More Idol Record News

More Idol Record News

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Life has been good for Bucky Covington.  In this interview with the Fayetteville Observer, he talks about his busy life after Idol.  In the months since Idol,  he’s moved to Nashville, been recording an album Mark Miller from Sawyer Brown, and in the past month,  he’s been on the road with the GAC country Christmas tour.

Here’s the really good news–Bucky says that he is just about to sign with a major label.  He says it’ll be a done deal within the next two weeks.

Bucky talks about his album, “So far we’re off to a killer start. I’ve had some guys send me some really, really terrific songs. I got some stuff on there that’s just some slow ballad country to some humorous kind of country — just straight driving country — and I’ve got some on there that’s got a lot of rock on it.”

He also mentioned that the label he’s about to sign with payed for the recording sessions,  “The guy knows he wants me, so he went ahead and paid for the recording.”

A single is scheduled to be released in January or February–the album a month or two later.  He’s deciding on a single–it’s between two songs, one is hard rocking, the other country.

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There’s been buzz about a possible record deal for Elliott Yamin since his mom, Claudette, told a reporter that Elliott would be making an announcement about a recording deal in the coming week.  According to an update posted in The Richmond Times-Dispatch yesterday, Elliott is not “quite ready to make an announcement about a record deal…his management confirms they are indeed working on one.”  That will be good news to his fans who’ve been waiting for an announcement since the tour ended.

His team expects an album to be released around mid-February.

Also, according to the Dispatch–Elliott is in New York this week recording with producer Mike Mangini (Josh Stone, Bruce Hornsby, David Byrne) and doing a shoot for the TV Guide Channel, due to air mid-January.

On the fun side,  according to chatter on the message boards,  Elliott attended a Chanukah celebration at the White House on Monday.  I’m assuming he was on time. Hee.

Speaking of the Holidays,   Elliott recently released a Christmas song to iTunes–a cover of Donny Hathaway’s “This Christmas”.  You can download it here.A picture named B000IY04RM.01._SS500_SCLZZZZZZZ_V34431990_.jpg 

And finally, Katharine McPhee has finished recording her album set to be released January 30th–in the midst of the new Idol season.  It will be interesting to see how that works out for her.  She’s got a double-sided single on sale at Walmart. And her MySpace page features clips of songs from her upcoming album for preview–you can hear a re-mixed version of “Open Toes” there.  Remember that song “Milkshake”? It’s kinda like that.  The kids will love it.  The other songs are more tuneful R&B pop tracks.  And I gotta say, this stuff fits right into Top 40 radio.  Katharine’s challenge will be standing out from the slew of  Top 40 pop-girls out there who already sing this type of music. Check out her album cover.  Well, that’s a start.  Heh.

Last thing–you can download a Christmas greeting from Katharine’s website.   She recites a poem, thanks her fans, and performs “Oh Come All Ye Faithful”.  You can download it here,

ETA: Katharine will make an appearance this News Years Day at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena CA.  She’ll be singing live from the Life Source Water Systems float.  Katharine will be the first performer in the Rose Bowl’s history to sing live rather than lip synch.