Phillip Phillips – “Home” – Studio Performance (plus cowriter Greg Holden’s Live Vers)

Here’s Phillip Philip’s Studio Performance of “Home” written by Andrew (Drew) Pearson and Greg Holden. What do you think? I’m not ashamed to admit that I downloaded this one. It will be interesting to see which, if any radio stations play this tune.

And as bonus…here’s Greg Holden, the British artist who cowrote “Home,” performing the song.

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  • Anonymous

    I download the song also and I am not a Phillip fan, but loved the song and the performance. I am starting to like his performances and that came late after his performance last week of “We’ve Got Tonight”. I have become more of a Phillip fan since last week.

  • judes

    Love the song & the harmonies  in both versions. 

  • Pamela Ross

    Love the song but has a similar feel to Springsteen’s new song 

    “We are Alive” from his WRECKING BALL CD. The “whoa-oh-oh” sing-along part is also straight out of the live concert performance of the actual song WRECKING BALL. Interesting.

  • Anonymous

    Think you mean a Greg Holden song (though I’d love to hear a Greg Norman live performance of it :). )

  • Chris

    Darn it!  I’m not a Phillip fan, but this is a better coronation song and I can hear it in concert with everyone singing along. Congrats

  • Anonymous

    Phillip hit a home run with this song. Still won’t call myself a fan of his vocal. Still don’t care who wins but I may change my mind about buying his album if all his songs are like this.

  • Anonymous

    Not a real Phillip fan either, but I can actually imagine hearing this on the radio.  It is one of the best, if not the best, coronation song I’ve heard on Idol in I don’t know how long….ever? :) 

  • RockiDreams

    First purchase of the season and I may just get more of his recordings.  He did hit it at the perfect time. 

  • jobeob987

    This is actually a pretty good song.  The chorus is quite catchy.

  • EH

    I loved it from first listen – who knew that Phillip’s chances would be actually be helped by his inability to sing a big cheesy ballad type coronation song? (Thank you, Idol, for not making him try!)  I’m also interested to see if radio will play it.  I think it should at least sell decently.

  • Anonymous

    I hear a Mumford & Sons vibe, albeit much less lyrically intelligent.  Notable that Phillip seems to be singing in what seems like less than half of the song.

  • Anonymous

    Who wrote this song?

  • Anonymous

    One benefit of Jimmy is that he does seem to have canned the cheesy anthems. Last year was a good step away from that and this year completes the process, I guess. This song is not bad at all but could be better, and Jessica’s could be *way* better — and, in her case, more suitable for her as a performer. But in both cases, they’re actually *songs* that someone might sing in the real world, instead of …. whatever Magic Rainbows and so on were.  So, thanks, Jimmy.

    Not quite sure why Phil gets so much credit for the song itself, since somebody else wrote it, but I’m really glad he got to sing it instead of one of those old monstrosities.

  • Anonymous

    I really like this. Whoever put this forward for Phillip did him a huge favor. This is distinctive compared to a lot of the stuff on radio, has a Mumford-esque vibe that makes it current, fits his voice perfectly and he sounds really comfortable singing it. I bought this one.  And yeah, it’s probably the best winner’s single to come off American Idol since Kelly Clarkson. I’m just really glad they did away with the cheesy coronation songs.

  • Karen Wilkie

    Wow I totally love this song.  First song of all the years so far that really touches me and has meaning.  Love, love, love it!!  I think that we have not yet seen the half of what Phillip will do.  Cover songs are not what bring out the best in him, because he is so unique.

  • idolstruck

    Phillip’s recordings have always been amazing and that’s one major reason I’m a huge fan. His song choices are terrific, his voice is unique and he just has that charisma that makes you want to listen to his songs non stop! I want my Idol winner who can effortlessly draw me in to his music.

  • ladymctech

    I thought the same thing about the amount of time that Phillip is actually singing in the song. There is a lot of time spent on the oh-ah-ohs, LOL. It’s a rather simple song, but is likeable. It works for Phillip’s style and vocals. But as noted, someone else wrote this. It’ll be interesting to see what artistic liberties Phllip is given in writing his album. I don’t think Scotty M had much input, but if I recall correctly, that didn’t bother him. So Phillip is really the first singer/songwriter type under the new regime as in Jimmy/Interscope/Universal to be putting out an album. I hope it works for him.

  • Anonymous

    Yep. I bought this off of itunes last night and love it. It just really touches me.  I haven’t been moved to buy anything from him all year but I did last night.  His performance of this song really put him over the top last night.  

    I like the version by the writer as well.  He is sort P2 ish. No wonder it was a good fit.  

  • Jennifer B

    I’ve never cared for Phillip and spent most of the season crossing my fingers he’d be voted off each week.

    But, ugh, I loved this song and performance. Now I’m mad at myself. ha! I think this song alone could give him the win.

  • Zarke

    Such a perfect song for a Movie/TV Series music theme.

  • Anonymous

    The very first thing I thought of last night when listening to him was exactly what Steven said…reminds me of an early Paul Simon.  Nice to hear music like this again.

  • BonnieDee

    Damn it I did not want to like this song, but I do.  

  • Anonymous

    It’s a good song. It won’t be played on alt or pop radio  lol It could sell well though.

  • justmefornow

    His studio version is very good. 
    I wasn’t a P2 fan, but I have to admit, like my fav James, Phillip knows who he is and exactly what direction he wants to go after Idol.
    That’s a huge plus. I wish him well.

  • Anonymous

    This is a proper single rather than a cheesy coronation song. I wouldn’t just say that it has a Mumford and Sons vibe though; it’s an absolute carbon copy of their distinctive style. All it needs is English-accented vocals and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.
    It’s ironic that Phillip the supposed singer songwriter genius musician gets handed the best coronation song ever and it is so unoriginal.

  • Lisa Kimball

    great single .. so much better than those cheesy songs of the past.

  • Anonymous

    I tried to find This song on ITunes to download but no luck! Where did you find your copy? Thanks in advance!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for posting Greg Holden’s performance of the song! That explains a lot to me. 

    When I heard Jessica’s coronation song, I didn’t like it but I wasn’t surprised because most coronation songs simply stunk. Then I heard Phillip’s and was really surprised. I immediately assumed it originally stunk too and Phillip just managed to brilliantly arrange it to suit his style. 

    Now I see he barely changed it from the original, and it’s consistent with what MJ said: he’s best when he doesn’t change things so dramatically.

    I get that there is artistry in being able to arrange things differently, but it’s not as rare a talent as the judges would like us to believe. If you are a gigging musician with a limited range, it’s a necessity. You NEED to be able to arrange songs that are out of your range and make them fit your voice if you hope to build robust set lists. (And it’s much easier to work on arrangements if you play an instrument. Of course, we’re not talking about Joshua here, who isn’t human, so he doesn’t count.) 

    This is not to diminish Phillip’s talent in any way. It’s simply to bring the judges’ unbridled hyperbole into the realm of reality. Phillip is smart in that he knows the music he wants to create AND he knows exactly what his limitations are. He makes the best of what he has, and in the process, makes his weaknesses a lot easier to overlook.

  • Reflects On Life

    Couldn’t watch the finale last night, so just caught all the vids this morning.
    My first thought was “why did Jessica get an original albeit radio-disney-sounding single but P2 was given a Mumford & Sons cover?”

    Later realized P2’s song is as close as you can get to being an M&S song without actually being an M&S song. The M&S song “Home” (link above) is missing the refrain and the bridge of the P2 song.

    Why is it that every P2 straight-up cover (one that hasn’t been run through the P2 blender) makes me want to run to the original for safety, whather it be black crows, jonny lang, damien rice, zombies, or dmb, and now greg holden?  He’s the promise of S9 realized – the ultimate karaoke-indie singer.

    Finally, looks like AI learned its lesson with Time of the Season that if you want P2 to hit high notes, better prop them up with a ton of backup singers so that you can’t tell that he isn’t hitting those notes.  They did a good job of compensating for his weaknesses.  I guess that’s what they do for singing stars nowadays, right? ;)

  • dishwalla

    I love, love, “Home”.  J-Lo said it best.  It it such a Phillip Phillips song.  I can see him having a lot of success with it.  What last night showed was that the artist in him has the knack to pick songs that works for him and songs that also has commercial appeal.

  • too-cool-for-school

    Yup, yup, yup. Plus certain aspects of ‘Awake My Soul’ and ‘Winter Winds’ by Mumford & Sons I figured out make up for the other parts of P2’s ‘Home’ that may sound vaguely like M&S also. Very similar chords… very similar overall, ha.

    That said, I like it. Much more than I like there are no boundaries and looking for that magic rainbow and this is my now and I love you this big.

    It’s a nice song. So obviously ripping off M&S that it’s hard to get past, yes, but I think it’s good. I would have rather he just be allowed to sing one of their songs at some point, not get a poor man’s version. :P BUT, again, this >>> one of those past winner’s songs.

  • Hazehel

    It’s one of the very few coronation songs that I don’t listen and cringe. They are finally doing something right this year.  This might be the first coronation song I will download.

  • randi

    listened to the song and I’m curious which radio format this will get played on? 

    Also, if I want this song I’ll just get the original artists’ version instead of the copy. 

  • Anonymous

    Love Phil, like the song, but I feel that it would be even better with more lyrics.

  • Willis Dunlow

    WEll- the best parts of the song are the catch music and “chorus” backgrounds  midway and at the end and really have nothing to do with P2 singing….ANYBODY could be fused in that part and it would sound just as good.(50% of song is not even showcasing him???)……I JUST DO NOT GET IT???????….What is the American obession with WGWG figures??????????????

  • EH

    “Home” was never recorded by the original artist.  One of the writers handed it to Jimmy Iovine as a potential winner’s single for this season of Idol and Jimmy gave it to Phillip to record.  

    I guess we’ll find out tomorrow if any radio stations add it (I assume Home and Jessica’s song will both be released regardless of who wins). 

  • Reflects On Life

    Agree that as a song (regardless of who sang it) it stands head and shoulders over every other winner’s single (though I have a soft spot for Kelly’s – it was the perfect song to capture the perfect reality-TV moment!)

    Actually it sounds very much like a Boot Song – maybe it’ll become S12’s boot song?

  • Anonymous

    ” listened to the song and I’m curious which radio format this will get played on?”

    I’m guessing mainly AAA, alternative, alternative rock, folkie shows on public-radio and college stations ….(formats that have not loved Idol in the past, but then they didn’t see a whole lot to work with from Idol, except Crystal’s album….) With Mumford and Sons hitting the scene and Adele soaring, I keep hoping that some of these new-but-old types of music will get more prominent on the big formats. But, to my very limited knowledge, it doesn’t look like that’s extending beyond a handful of performers. …. Of course, the Idol winner gets an initial boost, so maybe HAC will give it significant play?

    Mumford and Sons is a big album seller, but, so far as I know, not as much of a singles seller ….

  • Tyra Ray

    oh my lord….

    love this song…

  • too-cool-for-school

    The ones from the earlier seasons weren’t so bad… they were cheesy but in a good way. I think it started with Taylor’s ‘Do I Make You Proud’ and I think Kat had a lame one that season too… then everything went downhill from there with the winner’s singles. :P

    Maybe with this one, they are trying harder to do better. Only took 11 seasons.

  • P. Capet

    i think this song would make a great anthem for an animal rescue group; i can see singing it to a new pet!  it’s so sweet.

  • Nanc

    Great song…..I predict a hit with this one

  • Anonymous

    Great job by the songwriter. I’ve been replaying this song this morning. Terrific tune and a great fit for Phillip. This can definitely be a hit.

  • Tinawina

    This is really good to me. It does a fine job of introducing him to the arena where he wants to be. Yes it’s a little too Mumford & Sons carbon copy, but this leaves no illusions about who he is and it should at least catch some ears outside the Idol audience just for being different from what people expect. It will be interesting to see if he can pick up some airplay from Alternative and AAA stations. Maybe not because he didn’t write it himself, but maybe the fact that it broke the norm for Idol can help him get past that.

  • sdmama

    At first, I thought this was too plain and rolled eyes when Randy gushed over it. Then I saw people loving it. So I gave it a couple of more tries and paid attention to lyrics.  Now I see why. It is a nice feel good song without being cheesy, and was a perfect choice for Phillip for finale. Jimmy, super job.   
    I agree with you about animal rescue. I can see a video with him walking down a path with his guitar, followed by a golden retriever puppy.  I want to see anybody try resisting from saying aaawww…

  • Larry Beck

    The best coronation song ever? Yes! A Drum Corp drum line? Oh my heck!! Downloaded, played multiple times on the way to work, still humming along. And I’m not a big Phil phan, except that when i first saw his audition I said to myself: “there’s the new Springsteen”. Maybe five or ten years down the road…

  • CanadianLady

    Much prefer Phillip’s version. His voice is far warmer and brings you in. Seems inviting rather than commanding.

  • too-cool-for-school

    “Also, if I want this song I’ll just get the original artists’ version instead of the copy.”

    With that logic, do you ever get Idol studios or do you just download the original artist? ;)

  • Sparkles

    I like Phillip’s single even though I think a song called “There Are No
    Boundaries To My Destiny” sounds like a hit to me.

    Oh well, I’m going to me miss you, cheesy coronation single. I just hope
    that the Pointy Pose will live on.

  • Kelly

    Holy Phillips! This actually sounds good and uplifting. Wow. 

  • Incipit

    I ran into the original version of “Home” before I came here, with Greg Holden performing.  I didn’t like it – but I’m definitely no fan of Mumford and Sons either.
    Not really much actual singing going on there. 

    So I don’t expect to like this pick from TPTB much – –  if I ever listen to Phillips version, which I gather, is pretty much the same thing – but there’s a Drum Corp? OK then. I guess that’s better camouflage than a Heavenly Choir. Marginally.

  • chili1000

    This is the first coronation song that I’ve actually liked.  Great pick and very well done by Phillip.

  • Anonymous

    Not my type of music, but catchy.  I would probably still change the station.

  • David Facenfield

    like both versions (P2) and the orginal…

    I think it’s a testament to how much idol has changed, even in the last 2 or 3 seasons, that he got to pick a coronation song that suited him (even if he doesn’t consider it his song / first single).

  • Anonymous

    Was this song (the original) ever on any soundtrack or featured on any other show or something? It sounds SO dang familiar to me… like I’ve heard it somewhere before…

    Actually, I’m 99% certain I’ve heard this song somewhere before.

  • Tera2

    His “Home” song is boring to me and sounds like some 70s oldies song by Simon and Garfunkel.  Not my vibe but its the style that will appael to a category of middle age women/middle America demography who voted for Phillip and buying his similar 70s soft rock covers on itunes.  Jimmy knows this “Home” is the old fashion song those fans would like, and they will go to the idol tour to hear it and get it on itunes even if radio may not embrace it.  It seems money that idol tour generates is more important to idol producers than CD they sell, cause that’s how top 10 gets paid.  And the middle age women/middle America goes to the idol tour most and take their kids.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “I think it’s a testament to how much idol has changed, even in the last 2
    or 3 seasons, that he got to pick a coronation song that suited him
    (even if he doesn’t consider it his song / first single).”

    P2 didn’t pick this song. This was the only song that he was given to sing.