Pink – “Try” – American Music Awards 2012 – VIDEO

Watch the AMAZING Pink sing “Try” while she performs a beautiful dance routine on the American Music Awards. Nope. Not lip syncing. Incredible.

P!nk – Try – AMA's (40th) by IdolxMuzic

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  • Stavros

    At the 50th AMA, this better be in their montage of “best moments” just like they had tonight.

  • OffLeash

    Best performance by a mile tonight.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I was so impressed by Pink’s performance. Spectacular!

  • David??[08-09????]

    oh my god she did it again…! this woman is CRAZY!! Best performance by far..

  • iluvai

    I’m really amazed, because even if she was a gymnast, this woman is a singer and mother, wow. How old is she?  She must work out like crazy!

  • marmom07

    that was amazing. that’s some crazy breath control. Very cool, very dark. Really different than pop performances today that are so over the top.

  • suenigma

    Awesome performance. It’s pretty clear the verses were not lip-synched, but just as obvious that the chorus had a backing track at least. That’s why the pace of her dancing picks up during the chorus. Same thing for Keisha and Nicki.

  • Nadine_Bitch

    Gawd… she is the best!!!
    I can’t help but remember her Grammy’s performance of Glitter in the Air and that is my favorite performance of all time!
    and she wows me again with this… just incredible!

    Best performance by far!

  • Taylor

    Nicki and Kesha can’t hold a candle to Pink’s vocals. They can barely sing when they are standing perfectly still or sitting on a bench. There is no comparison.

    Amazing performance! The best of the night, hands down!

  • suenigma

    LOL. I was obviously not comparing their vocals – that is insane. I was talking about the backing tracks that were used on their respective choruses. Pink sang over hers, Nicki and Keisha not so much (or at least not loudly enough to ruin the songs). Keisha in particular sounded like a bag of hot trash duing the verses.

  • sweetmm

    The stamina on this girl is unbeatable; her next tour will be another epic show for sure!!!

  • Taylor

    I misunderstood your post, sorry.
    Yeah, it’s probably best if Kesha and Nicki don’t attempt the singing parts of their songs. It makes the songs more pleasant to listen to. lol
    Kesha should stand in one place and let everyone around her do the dancing.

  • suenigma

    I actually don’t mind Kesha – sure, she’s not a good singer, and is a terrible dancer, but her songs are damn catchy.

  • chillj

    She is just in superb physical shape, not just her tone, but her flexibility.  I’m sure some of that helps with the lung capacity it takes for that kind of physicality during a performance.  Some singers (Madonna) just look muscle bound; she looked powerful but fluid. Impressive.

  • ptslittlecomment

    Pink has said many a time that there is no excuse for lip synching. None. She is incredible!

  • shamrock

    She’s simply amazing!!!

    I will be seeing her live next May – sooo looking forward to it! :D :D

  • sporkle

    Wow, I’m surprised there wasn’t an immediate standing ovation after that performance. That was spectacular! 

  • Miz

    Pink is amazing. I became a fan when she was on some talk show years ago. She doesn’t sugar coat anything. It was at that time I found out about her gymnastic background and her disdain for auto tune and lip synching. Knowing she does all that LIVE makes it so much more impressive.

    Her MV for this song disturbs me due to it’s strong portrayal of an abusive/violent relationship. This was much more toned down in that regard. Quite beautiful to watch.

  • windmills

    I love Pink’s ambition as a performer. She really hit the sweet spot as far as performing memorably while still delivering a strong live vocal. IA with suenigma that there was obviously a backing track during the chorus but she did sing live over it and she didn’t use it as a crutch like everybody else who was dancing around did. I respect the hell out of this woman. Obviously far and away the performance of the night. 

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “Pink has said many a time that there is no excuse for lip synching. None. She is incredible!”

    And she sure puts her money where her mouth is in that regard.

  • YankeeFan08

    That was an amazing performance … clearly the best of the night … and that includes Kelly and Carrie (neither one was at the top of their game last night).  I really, really love Pink’s voice.

  • chillj

    I bought Pink’s cd yesterday.  I love her voice and ambition, but I would like her to work on the subject matter she chooses; I’m a little beyond break up anger so I am not her demographic and neither are the people I would like to give it to as a gift.  

  • Connie D

    From an October LA Times article about her male co-star in the video, Colt Prattes. 

    “I walked up behind her for that first moment and she started singing,” he said. “It was right in my ear. It’s like she barely took breaths. She’s a powerhouse.”

  • windmills

    chillj: I bought Pink’s cd yesterday.  I love her voice and ambition, but I would like her to work on the subject matter she chooses; I’m a little beyond break up anger so I am not her demographic and neither are the people I would like to give it to as a gift. 

    I feel like with the new album there’s more of an effort to capture the volatility of a committed relationship, which I guess Pink went through with her marriage before she and her husband reunited. But, I agree with you that what she’s missing is variety in subject matter. She’s more ambitious as a performer than as a songwriter right now. Most of the album’s not for me but, The Great Escape is wonderful. 

  • Amanda (Celebrity Bug)

    Thinking back on the last five years, Pink has two of my favorite performances: ‘Glitter in the Air’ at the 2010 Grammys and this performance.

    It is simply amazing what she is able to do with her body, especially at her age, and to actually sing live simultaneously is beyond breathtaking. Loved every single moment of it!

  • dcglam

    Wow — just WOW!!   I have chills.

  • lovetheusa1776

    Extraordinary live performance in every way, but no desire to see it again.

  • Brian Thurman

    Uhm she was lip syncing

  • Fran

    I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Stunning. And to sing at the same time? On key. WOW. Lots of ballet in her gymnastics background, the dance would stand alone.

    If I had been in the audience for that performance it would have taken me a minute to remember to clap/stand up.

  • patriciajames

    Her performance was amazing.  It was the highlight of the evening!

  • Taylor

    No, she wasn’t.

  • Taylor

    double post

  • Brian Thurman

    Are you deaf and blind? She wasn’t singing at all… Just moving her lips. It sounds just like on the cd.

  • yes

    Oh jeez… I really hope you’re as young as you sound, at least that would explain it a little bit. Anyway, you probably shouldn’t be as loud and aggressive about things which you clearly don’t know anything about.