Wednesday Ratings: American Idol Dips in Double Digits

Ratings are out from TVByTheNumbers

American Idol drew a 6.4 adults 18-49 rating last night. That’s down from 13.5% from last week’s two-hour premiere and down a fairly massive 30% from the equivalent Wednesday telecast a year ago (a two-hour version) that averaged a 9.2 adults 18-49 rating and 25.37 million viewers. Fox still easily won Wednesday night though with both total viewers and adults 18-49.

Last night’s Idol drew 20 million viewers.


FOX American Idol 6.4/18 19.51
CBS Criminal Minds (R) 1.7/5 7.91
ABC The Middle (R) 1.5/4 5.26
NBC Whitney 1.4/4 4.50
CW One Tree Hill 0.7/2 1.47


ABC Suburgatory (R) 1.4/4 4.21
NBC Are You There, Chelsea? 1.4/4 3.90


FOX Touch (Special Preview) 3.9/10 11.87
CBS Criminal Minds 3.6/9 13.70
ABC Modern Family (R) 2.5/6 6.49
NBC Law & Order: SVU (R) 1.2/3 3.75
CW Remodeled (R) 0.3/1 0.66


ABC Happy Endings (R) 1.7/4 4.02


CBS CSI 3.3/9 14.03
NBC Law & Order: SVU (R) 1.4/4 4.01
ABC Revenge (R) 0.9/2 3.12

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  • Anonymous

    I’m with the people that say modify the audition format. I still don’t believe idol is in trouble but the auditions aren’t getting anyone excited for the show…

  • Jordan Seltzer

    How low will it go? Thats the question.
    And if it falls a ton, what will happen next season because Ryan and Jennifer will not re sign.

  • Anonymous

    The good news is that American Idol beat every show that aired last night by 24% in the key demo.  That stat shows that ratings are going down for every show, but American Idol’s ratings are still a whole lot better than every show on the air.

    But, 30% is still a daunting number, and one that should move tptb to make some changes.  Jennifer and Steven Tyler were a good idea, but I think that their addition showed that AI might not need a permanent judging panel.  For the most part they’ve been boring this year, and we really don’t need three people who are going to be afraid to disagree with one another, or cut someone who is just a marginal performer.  

    I really hope that they don’t make the mistake of not having a diverse top 24 this year, because I think diversity is the key to keeping younger viewers.

  • Anonymous

    This auditions have been very boring. I think part of the reason is there is no longer the “What is Simon going to say next?” factor. I like to watch them to see the potential talent (I like to try and peg a winner as early as possible), but the judges are just so boring and there have been no “wow! amazing!” auditions yet.

    The only interesting audition so far has been Heejun because I wasn’t sure if he’d be, like MJ said, Clay Aiken or William Hung.

  • Anonymous

    I think that they can still put on an entertaining show without Simon.  Simon was on the X Factor, and that certainly wasn’t entertaining.  I think that the show isn’t Jennifer and Steven’s main focus, and that’s one of the reasons why it’s not fun watching them.  At times they are totally present, and sometimes they are not.  The show needs judges who realize that the show isn’t about them.

  • Anonymous

    There are too many audition shows. I’ve always thought that. Why not do 2 2-hour audition shows, then jump to Hollywood week? That might help keep people interested.

    The good news is that AI still wins the night by a large margin. But other than that, there’s no way to give the numbers a really positive spin

  • Anonymous

    Maybe it was because for the past few episodes it has been so D.U.L.L. The first episode was ok, maybe due to the anticipation that Idol is back. But thereafter it just became like a siesta. I’m not sure if it’s the judges, to me they seem to lack energy. I don’t know what’s up with them.

    I do agree to some extent that X factor wasn’t entertaining and don’t care that Simon was on it, but it was entertaining in a bad way. As in it made me wanna bash my TV kinda bad. But hey we have to agree the judges had alot more to say, even though sometimes all they talked was crap.

    I hope for Idol’s sake, their ratings increase when it hits the Top 24. Maybe the audience needs to see who the ultimate candidates are to root for. Sometimes these audition processes can be so darn dreary.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think that the show needs Simon Cowell, it needs judges that have something to say,  are articulate and witty, and there other people that would fit the description…

  • Hazehel

    Simon is an irrelevance now.   His little bon mots were something very funny, but he hadn’t been delivering those for a couple of years before he quit.   The problem with the judges now is that they just keep saying “yes” “yes” “yes”, often in unison, and to singers who aren’t that good, and it’s getting ridiculously boring.  It’s almost as if they have given up judging, if someone half decent comes along, they all just say yes.  The producers need to make the show interesting to watch, we are watching the show to be entertained, not vetting applicants for a music schools.

  • Cathy Knott

    The American Idol producers (including Nigel) need to stop looking at the ratings of The Voice and X Factor and figure out why they have lost so many viewers.  The others two shows were brand new and only will rise.  American Idol is losing viewers and it’s not as if the viewers have not been telling them what is wrong.  Nigel sitting on facebook calling dissenters “dumb asses” isn’t helping.

  • Anonymous

    JLo is about as entertaining as a wet rag.  Randy is beyond old, boring and says absolutely nothing of substance and Steven is just wierd and says nothing worthy of the money he’s getting for judging this show – with those old man leers. This season is shaping up to be a huge dissapointment in terms of ratings for Idol and it’s sponsors – and rightfully so. They’re not off to a stellar start, to say the least.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    So far no one has really impressed me.  I may be too jaded (been watching since season 1), but everyone seems “OK” or “good”, but no one has really knocked my socks off.

  • Mateja Praznik

    The thing with Idol is, they rarely make any substantial changes in format. I think  it’s because the ratings were always so good that they felt there was no need to change anything. Until season 8, there was no change at the judging panel. Then they added Kara, next season lost Paula and added Ellen, then lost Simon and Ellen. Suddenly they were forced to make big changes at the judging panel, season after season.

    I just think you can’t repeat the same format with the same personalities forever. After disappointing season 9, they added J.Lo and Steven Tyler to the panel. Nigel teased a lot of big changes for season 10, but in the end, they didn’t change much.

    Right now, the judges are useless, the talent seems average and the show feels stale.

  • Tinawina

    They don’t need Simon. The auditions were actually entertaining last year without him.

    Remember when they did that whole bit about Jennifer not wanting to say no? Then she got over it? This year no one is saying no to anything. Plus while Steven was lecherous sometimes, he was also pretty funny at other times without it being sexual. They also had some funny bits (remember them looking at Randy’s high school pictures?).

    Also last year they did have some contestants that caught a lot of buzz during auditions. Chris Medina, Scotty McCreary, Lauren Alaina, Travis, the chubby kid… I haven’t seen any hype for anyone but Phillip Phillips. And there really isn’t anyone of a type we haven’t seen before, that is usually something that gets people going besides a compelling backstory.

    Also it’s just an endless parade of yes this year, there is no suspense. You know everyone is getting through even the ones who are just okay. They don’t even debate anyone’s fate… maybe once an episode, and you still are going to get a yes anyway. I do like seeing good singers, but this is more like seeing “meh” singers.

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, the numbers will likely average 18-20 million this season, and yes, it’s down from last year-but so what? Those are still great numbers that other shows would love to have.

    Apparently quite a few top 24 contestants kill it in Hollywood. If this season can get positive buzz, then that would be good.

  • Anonymous

    I doubt the voice and x factor auditions will rise. This will only hurt them. There are too many singing competitions on now and this will only hurt x factor and the voice more. Especially considering there was zero buzz about last years contestants post show.

  • Anonymous

    Every tenth of point down in ratings affects the advertising rates the show can charge to it’s sponsors, which in turn means LESS revenue. So while it doesn’t look like a big deal to casual viewers, it’s meaningful to the show and it’s profits, regardless of how other shows are faring.  And for a show to be down in double digits from show to show this season and down 30% from last year, is a HUGE wakeup call to Nigel and his croonies.

  • Anonymous

    I think the ratings will be down 30% for the season. The fans that watch the auditions will probably invest for the season. It’s still a huge show but it’s def showing its age.  That the judges are boring as hell isn’t helping though.

  • yasminewriter

    i like that idol ratings is down ,this will drive the producers and the judges to make the show better

  • Tinawina

    Oh the ratings are still good, its still number one, it’s not getting cancelled anytime soon, all that. And if the contestants come alive Hollywood Week and especially in the live rounds, things will be all good.

    These auditions have been underwhelming this year however. And the ratings drop is steep. It’s just that Idol has A LOT of room to fall, so it’s still on top.

    ETA: I also wouldn’t underestimate The Voice. The auditions are the best part. They are leading with their strength and it is a feel good show. If that first episode is as good as last year’s, they could end up doing really well at least during the audition phase. And if they have another couple of buzzy contestants like Javier was during the season, they have a shot at holding up well.

    What they have to do is improve those middle rounds, because that was where the show lost steam.

  • Anonymous

    I would hate to see how bad the profits are for others shows then.

  • randi

    I find myself groaning and fast forwarding through almost every audition.  Everyone gets a video package/backstory now.  I’m over it. 

    Not to mention the judges’ excitement of what I view as mediocre singers is bugging me. 

  • jashala long

    At the end of the day, Idol has been on for 11 seasons, so to still pull in around 20 million viewers after 11 season to me is still good.  The show is old, viewers will eventually start to drop, and now with The voice, and X factor here, people are probably just singing show fatigue at the moment.  The days of 25-30 million viewers are over especially with the rise of people using DVR more often now also.  The producers said they were expecting viewership to drop this year, the show is still #1.  I think when this season is said and done it would average about 20-22 milion viewers, I say 11 seasons still getting 20 million viewers, is not a bad thing.

  • Anonymous

    Watching this year contestants I had that terrible feeling of constant deja vu.
    There was not a  one person that would spark my interest, and I would swear that I’ve seen them already before….

  • Anonymous

    The biggest problem?  The show is 11 years old.  Outside of 60 Minutes, no show that’s been on TV that long maintains consistent viewing numbers.

    I’ll use CSI as an example.  During its heyday of S3-5, CSI was pulling around 25 million viewers.  For a big episode, it could bring in about 30 million pairs of eyes.  Now, in its 12th season, it brings in 12 – 14 million viewers weekly.  Yes, the show has undergone changes, some not always popular.  And it’s not the #1 show anymore.  But it does bring in a viable audience.

    That’s what Idol needs to do.  Freshen up the show–the audition/Hollywood Week process, preferably–and adjust expectations.

    No king reigns forever.

  • Sassycatz

    The problem isn’t that the judges aren’t saying no; it’s that they aren’t *showing* the judges saying no. Last night, I could swear I saw a series of people who weren’t any good with reaction shots of the judges. However, we really didn’t get to see the auditions or what the judges said in response. In the “old days,” we would’ve seen them and the judges either laughing, groaning, or making snappy comebacks in response. I have no idea why they’re letting these people in to see the judges in the first place if they aren’t even going to show them.


    No king reigns forever.

    Unless you’re Castro, or Mayor-For-Life Marion Barry. ;-)

  • Anonymous

    Last year we had new judges so more people tuned in to see what they would do, but now we know they don’t do much so why watch?

  • Anonymous

    Heh.  Even they didn’t, unless you count Berry as being the permanent mayor of Cracktown.  ;-)

  • HaleyismyBaby

    Spoilers sure didn’t help either,thousands of people already know who is going to be in the top 24 so why should they watch the auditions and what I find kind of rude is that people post it on the social networks like Twitter and Facebook IMO people do not watch if they already know the ending

  • Tinawina

    You know that is a good point. It is all about the editing.

  • Emmy

    My demo of one isn’t watching the show this year because the talent has become mediocre yet overpraised, and the judges are just too awful to watch.

  • Anonymous

     I sincerely doubt the vast majority of viewers (potential viewers included) go out on line to see spoilers. Most people are just not that invested in the show to do that.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t watch until Hollywood week, I hate the audition rounds. And JLo is hard for me to stomach, so we’ll see if I stick around.

  • Jes Merrill

    Those of you wringing your hands and clutching your pearls hoping the show cancels, just do yourself a favor and stop watching.

  • Hazehel

    The problem isn’t that the judges aren’t saying no; it’s that they aren’t *showing* the judges saying no. Last night, I could swear I saw a series of people who weren’t any good with reaction shots of the judges. However, we really didn’t get to see the auditions or what the judges said in response. In the “old days,” we would’ve seen them and the judges either laughing, groaning, or making snappy comebacks in response. I have no idea why they’re letting these people in to see the judges in the first place if they aren’t even going to show them. 

    It could just be that the auditions are not funny or interesting enough, and these judges probably don’t know how to give a snappy and funny response.  Sometimes you watch a bad audition and all you get is Randy making faces and Steven Tyler being unpleasant to the singer, and that is  not funny.  The bad auditions are only worth watching when they are funny, and there is a fine line between finding something funny and finding something unpleasant and offensive.   

  • HaleyismyBaby

    American Idol is the most popular show on television next to the Superbowl,Twitter reported a record breaking amount of tweets for AI , 7.4 million likes on the FB page that’s almost half of the viewers,People love the show and they love getting involved that’s the one thing that makes it special,you can find news articles, blogs and ect… about the show all year round,The point is people who are directly and/or indirectly involved in the show will be influenced by spoilers, its the nature of the beast ;)

  • Hazehel

    I think the ratings will be down 30% for the season. The fans that watch the auditions will probably invest for the season.

    For most seasons, the audition episodes are the highest rated ones, so many people just watched those and not the later episodes.  But in a successful season, people do tune in to watch and the ratings won’t fall too much in later episodes, and in a few cases the ratings for the finale may exceed the premiere (last season for example).  What they need are contestants that the viewers can get behind and be interested in enough to want to be engaged with them throughout the season.  So the season won’t necessarily drop by as much as 30%, it all depends on the contestants chosen.    (I think a 20% drop is more likely, and less with the right contestants.)

  • Tinawina

    I agree. The premeire episode is always the highest and then there is some natural dropoff the next week, but ratings still say high during the auditions. The fact this dropped off from last Wednesday is not unusual (it was also a 2 hour show last week, which inflated the ratings a bit) so I don’t think that in and of itself is a big problem.

    Also, AI drops 10-15% a year as a matter of course. What we are seeing this year is an EXTRA 10% drop. That part is the real problem to me, but it’s not so huge as to spell doom IF the contestants are good enough to retain interest and build buzz. They are really only ~10-15% off where they should be, not 25-30%

    That said, I want to see if The Big Bang Theory beats it this week. I also read last week that there was a lot of DVR action with these audition episodes, so I want to see if things change a bit for the better when the show goes live.

  • Anonymous

    I think the show is just showing it’s age.  11 seasons is a long time.  I also think that viewers are tiring of this type of show.   I don’t even blame the other competitors X and V for idols declining numbers.  I think their ratings are a direct result of one of the issues Idol is having.  I say the writing is on the wall for these types of singing competitions. All three shows numbers are not what is expected of them.  The Voice never quite took hold, I mean it was an interesting premise, but it’s middle rounds were frankly, silly and boring.  X Factor is a spectacle, but when you strip away all of the superfluous nonsense, you got pretty much nothing substantial.  Even the folk with any type of buzz are really just barely interesting as far as real world musical competence is concerned.

    I worry about idol now because the show is actually giving some of what many say they wanted from auditions.  Less cray cray contestants, less sob stories, and less overt pimping.  So what we have instead are lackluster auditions, with very few really good ones.  We are basically seeing the same type of people we see year in and year out.  I am not excited about this season, and that is why I am worried, because as a quintessential idol nerd, I haven’t seen one person who  made me want to see more.  

    I don’t like that I don’t really see diversity.  I am sick and tired of them showing a certain type of R&B male knowing that it’s exactly that kind of guy viewers WON”T get behind.  It’s like throwing a hungry person a crumb, but it’s a moldy, tired crumb.  I am tired of seeing the same blonde girl with different names either doing their little boring indie thing, or the Carrie/Adele/Corrine Bailey Rae/Gaga/Mariah/Whitney fakers.  Yawn.  

    So yeah, I am worried for the show because even though I know it can do better, it probably won’t because maybe I am not the viewer they are interested in pleasing.  

    ETA: I am reading that the spoilers are a problem. I personally don’t like spoilers and I try to avoid them, (giving side eye to the timeline to my right, sorta getting hard to avoid…..)but the idea that people who are sorta indifferent to the show will see the spoilers and become even more indifferent is kinda hard to believe. I think anything that makes folk more engaged in the show is good, not bad.

    Also I haven’t mentioned the judging because I am not going to blame them for alot of what is going on during auditions. They don’t edit the Randy has a limited vocabulary, Steven is a perv, and Jlo is pretty and wears nice clothes crap. They are what they are, but I am sure even I could do better, to show them in a better light. they also don’t choose who to place in that room. And that is at the very crux of my gripes at the time in the show. It isn’t the judging that has me pissed.

  • Anonymous

    Since they werent brave enough to get rid of Randy Jackson this season, they are reaping what they have sown.  He is a tired personality that only adds an unwelcome splatter of himself to the proceedings, he cant elevate anything or grow as a personality.  Im delighted the ratings are down, it means we cant get served the same weak menu a 3rd time, they’ll have to make changes at the end of this season, and hopefully a Randy-ectomy is on Dr. Nigel Frout-Coutaz Fuller’s mind. 

    The show is long in the tooth and dated.  Just wait until another round of Idol’s Jazz Standards, Motown, Movie Night, Beatles Night weak setlist smogasbord.

    At some point they have to relent and spend more time clearing songs then the do crafting stupid montages.   Lets cheer & hasten the death of this show so it can be reborn into something better.

  • Anonymous

    You know when you compare #s like these to numbers for new shows like XF and the voice, their ratings are really not bad. I hope Idol picks up. I think in the future it would be better to have summary episodes for auditions. They can have two shows showing the best, and maybe another showing the worst and the funniest. The audition eps are just not must see. I never get really interested until Hollywood.

  • tap

    Moved from another thread:

    I usually only start watching AI when they get done with the audition rounds – I find the use of joke contestants so mean-spirited and ugly.  I like when they really focus on the talent.  That’s what makes this type of competition more than just a reality show, imo.

    I have been following the threads here though.  I have no idea who’s going to be my favorite yet, but I know it’s not going to be Px2 – please no more wgwg!And even though I don’t know who’s really going to be great, I’m hoping it’s one of the girls.  It would be nice to see a female winner after such a long dry spell.  I’m constantly struck by how it’s the early winners (and others) among the AI females who seem to always be at the top of the heap.

    I also do not at all like the trend I see to go younger.  Clearly the producers all want to discover the next Justin Bieber, but I’m not at all interested in that demographic.

    There’s a real disconnect between the viewers of the show, the voters of the show, and the general music-buying public unfortunately, and it’s impacting AI’s reputation.  They can find talent, but it’s generally not in their winners.  I guess that’s the voter disconnect.  Power voting ensures that the ones least likely to be successful win, unfortunately.  It’s not the voters fault – they vote for who they like, but the show’s reputation will suffer for it, unless they rebrand their image to go after talent that’s synonymous with their voter base.  Country is a good fit for them because that voting demographic may actually be able to select a country artist winner who can do well – like Scotty.  Pop, rap, hip/hop – not so much.  The other shows either do the same or, like AI, put way to much focus on their judging panel, at the expense of the contestants.

    Overall I peaked in my interest during AIS8, and find it now waning a bit more each year.  I really liked the contestants up through S8, though, and enjoyed watching them develop over the course of their seasons. 

    Edit: I also think they show has become ‘white-washed’ for lack of a better word. Minorities just can’t get through the process well. The problem has to be based on the power-voting of a specific demographic because clearly diversity in the actual music-selling industry is a very good thing and very prominent as well. The show and the industry seem to grow more disconnected every season.

  • Ringo

    I think we are seeing the backlash from last year’s horrible judging  To me, aside from the occasional great voice, so much of the enjoyment of the audition rounds was the reaction of the judges to bad performers and more particularly Simon’s alternate annoyance and amusement expressed through memorable, often cutting quips leveled at the contestant or at Paula. 

    We have nothing of the sort from this group of judges. Stephen can be goofy, bodering on the witty, but not cutting.  JLo has no wit whatsoever.  Randy is no longer a real person, but a bad actor trying to play a real person on television.  The judges tend to be nice to one another which reduces the tension and therefore the drama.

    So unless the talent is pulling you in, why watch? And the talent has been unremarkable from what I have seen.  A lot of ok singers with ok voices, but very few who stand out.  Wake me up for Hollywood week.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if people still watch this show out of habit or if they still enjoy it?    Viewers have tendency to watch shows awhile after they have lost interest. 

  • Anonymous

    Interesting numbers from the NY Times about Wed’s show. In part, it says:
    Comparisons to last season are a bit complicated because last year Fox had a two-hour edition of “Idol” in the comparable time period, and this year the episode was just an hour. So the fair comparison is to the first hour of the show last year

    Even by that standard, the drop-off is steep. Last year’s first hour averaged an 8.6 rating in the category that Fox cares about, viewers between the ages of 18 and 49. On Wednesday, the show hit a 6.4 rating, a decline of more than 25 percent.

  • Erlinda

    My support for American Idol show will continue as long as they are around.

  • Pam

    Last night was very boring imo except for maybe a couple of people.  The show is definitely showing it’s age.  The show really needs some watercooler moments from the auditions and the HW rounds to come to really give the show momentum (ratings wise) and that comes with some buzz worthy contestants and honestly, I haven’t really seen any buzz worthy contestants yet.  It’s sort of been underwhelming. 

    The good news is that it is still the #1 show in it’s timeslot.  I don’t think anyone will start really worrying about the ratings too much at this point.  Now, if we see the show drop to #2 and even lower, then that’s when I think we may see some changes again next year to the judging panel as a real possibility.

    The Gaga wannabe last night was a real turn off to me.  It’s not because she’s a fan of hers but I just found that audition a big waste of time and the fact that J-Lo wanted to put her through was just bewildering to me.  She’s the one on the panel that is quicker than anyone else to say yes (when maybe Randy and Steven are on the fence) to the mediocre and some of the downright odd types.  ;)

  • Pam

    Hear are last night’s final adjusted ratings from tvbythenumbers.

    American Idol, Criminal Minds and CSI were all adjusted up a tenth with adults 18-49 vs. Wednesday’s preliminary ratings.  There were a couple of 18-49 adjustments with the repeats, feel free to find them if interested.

    FOX American Idol 6.5/18 19.67
    CBS Criminal Minds (R) 1.8/5 7.85
    ABC The Middle (R) 1.5/4 5.25
    NBC Whitney 1.4/4 4.40
    CW One Tree Hill 0.7/2 1.46

    ABC Suburgatory (R) 1.4/4 4.22
    NBC Are You There, Chelsea? 1.4/4 3.80

    FOX Touch (Special Preview) 3.9/10 12.01
    CBS Criminal Minds 3.7/9 13.81
    ABC Modern Family (R) 2.5/6 6.50
    NBC Law & Order: SVU (R) 1.2/3 3.64
    CW Remodeled (R) 0.2/1 0.57

    ABC Happy Endings (R) 1.7/4 3.95

    CBS CSI 3.4/9 14.26
    NBC Law & Order: SVU (R) 1.4/4 4.05
    ABC Revenge (R) 0.9/2 3.13

  • buffynut2001

    I still don’t see that 19.5 million is any kind of problem, especially for a 10 year old TV show! Lookin good to me!

  • Kylee

    I know its sorta apples and oranges at this point, but there were actually quite a few episodes in Season 10 that had lower ratings. Here is what I found:

    Top 12 Results Show: 19.57, 5.7 demo
    Top 11 Results Show: 21.30, 6.4(lower in the demo)
    Top 7 Results Show: 20.32. 5.8 demo
    Top 6 Results Show: 19.60. 5.7 demo

    Most of the shows from top 6 on were lower or on par with the demo of last night’s episode.

  • Anonymous

    Interesting….thanks. I wonder if those numbers will drop as well, or if Idol is only losing its audition audience….

  • Kylee

    Also, I know its not the best season to use as an example since everybody seems to hate it lol, but last nights episode was higher than quite a few Season 9 episodes.

    I hope it doesn’t drop after auditions this year. Season 10 actually did a pretty good job of holding on to the audition audience. Although, I have heard of people who aren’t watching until Hollywood.

  • Chris

    I didn’t watch, but will probably tune in more at Hollywood week. I agree with the MTV article, it is fun to see some bad auditions that really are good fun. Where would we be without the Pants on the Ground audition? Yes its stupid, but I need a good laugh.

  • Anonymous

    I think part of the problem with the audition shows is that there is NO SUSPENSE. Either the audition is so bad or a joke that you know the singer is gonna be sent packing, or, if the singer is ok or good–they automatically get sent to Hollywood. They need to have singers that are pretty decent who don’t get a yes from the judges. The audience needs to be more on the edge of their seat about who makes it to the next round. Now, there seems to be none of that. The contestants either really suck–or they move forward. The viewer does not get invested. The audience should be home yelling at the judges for not putting somebody through who they think deserved to make it to the next round.
    I don’t mean that there needs to be more bad auditions–there needs to be more no’s from the judges.

  • Kylee

    I still enjoy it. And those who truly don’t enjoy it simply won’t watch.

  • hcpoirot

    If the 24 finalist cannot performed as best as they can, or they are less talented than last season, season 11 rating will be drowning. Cause the judges are useless more so when the live shows begin. The songs and the theme had been recycle like 10000 times.

    This season could be worse than season 9. YIKES! Or could be better than season 10.