Top 12 Sing Stevie

In case ya didn’t know–Bo Bice will be performing on tonight’s Results Show.  I’m not that crazy about Bo’s record–the songs and production are uninspired. But nevertheless, Bo always brings it when he performs live, so I’m looking forward to that.

From Stevie Wonder’s website 

On March 15th, final 12 American Idol contestants will exclusively perform Stevie Wonder songs culminating in Stevie one old song with the final 12 contestants and one of his new songs (TBD) from A Time To Love.  This episode will also feature Stevie interacting with the contestants; giving each one advice & tips…

It appears that next weeks Top 12 performance show will feature Stevie Wonder songs (though the message doesn’t say that exactly–March 15 is a Wednesday–Stevie himself will be appearing on the results show).  If the performances next week are exclusively Stevie Wonder songs, it will be interesting to see how well some of the contestants–Like Chris Daughtry for instance–step out of their boxes.