X Factor Australia 4 – Grand Final

It’s been a long journey for us.  We’ve had our highs (The Collective’s “Domino”), our lows (The Collective’s “Hard Day’s Night”) and a bit in between (Jason Owen’s “You Belong With Me”).  But here we are in the grand final and either Jason Owen, The Collective or Samantha Jade will take home that Nissan Dualis and recording contract with Sony Music Australia.


It was so nice to see the top 11 back together again and even What About Tonight and Justin Standley combined super powers couldn’t save “On The Floor” from being a bit of a hot mess, that being said it was super fun, but not quite as fun as this little interlude featuring the song, “I Could Only Imagine”


That first part was sick, makes me feel like with the proper handling and management all three acts could become something great.



The fact is Jason Owen has come a long way from Albert all the way to the finals of X Factor and during The Black Keys’ “Lonely Boy” I believed him as a star.  During his original song “Make It Last” “Love Story” rewrite it felt a bit awkward and flat.  He sounded good, he looked good, the background was good, but they were all three different performances smashed together.  There was a complete disconnect between the different aspects of it.  Jason can truly have a career in country music as my friend reminds me that Keith Urban ascended from the hobbit land of New Zealand to true Country stardom.



They had it and then they lost it.  Coming into the top 12 The Collective had it in the bag.  It was their X Factor to lose.  By the end of the season they barely scraped into the top 3 over Bella Ferraro of all people.  Karmin’s “Brokenhearted” albeit fun was all sorts of wrong for them as a group and despite being ‘fun’ it didn’t feel like they were having that much.  “Surrender” was ok, in a sort of if I listened to it enough times on the radio I would probably sing a long sort of way.  I am not even surprised that The Collective came in third, no amount of sleeveless/cowl neck lines on Trent was ever gonna give them a shot at winning at this point.  The damage was done and they were behind.



If we’re being honest, and I usually am on this soapbox.  “Take A Bow” was just kind of boring, but that being said Samantha Jade has proven to have the most consistent track record of anyone this season.  Sometimes Samantha was kind of boring, but she always delivers a solid vocal.  “What You’ve Done To Me” is kind of like my new anthem, it is the right blend of dance and pop that allow Samantha’s bland personality to soar to all new heights.  Samantha looks the part, she sounds the part, and apparently she is likable enough to garner the votes to get here.  For me she still is a bit of bland spice, I wish her luck and honestly if she gets the right features with the right artist.  Like singing the chorus on a rap song or the lead vocal on Calvin Harris style dance track, she could truly be a worldwide star.


So what did you think of this season?  Did Samantha deserve to win?  Should Bella have really won?  What About Tonight?  Was The Collective just Fourtunate enough to make the top 3?  Comment below!

  • Nasstopher

    I really wanted The Collective to win. But between Jason and Samantha, I would choose Sammie. 
    I think she will get even more success after the show. 

  • http://twitter.com/HighTensions Jake Williams

    Now that is how you do the winner’s single! That song is insanely catchy. It’s  like a Kelly Clarkson/Carly Rae Jepsen level of catchy. This song has number 1 written all over it. Basically I went from not caring about any of the Aus x factor contestants to now being someone who will follow Samantha Jade’s career. Yep, this song is that good.

  • Whatiswrongwithus

    OMG!!! Samantha Jade won!! OMG – IT CAN HAPPEN!! A girl can win these singing competitions!! And not just a girl, a girl from an OVER 25 category!! LOL!! That just proves that voters from Australia are not entirely insane, unlike the UK who voted out Ella and US who are just meh.

    I am so happy for Samantha, although she may be in the over 25 category but she’s only 26 and that is still marketable. I hope they make her the next Kylie Minogue. She is THAT good. I have watched her Heartless performance like, 50x! LOL! Congrats Sammi and CONGRATS AUSTRALIA!!

  • Lovesyesha

    Is this the first time a contestant was bottom 2 week one and went on to win the show? Samantha was a true underdog and fighter the whole time and I am thrilled that she won! She has been the most consistent and versatile performer and she deserved it. She was far and away the best. Go Sammi!

  • Whatiswrongwithus

    She has been in B2 more than once! Yes once was in week 1 and a few more after, but can’t believe she went on to pull a win out of the bag! I must say she has defied reality tv singing competition history!! LOL. But i have the Aussie voters to thank. They do seem to know when to vote whenever a performance is good. Can’t say the same for the other regions lately…

  • kcostell

    X factor UK: A girl group is the current champion.
    X factor USA: A girl is the current champion.
    X factor Australia: A girl is the current champion.

    What is it about teen boy voters and their refusal to let guys win the X-factor? 

  • Whatiswrongwithus

    Lol. Yes in the Uk doesn’t seem that that trend is going to last long. But to follow up on what you were saying – the girl group that won was the 1st girl group to win EVER and also a LONG TIME COMING after many solo males have won the UK XF for past few years.

    US XF – current girl. Meh, the way Simon pulled that win out for her doesn’t seem like a true win. But no doubt, Melanie had the vocals. Yes. But no star quality.

    Samantha Jade literally WON this competition all by her own work and means. Of course, not forgetting her wonderful and supportive mentor Guy. He really showcased her well. Now, why can’t US XF mentors be like him???!!!!

  • mason williams

    second year in a row guy sebastian wins, i’m a fan from america i love his music

    samantha is hot, though

  • http://twitter.com/kuyanyan Yanyan | RR

    A quick trip to Wikipedia reveals that the:

    * X Factor UK have had FIVE male winners, one girl group and two girls. You might as well say six since there is no way Union J is going to win.

    * X Factor Australia have had a group, two guys and one girl in their stable of winners.

    Refusal? Nah. X Factor UK is a sausagefest right now and they’ve eliminated Ella before the joke act?! I now want Rylan to win just to spite SyCo and his team.

  • http://iwokeuplaughing.wordpress.com ajsrichantra

    I absolutely love Samantha Jade! She really deserved the win. My ideal top 5 consisted of Bella, Nathaniel, Angel, The Collective, and Sammi with the win going to Sammi, but I realized that her chance of winning was pretty much nil after she hit bottom the first night. I must admit, I was thoroughly ecstatic to know she won because the contestants I usually root for don’t win be it Idol or X Factor (ie Jessica Sanchez, Haley Reinhart, Adam Lambert, Misha B, Rebecca Ferguson).

    I think Sammi’s win earned The X Factor some credibility and the winner’s single sounds like a smash. I think the US and UK versions of the show can learn a lot from the Australian production crew. I really enjoyed Australia whereas the US version rubs me the wrong way. I think Australia had the talent without the ego and it just came off better to me. The staging and the sound were pretty stellar and the judges have great chemistry. I think season 4 will be hard to top.

    Thats my two cents.

  • SullyD

    Wow, I’m so happy for Sammi. She’s one of the biggest underdogs I’ve ever seen on those shows, she hit the bottom a couple of times and still managed to grow and work hard to win the whole thing.
    Karise and Sammi in one year. Well done, Australia.

  • Oldhag

    For the same reason that Cheryl Cole was a really good mentor on UK X Factor. Guy has been in those contestants’ shoes before, he has a greater understanding of the process and knows what he wished had been done for him.

  • Tanya Harvey

    I’m thrilled Sammi won. And it is probably the first time one of my favorites has ever won a singing or dancing contest. I’ve been listening to What You’ve Done to Me over and over. It’s perfect for her and much better than the winner’s songs they foist on the Idol contestants. I hope it’s an international hit. She deserves it. It gives me inspiration that she gave her dream one more try—and this time it looks like she’ll succeed.

  • http://MJO judes

    Sammi can also thank the judges for allowing her back into the competition after being in the bottom 2 – 3 times. I think she did improve her performance a lot & deserved to be there. I feel Jason had the country vote which is why he was never in the bottom 2. I was going for Fourtunate, Nathaniel & lastly The Collective but I’m happy enough Sammi won . The Collective are like One Direction who came 3rd- hasn’t stopped them  from being successful. 
    It was great to see a Group in the Grand final-first time with this format on channel 7.It was on Channel 10 that Random won. X factor has been much more successful -with better judges since moving to 7.