Another Finale Update

Another Finale Update

I just found out that Elliott Yamin will be performing with the lovely and talented Mary J. Blige on Wednesday’s finale…

More Finale Buzz Pt 2 (watch for updates)

  • According to a regular poster on the official forums,  Season One’s Tamyra Gray will host Taylor Hicks’s Birmingham viewing party.  This has not been announced officially yet.
  • There’s a rumor circulating that Clay Aiken will perform on Wednesday’s finale. This rumor was posted on a gossip site and is also unsubstantiated.
  • And, there’s a rumor that Bo Bice will be performing Wednesday as well.

Reportedly, Taylor and Katharine will get to pick two of the song selections for Tuesday’s performance show.  The question now is whether they have to pick songs they sang during the season, or if they can pick something new.  This article reports that the finalists will perform ” two they already have performed on the show.”  However, there are rumors that they can choose to either reprise a song, or pick something new.  I reviewed my AI finale videos from each year, and here is how the song selection worked in the past as described by Ryan:

  • AI1 – “2 songs picked for them” and “One song of their choice”. 
  • AI2 – “3 great songs” — But “Bridge Over Troubled Water” was introduced as “chosen” by Clay. Clay and Ruben sang different “coronation” songs.
  • AI3 – “One original” and “2 of their own choosing” Fantasia and Diana sang the same “coronation” song.  Diana reprised 2 songs.  Fantasia reprised one and sang one new song.
  • AI4 – “2 originals and their favorite from the season”.  Obviously, Bo and Carrie reprised one song.  Bo and Carrie both sang “Inside Your Heaven”, and then two different, “coronation” type songs picked by the producers.