Season 6 Hollywood Round Spoiler Update

Season 6 Hollywood Round Spoiler Update

As I mentioned  here, and here, rumor has it that the  American Idol Season 6 Hollywood Rounds took place at the Orpheum Theater from  Monday, November 13 on through the rest of that week.   On Friday November 17th, approximately 56 contestants were split up into different rooms.   Each room of contestants were told whether they made the cut or not.   At the end of the eliminations, the Top 40 (AI four and five had a Top 44) contestants were left standing.   The  Top 44 will gather again for  in mid-January.   The  Top 24 will be  chosen from this group.

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Here’s some additional info:

Hollywood Contestants Cut in the Preliminary Rounds:

More Hollywood Contestants (fate unknown)

  • Abby – Audition City: Birmingham, Alabama
  • Allie – Audition City: Birmingham, Alabama
  • Craig Pullem – Audition City: Birmingham, Alabama, Audition Songs: “The ABC’s Of Love” by Frankie Lymon and “Goody Goody”
  • Devin Johnson – Audition City: Birmingham, Alabama, Audition Songs: “A House Is Not A Home” by Luther Vandross and “For All We Know” by Donny Hathaway
  • Heather Reed –Audition City: Birmingham, Alabama, Audition Songs: “Born To Fly” by Sara Evans and “It Is Well With My Soul”  My Space Page
  • Natalie Amaya – Audition City: San Antonio, Texas

And Now (drum roll) for some Major Gossip….

I’m hearing that some Idols from  Season 5’s  Hollywood Rounds that didn’t make the cut to the Top 44 last year HAVE made it to the Top 40 this year…

 A picture named GinaGlocksenHoll1a.jpg

Gina Glocksen almost made it to the Top 44 last year.   She was cut from the rooms on the last day of the competition.   You might remember her as the  rocker girl/dental assistant from the auditions. Apparently she sang a kick-ass  performance of “Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman”.   Read more about Gina’s elimination in Hollywood here.   If this rumor is true, I’m happy for Gina.   I think she’s talented.



A picture named WhoNow.jpg

Also  making the Top 40 this year  is Matthew Buckstein.   Matthew was one of the three “singing cowboys” along with Michael Evans and  the little Wyoming cowboy Garet Johnson. They performed “Do Wah Diddy” for the group performance audition.   All three were cut afterward.  Much TeeVee time was devoted to the group’s hapless but heartwarming efforts to put the song together.   They were even featured in a little film spoof called “Brokenote Cowboy”–a take off of “Brokeback Mountain”.

The boys proved to be so popular, “Brokenote Cowboy” was featured on the final.   Matthew, Garet and Michael were all invited to the final to perform “Mama Don’t Let your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys”  .     If this rumor is true, I’m not surprised that Matthew made it to the Top 40 this year.   He doesn’t have great vocal chops, but his personality was clearly endearing to Idol viewers.

Do those little tidbits excite you?   I’ve got more if you’re interested…