X Factor Australia 5 Runners Up – Taylor Henderson, Jai Waetford, THIRD D3GREE Singles (audio)

I was finally able to track down all three of studio versions of the three runners-up singles on YouTube. Taylor Henderson’s “Borrow My Heart” is just the right kind of Phillip Phillips meets Mumford and Sons meets Passenger style that is right in his wheel house. I would love to hear a bit of Avicii-esque dance beats in the background to make it a true hit of 2013, but it is still solid.

Jai Waetford “Your Eyes” sounds like an early Justin Bieber hit, which is exactly the kind of stuff he should be doing. He is young, he should be performing to young girls. It is like Bruno Mars’ “Just the Way You Are” re-written for “Baby”-era Bieber. So good on him.


THIRD D3GREE’s “Different Kind of Love” is part the arpeggio sound found in Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball,” part any one of Enrique Iglesias generic dance hit of the last five years, and part Pitbull by way of Nicki Minaj rap as a bridge. That being said, it has all the makings to be awesome. Slightly repetitive, and in a few years completely disposable, but hey who would of thought Black Eyed Peas “Let’s Get it Started” would still be played this much.


Which one is your favorite? Sound off below!

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  • Listening

    OH MY GOSH so I listened to THIRD D3GREE’s A Different Kind of Love and I hated it absolutely hated it. I don’t think it has any redeeming qualities. It’s a song that goes nowhere. It was inexplicably auto-tuned to death.And I like Auto-Tune when it’s done right which didn’t occur w/ this song. I could of taken one section of the song being auto-tuned but practically everything uh uh, THAT didn’t work. Why did they even do that they spend the entire season singing pure/straight then they batter us over the head w/ it just out of the blue. I’m left reeling from it. Then the over production of the song, just felt unnecessary and a lot of noise.
    It was so bad i’m actually bad they got knocked out before the Grand Finale they were done a favor you don’t want your last impression to be that song. Now they have a galvanized fan base that are upset they didn’t make it to the finale AND the viewing public didn’t witness that song. For the live of me I don’t know why Natalie wanted us to see/hear that, she was actually frazzled/upset at the possibility of us not see it. She really built it up and I irked as well thinking oh it must of been even better than I imagined. Well giving her the benefit of the doubt the stage production must of been killer b/c that song is horrible.
    Umm how did that song and THIRD D3GREE happen. I imagine they were either simply given that song or choice it out of a selection of songs. I like to think they picked the best out of the choices they were shown but if that’s the case it’s pretty sad and slim pickings all around. But know what happened w/ the production and stuff was that them. I cringe at the belief that it was and i’m confused at that possibility during the show they were so good at arranging a song how could they go from that to the hot mess that was A Different Kind of Love. Maybe their brains were drained by the end of the show or maybe it was a bad night and they just overkilled it, it happens.
    I ponder listening to the song again thinking it can’t be as bad as I believe but I have to bolster my courage for that. It was so frustrating and disappointing. After listening to it I’m shocked it got so high on ITunes that’s down to the dedication of their songs b/c it doesn’t deserve to be there.
    Oh well still hope they get signed they’re better than this. Every Artist has a bad song nobody’s perfect so I can overlook it. I just wish this hadn’t happened right out of the gate b/c I wanted something to help the fanbase grow not embarrass 3D. But hey maybe I’m wrong and the people of Australia will love this song and it’s just what they wanted from them. It wouldn’t be the first time they love something I didn’t.

  • I LOVE Britney

    everyone has their own taste. I still love Third D3gree “DKOL”! It’s addicted to me!
    PS: Taylor’s single is no.1 on iTunes, while Dami and Jai are at no.3 and no.4 respectively, 3D is at no.14!

  • Listening

    Well i’m glad Australia apparently likes THIRD D3GREE’s song and is supporting it. I want them to do well they were my favorite act and I loved most of their stuff. I was so perplexed by the fact they weren’t getting the love on itunes throughout the season especially when every one seemed to love them on youtube. Their videos would receive thousands of likes.
    I want them to get signed and chart high on itunes, I want their great talent reflected in sales.

  • stillcrazy2195

    Of these particular songs, I prefer Taylor’s but as far as the different acts go, I’m Third D3gree all the way! Do NOT like this song of theirs though and hope it does not reflect the direction they are going to take in the big picture.

  • BluSky

    Taylor’s song… the first few seconds (guitar and vocals) sound EXACTLY the same as the beginning of Home by Phillip Phillips…

  • macfae

    I like Taylor’s single and am happy it’s online because it doesn’t seem to be available on i-Tunes in the US….at least not yet.
    He sounds great and I think the song fits him well – I bet he is over the moon excited.

  • judy smith

    I just love Taylors song & have downloaded it from i-Tunes. He is still number 1 on Australia’s i-Tunes. He has such a good recordable voice- can’t wait for his album. I watched him with his father on Australia’s Got Talent & I am so glad he came back on X Factor as it has a much higher following .