More Bucky

More Bucky

From Reality Tv Magazine,  here and here.  There are interesting tidbits in the articles worth noting:

  • On Elliott looking confused when Ryan handed him the microphone, “Well, we didn’t find that out until the last minute.  You probably noticed Elliott was the very first to find out, when they handed him the mic.”
  • His job at Covington’s Body Shop,   “Actually, I have painted some race cars, street bikes.  Anything from a refrigerator to a Mercedes I’ve done it, wicker furniture.  You name it, I’ve painted it.”
  • Offers, Bucky has been contacted by the band Sawyer Brown.  There is no information yet on an actual offer.  The band got their start on “Star Search”. 

Holy Cow!!!  The guys didn’t know ahead of time that the entire Bottom 3 would have to perform?  I’m stunned.  Sigh.  Or maybe I’m not.  That’s kinda cool about “Sawyer Brown” contacting Bucky. I linked to the bio on their website above.  They’ve been together for 23 years, and auditioned for “Star Search” in order to get an audition tape to send to labels.  They went on to win the competition.

One more article from The Richmond County Journal:

  • On coming home, “Looks like I’ll probably be coming in about Tuesday…Tell everybody don’t change a thing. I’ve got to come and see it.”
  • Where Bucky is heading, “I’m probably going to be looking toward Nashville trying to find some work.”
  • On Paula Abdul, “Any time you’re making somebody dance it’s gonna make you feel good. If you can make Paula Abdul dance, then all the better. It’s a very comforting feeling…You gotta be yourself and I think that is Paula. For her to be anything else, then she’s not being herself. I like her the way she is.”
  • On Simon Cowel, “He knows what sells the show, and so far, he’s hit the nail on the head…[Simon is used to booking boybands] For him to like someone like me or Taylor, it’s out of the question. Now he doesn’t so much give advice as he tries to put people down and make the show bigger…You can help and then you can just sell the show.  He does a good job selling the show.”
  • Fusing country and rock, “I don’t believe there’s no way out of that. A lot of today’s country has got a little rock drive to it. I like the route country’s going and I hope (sic) in can get into it.”
  • About his wife Crystal, “She is wonderful. They say behind every good man is a good woman. Crystal, she stands in front of me. She’s been super supportive. I did a good job picking that one.”
  • The “Idol” experience, “It happens all very fast. There’s a lot of hours in involved. Just when you think you’ve got something figured out, it changes. It’s very confusing trying to figure out what people want.”