Dial Idol: Cease and Desist

No more Dial Idol–for now anyway.  Idol sent a “Cease and Desist” letter yesterday to the person who runs the site,  claiming that DialIdol infringes on copyrights they own.  Apparently,  they aren’t happy with the premise of the web site, particularly the way DialIdol “measures the busy signal” to predict the results.

The site owner is going to be consulting the appropriate resources over the next few days, and asks that folks who use the site email Idol to complain.  He’s also asking folks who may be interested in contributing to a legal fund to email him.

I was never convinced that the results of DialIdol were very accurate, which is why I never posted the results here.  But the site was definitely on my to-do list to investigate.  I know the site is popular–I’ll definitely be posting regular updates on the situation.