Elliott Yamin Interview in the National Ledger

Elliott Yamin Interview in the National Ledger

There hasn’t been much news on the Elliott Yamin front lately.  Word has it that he’s hard at work laying down tracks in a studio in Los Angeles.  Meanwhile, his fans wonder when the talented Mr. Yamin will be picked up by a label.

This article is Part 2 of an interview conducted by Shirley Kennedy, a big E fan, of the National Ledger.  Here are a few excerpts:

About his fans:

First and foremost, that’s all attributed to how hugely successful that the show is. It’s kind of weird. I feel cocky sometimes when I call them “fans.” It’s like, “I actually have fans, ” you know? It’s kind of weird just to hear about it. It’s weird in a very positive way. Fans are the people who really help catapult you to where you want to go in this business. They play a very intricate role, and I feel that I definitely need to do more to reach out to them.

About the music:

You know what? I hate to sound kind of—I just, whatever the word is—I think that whatever I do, I think it’s going to be how people are used to hearing me sound, and I think that whatever I do, I just feel kind of confident that they’re going to love what I do, you know what I mean?

Elliott plans to release a CD of original songs in early ’07.