Rylan Clark Enters Celebrity Big Brother, Shayne Ward to Skate on Dancing On Ice

Rylan Clark enters Celebrity Big Brother, X Factor winner Shayne Ward to skate on the upcoming season of Dancing On Ice.

Well, that didn’t take long. Rylan Clark, X Factor UK season 9 5th place finisher and a finalist of Katie Price’s “Signed by Katie” entered Celebrity Big Brother as the second housemate just a few minutes ago.

CBB 2013 Launch Show has just begun, so check out Digital Spy’s live blog.

Housemates: Rylan Clark (X Factor), Spencer Pratt (The Hills), Heidi Montag (The Hills), Frankie Detorri (Jockey), Claire Richards (Steps), Gillian Taylfort (Eastenders), Paula Hamilton (Model), Tricia Penrose (Actress), Lacey Banghard (Model), Sam Robertson (Model), Ricky Maloney (Neighbours) and Razor Ruddock (Ex Footie Player).

Yeah. Rylan, Spencer Pratt, Heidi Montag … Oh and Paula Hamilton is Simon Cowell’s ex girlfriend. Hopefully Rylan, like past CBB housemates Jedward, provides some great TV.

Read more HERE, HERE and HERE.

In related news, Shayne Ward, X Factor UK season 2 winner and now West End actor, signed up for “Dancing On Ice”. I don’t know much about the show, but I think it’s a lot like Dancing With The Stars, the difference is that the stars are skating and not dancing.

You can check pictures from DOI launch HERE, HERE and HERE.

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  • YankeeFan08

    From Adam’s publicist:

    shoshanna stone ?
    Awww ‘never close our eyes’ sounded fab on celeb big brother

  • Montavilla

    I’ve watched that skating show (or a variant of it) before.  It’s basically Dancing With the Stars, only with skating routines.  

    Only a lot slower and with a lot more injuries.

  • http://twitter.com/facenfield David Facenfield

    Dancing on Ice is kinda ITVs try at a ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ type of show – but as you say the gimmick in this case is celebs learning to do Torvill and Dean type ice skating/performing with a professional skating partner.
    For those who don’t know ‘Strictly’ is the UK name for Dancing with the Stars and was originated on and is owned by BBC.This is the 8th series of DOI in the UK- and if I’m not mistaken like Idol, Dancing, X Factor etc… there have been versions in other countries – judges in UK version have included the likes of Emma Bunton (Baby Spice).

    I sort of feel sad when someone like Shayne, who won X Factor only 7 years ago, was the first real pop star the show discovered, had 2 hit albums, been on west end etc… ends up doing something like DOI… guess it must pay well?

  • Klaine

    ABC did a version of skating with the stars remember? Betheny was one of the contestants.. Johnny Weir was a judge. This chick from AMC was on too. It bombed and never got a second season

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/IDXVM7NCMXZVHX4M2RFBYOTYDA Robert

    Heidi and Spencer?

    If I was in that house I would be begging to get evicted.