Skylar Laine Debuts Original Song – “Settle Down” (VIDEO)!

Skylar Laine appeared at the Christmas At Graceland lighting ceremony today in Memphis, flipping the switch with several children who are patients at St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital to light up Graceland with holiday cheer. She also performed “White Christmas”, “Blue Christmas”, and “Winter Wonderland” before debuting an original song called “Settle Down” she cowrote with Chris DeStefano (who cowrote Carrie Underwood’s “Good Girl” and Scotty McCreery’s “Better Than That”) and Anne Preven.

“Settle Down” has an early Miranda Lambert vibe going but doesn’t sound much like anything Miranda’s released lately. Skylar sings about seeing everybody from her small town getting married and having kids but feeling like she has to leave town and pursue her dreams for now. But don’t worry, she tells her mama and daddy, one day she’ll want to come back home and “settle down.”

“Settle Down” (ORIGINAL SONG!)

“White Christmas”

“Blue Christmas”

“Winter Wonderland”

Earlier in the day, Skylar sat down at the WREG News3 studios in Memphis for an interview and performance of “White Christmas”. During the interview she discussed her American Idol experience and also talked new music, saying that her album plans were moving slowly but she was working her way to the point of being able to record and release a full record. Skylar is signed with 19 Management, who has connected her to several country hitmakers including Nathan Chapman, Brett James, Luke Laird, Hillary Lindsey, Jeremy Stover, and Chris Tompkins.



Skylar performs “White Christmas”


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  • jlscott13

    Wow. I’m actually really liking “Settle Down.” I hope the rest of her music heads into this direction. The thing she needs to continue to do is show off her songwriting skills if she wants to make a dent in Country music.

  • Guilherme Santos

    Good song and Go Skylar! One of the best (if not the best) country singer to come out on the last couple years.

  • DB987

    I admit I have never been a huge fan of Skylar very hit or miss for me and this original song is a miss .  The song itself is just OK but the vocals were really off to my ear. I listened to White Christmas also and the vocals were better. Wish her luck  there is hope for if Raelynn got a deal and is recording a CD anything is possible.

  • durbesque

    “Settle down” where did I hear that before? ha.  The song seems pretty good.  But the singing is so crude and ugly, I can’t tell what it would be like if a real singer sang it.

  • girlygirltoo

    Chris DeStefano also co-wrote “Shut That Door (and Keep That Devil Out)” and “Turn the Pages” with Kris.

    This song is decent. It tells the story well. But Skylar seems a little shouty here, especially for an acoustic performance.

  • lovesickheroine

    I enjoyed this. Somebody better sign this talented girl already

  • El oh El

    I like the new song but the singing was rough. Chris DeStefano can be seen in a video in the latest Nashville recap thread where he talks about a song he wrote for the show.
    It seems like he gets around idolville
    He also cowrote/produced the song “Now That You’re Here” on Haley’s album.

  • songsungblue

    I think she’s a ‘real’ singer.  She’s singing outside in the cold.  I thought she sounded fantastic, actually. 

  • Incipit

    Chris DeStefano also co-wrote “Shut That Door (and Keep That Devil Out)” and “Turn the Pages” with Kris.

    The guy gets around as a songwriter, and also writes in other genres – he co-wrote with David Hodges and David Cook on “This Is Not the Last Time”, a bonus track for This Loud Morning.

    I wish Skylar every success – that was a nice gig for her…good visibility.

  • Kariann Hart

    This was a wonderful opportunity for Skylar.  My only fear is that she came across as  any gal singer you can find at a Memphis or Nashville bar/pub.   I like the concept of the new song and maybe the studio version may be better?

  • kmd23

    Skylar sounded great. She should be signed to a label. I still think that she will do well in country music when she releases an album. She is certainly better than some other country artists I have heard. It is too bad for Skylar that AI did not want to push a country artist on AI the year she was on due to still wanting to still promote Scotty and Lauren. She is very talented.

  • BonnieDee

    The singing was bad and she doesn’t sound like a recording artist.  The vocal tone is ugly as ever.  I agree with Durbesque that in order to judge the song, we need to hear it sung by a better singer.  

  • DB987

    I disagree that AI didn’t want to promote her because they did promote her every week she got rave reviews and they signed her.  Nashville is full of young talented stars Scotty and Lauren being only two of them.  AI or the management part of AI is trying to promote Skylar but she as of yet has not been able to stand out in a way that will get her a record deal. To me its the fact that all the record labels have a ton of new young talent and unless you really stand out they are not going to take you on.

  • potatorocks

     The song seems okay.  Maybe she needed more instrumentation but it felt flat and boring even though it really shouldn’t have.  

  • mchcat

    She is still shouting instead of singing and she rushes everything.  She needs to just settle down a little – make the song tell a story which this one could do beautifully –

  • kmd23

     You are correct about Nashville being full of young talented artists that would love to be signed to a record label. I can’t help but wonder if Scotty or Lauren would have been signed if AI was not there to give them the push and the promotion. Do you really believe that AI wanted to promote another country artist when the year before the winner and runner-up were country? I don’t think they did. I am not a big Skylar fan but she still sings as well if not better then some country artists out there.

  • steph6449

    The song seemed reasonable, I kind of liked it. The vocals though came across mostly as, err, … loud.

    Appreciating however that singing outside and in the cold may not be the optimal scenario.

  • DB987

    I get your point about AI not wanting to become a country show (I think that is your point) but i saw nothing in what they did that would say they were holding her back because of it.  She just wasn’t popular enough to get any higher then she did (which was pretty good).

    Scotty and Lauren would be in high school and college full time if not for AI in general.  They had a good amount of buzz coming off the show and were quickly signed. There are a ton of talented people in the world its all about timing and luck followed up with a lot of hard work.  They had the timing and luck and have worked hard to keep the ball rolling.  Skylar”s timing and luck
    not so good. She seems like a hard worker so we will have to see if she can create a moment for herself.

  • CanadianLady

    I thought she did a good job. However, I agree she is going to have to find a way to stand out. (Hopefully in a positive way. :)) Idol got her a start, but it’s going to be work for her, and she finished 5th, not 2nd as Lauren did, so that makes it harder still. Original is okay but not grabbing me, and I am a country fan. I think maybe she needs to forget trying to be like Miranda and figure out a new style.

  • kmd23

    That was my point. I also agree with you about timing and luck. Skylar might not have that going for her.

  • CanadianLady

    I think Scotty and Lauren would have eventually been signed. Well, Scotty for sure. The fact that Lauren’s a girl may have made it harder for her. The difference being they’d have had to work their way up like most other musicians. But both have said that’s what they wanted to do.

  • Caro3278sweet

    Um. The original is a big fat NO for me. Lyrically it’s got a little bit of a hook, but I find the chorus clunky. Delivery is really pretty awful. Okay, she’s out in the cold, but she’s yelling. Really yelling. And what were the grunts at the end of the chorus? Yowza.

    Skylar certainly has a country voice, but it is not a voice of distinction or talent IMHO. She’s bubbly and fun, I’ll give her that, but it’s not going to be enough to break her out. Not with a label nor on radio. If Lauren, who has one of the best female voices in the biz (again IMHO) is having trouble breaking thru to radio, Skylar has very little chance of doing the same.

    She might want to focus on her songwriting abilities. That might be a better avenue for her to go down.

  • Eilonwy

    Mmmm… I’m generally pro-Skylar Laine, but this song is suffering from her insistence on belting everything. If she could pull back a bit on the parts that are clearly written to be more restrained, she wouldn’t have to over-sing on the parts meant to be belted. The song would also then have much better internal dynamics, and it might be easier to hear some part of it as hooky.

  • Bazzle

    Now That You’re Here is the best song on Haley’s album. sooo good. 

  • Bazzle

    Skylar Laine > all other country singers that have been on Idol. Yes, even Carrie and Scotty for me. Her vocals could be better controlled (probs take a lesson from Carly Rose) but she has SO much stage presence… I always feel what she sings. 

  • merkureye

    There is no delicate way to put it . . . Skylar’s shouty and flat vocal performance on her original song was wretched.  Hopefully this disaster was caused by the cold weather and will not recur in the future. As far as the song itself, it is decent.

  • songsungblue

    That’s how I feel. There’s something so authentic about her.  The others I feel are deeply meh, but something really true shines in Skylar. 

  • dd999

    I like Skylar’s  new song. I think the lyrics are really good and with a full band behind her and recorded in a studio where just the right sound is produced, I think she has a good song there, and I find with Skylar, she always puts a lot of feeling into her songs, like when she sang “Wind Beneath My Wings” on Idol, JLO was wiping away tears. She certainly has powerful vocals.

  • El oh El

    Its my personal favorite. It reminds me of Jackson 5 for some reason.

  • Valarie

    I really like the song. It needs more music behind it than the plunka-plunka guitarist could provide. I give Skyler extra credit for performing with cars and trucks zooming by.

  • raya

    I just watched this for the first time and I think I like the song.  The problem here is that she’s just completely overpowering the one guitarist or whoever behind here.  As a few others have said, if she were performing this on a stage with full instrumentation and etc., the whole thing would sound completely different.  Though Skylar does shout a bit too much for my tastes at times.

  • DB987