Katharine McPhee’s CD Release Date Pushed to January ’07

Late Breaking News…

Katharine McPhee’s CD Release Date Pushed to January ’07

Third time’s the charm?    According to Katharine McPhee’s official website, her album release date has been pushed back from December 19, to January 30, 2007.   Originally set to drop on November 14, the date moved to November 28, then to December 5, and then again to  December 19–before being moved into the New Year.


No official word on why the album has been pushed back. Katharine was still recording vocals on Monday  November 20th, according to this interview–making a December 19th release doubtful, as it takes several weeks to complete mixing, post-production and manufacturing once the vocals are completed.

Of course, as some have speculated in comments, perhaps Clive Davis, the man who ultimately green-lights the Idol albums, heard a rough cut and ordered a  do-over.    Ruben  Studdard, for instance, was  sent  back to the studio to re-record tracks for  his debut album  by an unsatisfied  Davis.

Or perhaps,  The Powers That Be  weren’t satisfied with the response to the 3 songs that  were leaked  to promosquad two weeks ago.   The hip-hop R&B vibe of a song like “Open Toes”  may not have pleased some of her fans–particularly adults  who enjoyed her performances of standards and adult R&B on Idol.

One thing is for certain,  pushing the release date to January means no  holiday sales for Katharine.    And  by the time  her record drops,  AI6’s new crop of Idols will be capturing the viewing public’s attention.   Will folks beyond Kat’s core fanbase stop to notice her new album?

All I can say is that  in order to ensure decent sales, the publicity push for Katharine’s album  will have to be very aggressive.   For Katharine’s sake, I hope come January, her label is willing to put forth the effort.

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