Bits and Pieces

Bits and Pieces

Here’s audio of an interview Ace Young did this week with radio station 98 WPXY in Rochester NY.  He says he’s working with a team of managers (including his brother Ryan) to shop around his new single “Scattered”.  The song should be available on ITunes in a few days.  Ace says that he’s currently talking to a couple of labels who are interested in signing him.

Elliott Yamin has awesome PR.  Honestly.  Elliott breaking his pinky warrants a mention in

This season’s American Idol third runner-up Elliott Yamin is recovering from an hour’s worth of surgery last week after breaking his pinky finger on his left hand in a freak accident, PEOPLE has learned.

Yamin, 28, was picking up rocks and throwing them at a sign after visiting a nightspot in his hometown of Richmond, Va. when “his finger got caught on a rod holding down a rock, ” says someone close to the situation.

“My finger snapped back and broke. I had to get a plate and two screws and I’m wearing a cast, ” Yamin tells PEOPLE. “I’m doing okay. It’s not hampering me.”

Wow, I’m really glad I know that, aren’t you? Heh.

Elliott discussed his mishap this morning on Virginia This Morning.  You can watch the video here.

And finally, Taylor Hicks’ band, The Little Memphis Blues Orchestra shadowed the AI tour all summer.  Taylor and assorted Idols often dropped in to jam with the band.  Those lucky enough to witness the shows saw Taylor as he was and WILL be now that the Idol competition is over.  Phantom, who attended many shows and helmed many colorful cellcerts for the fans, writes about the band and her experiences in this article posted on Gray  Enjoy.

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