 

Hmmm, he’s not lying about  Mary J. Blige…